1. @incbesh

    Case Study: LUBUS Agency’s Clients Save 50-90% by Migrating to WordPress.com

    Executive Summary LUBUS, a development agency specializing in WordPress and Laravel, faced challenges with variable hosting costs and maintenance for their clients. They needed a solution that offered fixed costs, high performance, secure web hosting, and reliable service and support. LUBUS decided to test WordPress.com and, after witnessing positive results, …
  2. jgieseking

    We Need More Lezbiqueertrans Dating App Studies, So I’m Launching One


    In late 1999, I signed myself up for my first dating site, the now long defunct PlanetOut. I landed in New York City thinking I’d never meet anyone that I wanted to talk to at a bar or a club—primarily because I’d spent the last four years in a women’s college where I conveniently met all of my dates and girlfriends in our dorms. Within a few weeks on the site, I made a date with a queer femme who told me she was taken by my description of myself as a tall butch deeply obsessed with the poetry of Frank O’Hara. But the woman who met me out front of the Strand Book Store was not a match for me. Our politics worked; our cultural aesthetics were a fail. I was in management consultant-style non-iron Brooks Brothers (sigh, oh baby Jack); she wore mixed faux tiger-zebra-cheetah prints and had …

  3. natalie

    Natalie Hush 2023-04-02 08:19:45

    Listen to Chapter I “First days in London” – part III from the book Blossom Hill Mia felt as if she had hit an iceberg while on board the Titanic and all her love was drowning. All she could do was let go and keep herself together. Mia unwrapped her arms and with a fresh, friendly smile, said: “Alright,… Continue reading
  4. cogdog

    Third Month of Double Dailies

    Not that anyone is keeping score… well I am! For 2023 my double daily habits, the DS106 Daily Create and my Daily Flickr Photo routine have notched another perfect month, bringing both to 90 completions at the end of March, the 90th day of the year. This follows my streaks for both January and Feburary. Can this blistering […]
  5. trubright

    More Ludwig Dresden Timpani 3D Printing Mods


    We’ve Got Stacks and Stacks of Letters Though it’s been a while since I’ve posted about my Ludwig Dresden timpani mods, I haven’t stopped tweaking them. My latest innovation is printing plastic letter covers that slip over small rare-earth magnets as part of my string gauges. This makes the letters larger and easier to read. […]

    The post More Ludwig Dresden Timpani 3D Printing Mods appeared first on Rubright.com.

  6. natalie

    Sunday Listening – part II

    Listen to Chapter I “First days in London” – part II from the book Blossom Hill The two exchanged addresses, phone numbers, and paid using the man’s card. Mia was surprised that someone was so generous and thanked him. On her way-out, she noticed that only one other car had stopped at the gas station, a shiny Porsche 911….… Continue reading Sunday Listening – part II
  7. natalie

    Sunday Listening

    Listen to Chapter I “First days in London” – part I from the book Blossom Hill Join Mia on her journey to a new life…. Mia had just left the shutlle at Folkestone after passing through the Euro-Channel from Calais and traveling the fifty-mile route through the world’s longest underwater channel by train with her car – thirty-seven miles… Continue reading Sunday Listening
  8. pramodk

    Future is AI

    Recently OpenAI has made Chat GPT public and it is already shaking the tech world. Students are using chat GPT for their assignments, digital marketers are using it for content creation and so on. Lets look at how AI could possibly impact the world in ...
  9. amiddlet50

    Being smarter than AI – rethinking our assessment design?

    The discussion channels used by educational developers have been dominated by the topic of ChatGPT since the New Year. There are two dimensions to this: concerns over academic integrity and the opportunity ChatGPT and other AI tools bring to assessment. … Continue reading ?

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