1. @RMdigitally

    Listening to My Front Yard


    Today was such a beautiful day!! Can y’all believe it was really 65 degrees and sunny in February? I spent a lot of time outside today and got inspired to work on the Create a Place assignment. The task of this assignment is to use sounds to transport the listener …

  2. @RMdigitally

    Relaxing With RM


    Anybody feel like they need to relax? Maybe try the All the Relaxation assignment! This assignment asks you to create your own relaxation track, like the ones on YouTube that can be played for 10+ hours by combining any and all sounds that are soothing and calming to you. I …

  3. @virgonarrie

    Radio Bumper


    This was painful to make. I hate my voice so I just covered it up with one of SZA’s newest songs. I hope you enjoy! radiobumper…

  4. @Conner44769274

    Week 5: The Power of Sound


    This week was our audio week. I’m extremely new to audio so it was really fun to dive into something I really knew nothing about! I’ve listened to many podcasts, but I’ve never focused much on the sound being used. It’s been so interesting to learn more about sound and …

  5. @virgonarrie

    Radio Show Ideas


    Here are just a few ideas for a radio show:

    This day in pop culture history Yes, I am obsessed with pop culture and I always see things on my timeline like “This day 3 years ago Nicki Minaj blocked Rihanna”. I think it would be interesting to compile things…
  6. @virgonarrie

    The Power of Sound


    While listening to “Moon Grafitti” I really started to reflect on how sound can change our perception of situations. The change in sounds obviously changes the entire mood of something. For example, I went from feeling inquisitive to feeling a little panicked and worried for the people on the audio …

  7. @Digler21401

    Daily Create (2/24/21)


    My family would always call this dish “breakfast stuff” because we never cared for the official name, but only how good it was. My grandma would overload it will everything breakfast. Sausage, bacon, egg, pancake (bread), and plenty of cheese. To make it always seemed simple enough, but it was …

  8. @mto_morgan

    Week 5 Summary


    This was quite a fun week. Between all of the assignments and daily creates, it adds up to a lot of fun. What I liked about this week was I got to experience something I have never experienced before in audio editing.

    My daily creates are below:

    @ds106dc #tdc3331 #ds106

  9. @mto_morgan

    My Thoughts On DS106 Radio


    I love the idea of a radio show. This will help us learn more about using sounds to convey a story. I think that the idea of using sound rather than text is lost in todays world and it would be fun to try and revive some of the old …

  10. @mto_morgan

    You Paint the Picture


    This was an exciting assignment for me. I have never done any audio editing whatsoever before so this was fun to dive into. I decided to make a slightly scary story using only sounds from https://freesound.org/. Hope you enjoy and do not forget to comment!…

  11. @mto_morgan

    Pleasant Sounds This Time!


    After doing the disgusting sounds and combining them like here:

    Terrible, Terrible Sound

    I decided to do another assignment where I could combine pleasant sounds instead!

    Check it out here:

    Hopefully after listening to the awful sounds in the other one, this one will calm you and come off as …

  12. @lucyschraff

    Radio Show Brainstorm


    When brainstorming ideas for a radio show I thought of a few requirements.

    Make the subject entertaining. Be informed on the subject. Make the subject able to include different effects and dimensions.

    One idea that I had for a radio show that could include several different subjects and be entertaining …

  13. @mto_morgan

    Radio Bumper


    Fairly simple radio bumper here for the new radio station, DS106. Hopefully someday soon I will be able to join the show and talk a little bit about myself or maybe even tell a story of some kind.

    Anyways, thanks for listening!…

  14. @mto_morgan

    How Does Sound Drive Stories?


    Stories would be nothing without sound. Stories have been told over and over again, each time the story teller uses their own unique sound to potentially paint a different picture than the previous story teller. This could contribute to how stories are changed over time. Even if people say the …

  15. @Conner44769274

    Radio Show Ideas


    Here are a few ideas for the radio show assignment! I’m not really tied down to anything, so this is not a comprehensive list. I’m excited to work with some of you to create the “our” portion of Y(our) story!

    1. A movie/show/whatever review

    I love talking with my friends …

  16. @lucyschraff

    A Reflection on Audio Storytelling


    After listening to the two clips of Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad and Moon Graffiti by the Truth Podcast, I now have a new perspective on how audio drives stories.

    Jad Abumrad did a great job in explaining the role of audio in our daily lives. Although many people say that radio …

  17. @imatutu_

    Audio Graffiti


    Sound is as vital of a part of storytelling as any medium similar to it such as visuals or texts. If one separates sound from the video that is tagged along with it, it becomes clear that the sound encourages the imagination to create the video in which the sound …

  18. @Rachel91499872

    Four Sounds


    This assignment called for putting together four sounds together. The sounds include fireworks, birds, windchimes, and crickets.

    Fireworks: I really enjoy hearing fireworks. It goes along with my favorite holiday, Fourth of July.

    Birds: I really enjoy hearing the birds when I go outside. It makes outside seem cheerful.

    Windchimes: …

  19. @SchallerJasmine

    Well that was creepy #audioreflection


    OH MY GOODNESSSSS!!!! Moon Graffiti was terrifying without any visual images. The beginning where it sounded like a phone/radio was breaking up and the inflection was distorted–this made me feel they were in danger. I found my heart racing and myself getting anxious. Honestly, this made me paranoid about other …

  20. @Conner44769274

    DS106Radio Radio Bumper


    Here is the radio bumper I created for DS106radio!

    This was a fun assignment and I don’t have too much to say about it! I know a lot of radio hosts like to do super jumpy and lively bumpers, but I decided to do a more toned down and chill …

  21. @SchallerJasmine

    Can you speak louder please #radiobumper


    This was super fun to do. I spent about 20 minutes listening to radio intros on YouTube because (honestly) I never listen to the radio. I always use Bluetooth in my car to listen to my own playlist or audiobooks! It felt super awkward at first speaking out loud with …

  22. @Conner44769274

    DS106Radio Tweet Along


    On Monday night our class listen to a audio drama called I Saw Myself Running. Since we’re focusing on audio and sound this week, it was interesting to listen to something where that was truly at the forefront. I listen to podcasts a lot, but I don’t really focus …

  23. @trippthrumylife

    Me, Myself, and I


    One of my favorite things in life (outside of storytelling) is reflecting. Whether it be on how I’ve grown, what I want to accomplish, or what I’m grateful for–I love it.

    I took this opportunity by making the third episode of my podcast, A Tripp Through My Life, a …