1. @lucyschraff

    Week 11 Summary


    This week, we focused more on AI and did our third session of peer teaching.

    On Monday, we created AI-generated versions of classic literature. For this, I used Dracula text and Frankenstein and created a mesh of the two.


    My favorite thing that we have done with AI is …

  2. @lucyschraff

    Week 10 Summary


    This week, we continued our discussion of AI, applied it more to ethics, and analyzed the way that AI can create various things.

    On Monday, we spent the majority of the class discussing the railroad game. In this game, you would pick whether or not you wanted to save/kill different …

  3. @lucyschraff

    Week 9 Summary


    This week in class, we focused a lot on Artificial Intelligence. I find this subject really interesting because I think it is really impressive how innovative AI tech has become in recent years. Still, a part of me also wonders (and worries a bit) about the limits and ethics of …

  4. @lucyschraff

    Week 7 Summary


    This week, we continued to learn more about python, and during Professor Whalen’s teaching day of this week, we talked specifically about defining and calling functions in python.

    The rest of the two days were peer teaching days, I missed class on Wednesday due to a game, and submitted my …

  5. @lucyschraff

    Week 6 Summary


    This week, we focused on thinking about the big project, and diving into a bit more programming.

    One thing that stood out to me this week we read after class on Monday. I found the article “The Making of a Youtube Radical” really interesting because it applied algorithms (that we …

  6. @lucyschraff

    Week 5 Summary


    In this week of DGST 395, I learned more about coding, specifically python. I was nervous to take on this week because before taking this course, I had no prior experience with coding. However, after learning the basics of HTML code, I have been feeling a little more comfortable.

    On …

  7. @lucyschraff

    DGST395 Week 4 Summary


    This week in DGST 395, my main focus was my retro HTML page.

    When we first started working on HTML, I was pretty nervous because I have no previous coding experience. However, once we got into it I really started to enjoy the process of coding.

    For my page, I …

  8. @lucyschraff

    Applied Digital Studies Week 2 Summary


    This week in DGST 395, we focused on connections. Through the pre-work for class, classwork, and homework, I was able to acquire a better understanding of how connections apply to this course, and learn more about the metaverse in general.

    Before class on Wednesday, I:

    Read Cory Doctorow’s essay, “Science
  9. @sunglasses260



    Well, hello!

    This will be a pretty short post. I simply wanted to let anyone who has read my blog know that I will hopefully be putting out more content in the months to come. I’ve completed the ds106 course, but in looking back through my posts, I’ve felt inspired …

  10. @hrashhDS106

    12 Minutes: Sleeping Pills: November 5, 2021


    I ACTUALLY AM KIND OF FIGURING OUT NEW INFORMATION! The first thing I wanted to do was have the wife announce that she’s pregnant because I saw the present of the onesie in the drawer. We both are dessert and she gave me the present. I opened it and was …

  11. @trippthrumylife

    Node 2, I’m Through


    I really enjoyed Node 2 and I feel like I got a much larger understanding of AI out of it. To pull from my “Impressions on AI” discussion post:

     On a broad spectrum, I like to use technology as a creative outlet, but I also know I need break from …

  12. @lkds106

    Node #2 Reflection and Summary

    Impressions of AI: A Progression

    (1) As we have started talking about AI my first thought was of an old website my siblings and I used to play on called Cleverbot.com. I believe that this website would be considered a form of AI because like Shane talks about in the …

  13. @gonedigital_LKDS106

    Arcade Follow-Up


    Our trip to Reclaim Arcade was truly a unique experience. It felt as though we had been transported back in time to a different decade – a simpler time when technology was more unreachable (in the best way). The decor of the CD room made me feel like I was …

  14. @hrashhDS106

    Life is Strange: The Diner: September 24, 2021


    Today I started outside of the girl’s dormitories. I talked to Samuel Taylor and discovered that he kept photos of Rachel. I was super creeped out by this person. I unlocked a few achievements by taking many photos, but I think I missed one outside of the diner. I talked …

  15. @trippthrumylife

    The Trolley Problem(s)


    Well, I had more than one problem when it came to the dilemma with “The Trolley Problem”. I was able to get FlashPlayer downloaded to my Mac; however, I was unable to get the link in step two to open (whether I tried to drag it, or open it in …

  16. @trippthrumylife

    Coded by Cailyn


    I honestly think… and I’m weirded out by the fact that I’m saying this… I may actually not hate coding.

    WHAT?! I KNOW.

    Before this semester started, coding was quite honestly one of the scariest things for me. I’ve always done well in school, and quite honestly I’ve never really …

  17. @lkds106

    Gaming Journal #2


    Oh boy.

    Firstly, this week was exciting because I was finally got to dive into some serious gameplay!!! I have been playing BioShock throughout the week and wow – if my anxiety wasn’t bad before it sure is now. I am playing on Easy mode because although I have played …

  18. @trippthrumylife

    The Hard Truth


    “The Soft Truth” by Leigh Alexander faces the hard truth of our currently technologically obsessed society: we are constantly chasing the endorphins released from the digital world.

    The narrator turns to satisfying videos for an escape of the anxieties of the real world–and honestly it’s terrifying. Sure, I don’t go …

  19. @trippthrumylife

    Just Getting Started…


    I’m not going to lie… coding is not coming naturally to me.

    Usually, I’m good with puzzles. I have my final picture, there are a lot of separate pieces, and I test the placements until I have my final product.

    However, I feel like in coding I don’t have my …