1. @Luna Mare, The storyteller

    Spooky Sounds (Week 3)


    I will state this now, I don’t want to have to post these assignments into different posts. It’s so disorganized and I hate it. But here it is!

    This assignment can be found here. It is 4 stars.

    The sound files can be found here or in the description …

  2. @Luna Mare, The storyteller

    Music Parody (Week 3)


    I will state this now, I don’t want to have to post these assignments into different posts. It’s so disorganized and I hate it. But here it is!

    This assignment can be found here. It is 3 stars.

    I did this parody based on this song

    The lyrics written …

  3. @Luna Mare, The storyteller

    Radio Hour & ScottLo. Thoughts


    The radio lab was extremely interesting. I frankly hated the fact that it was just a cut version of it… but I suppose it works when trying to show off specific sounds. There is a good balance of subtle sounds such as turning paper underlaying what people are saying. The …

  4. @Luna Mare, The storyteller

    Glass & Abumrad Thoughts


    After watching the four Ira Glass videos, I took note of a few things. The first thing to talk about is that there isn’t a set structure like a topic sentence. There should be a good balance between a good story and some reflection. There should also be enough time …

  5. @Luna Mare, The storyteller

    Second Summary


    My thoughts on canon. There’s isn’t much to it as I didn’t feel much of a connection to it. I wrote my response to it which seemed to be what the requirement of the assignment was. If I felt how well I responded, I would say I could’ve have …

  6. @Luna Mare, The storyteller

    Design Blitz


    First let me say what I originally intended what some of these images to be. Now, several of these images can be classified as others, bear in mind this is just my own interpretation of them. For the flowers, I choose it for the color. The do not enter sign …

  7. @Luna Mare, The storyteller

    Gif it!


    I used this gif-maker to help me make these gifs out of these images and videos.

    Txt-Gif, 2 stars

    I no longer have the original four photos used in this gif, but any images can work for a tutorial. To upload multiple images for a gif, you’ll have a …

  8. @Luna Mare, The storyteller

    Thoughts on Canon


    I think that it is really interesting that Massimo Vignelli managed to create the Subway map. Creating a logo for the American Airlines is also pretty cool. Both of these interested me because these are things that most people see frequently if they use it often. Everything else didn’t really …

  9. @Luna Mare, The storyteller

    First week of learning


    I feel like I have done decently well as I’ve slowly started to learn more and more about these. I am still trying to figure out on how to manage the widgets and menus along with figuring out the differences between the pages and a post. The nice thing is …

  10. @Luna Mare, The storyteller

    Lightning Photos


    Where to begin… well the reason why I choose to take these particular photos instead of doing something out on my street was because my friend and I thought of doing a get together for a little while now. It was only until this week that we managed to make …

  11. @Luna Mare, The storyteller

    Visual Storytelling

    One day an espeon was taking a walk down their every day path. Today was like none other. There didn’t seem to be any change in their walk. Nothing new at all. By the end of their walk, they were feeling pretty tired. But before the little espeon could go…
  12. @Luna Mare, The storyteller

    Using New Technology


    When I first learned how to set up my domain was last semester, which I learned the basics of how to do coding and the like for it. With this class, I am actually learning and figuring out how to do a blog. I must admit, I stumbled over quite …

  13. @Luna Mare, The storyteller

    About me


    Welcome to my blog! This may be my first post, but I hope to make more posts in the future. If you want to learn more about me, I also have a YouTube channel, a twitter, Flickr, and SoundCloud. If I don’t post an update here, then check one of …

  14. @actuallyjonathanpulido

    DS106 Advice


    The biggest advice I can give for this class is time management. The class is super fun especially the assignments, however if you don’t manage your time correctly, you won’t be able to enjoy the process behind creating those assignments. Also, enjoy the assignments, even if you have an hour …

  15. @Digler21401

    Weekly Summary (4/2 – 4/9)


    Final month of school. Here we are. Its been a long trek to get here, but it has all been worth it. This week was better than last hands down. I got to think more about a final project and tweak somethings I plan on doing and I go to …

  16. @Digler21401

    Still Thinking Ahead…


    Looking Ahead

    Above is my first post about my project idea for the final project. I talked about making a presentation or vide about finding ones self and our desires of the person we want to become and relating everything to that story. I think something I will do differently …

  17. @Digler21401

    Weekly Summary (3/26 – 4/2)


    This week was a busy one. I have been struggling a lot with assignments and my work load in college, but also everything else. This class specifically was fun because I do enjoy making video assignments, but I just become such a stickler and a perfectionist with it all because …

  18. @Digler21401

    My Video Mission


    This week is the week I will show you my first video that I took actual time to edit and complete. This video was made to be like a kickstarter for my channel. I remember recording it and just winging it and improvising everything I said. I also remember when …

  19. @Digler21401

    Video Story


    I do not have enough to plan out and create something quickly, but I do have something I am a little scared to post about. A few years ago, I strived to become a full-time YouTuber because I thought it was the best job ever, making money by posting videos …

  20. @lkds106

    Audio (Week 5 Summary)

    It’s Audio Week!

    Radio Bumper

    This bumper was created using Audacity. I recorded my voice and then found a free source music track to place behind the talking. I used the Envelope Tool on Audacity to quiet the background music behind the speaking part, and used fade in and fade …

  21. @gonedigital_LKDS106

    Reading Movies (Week 10 Summary)

    It’s Video Week!

    Video Essay

    This assignment tasked us to take a scene from a movie and analyze it stylistically, not by the plot. Our readings this week posed questions about why movie/video makers choose to shoot scenes the way they do. What effects do these choices create? What elements …

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