1. @MoB4884

    The 5th Installment of Summaries


    This week was more difficult for me than previous weeks. I think audio media is the thing I am least comfortable with and the section I was dreading the most. It took a lot more time this week to complete these tasks, and if I’m being honest, dont think the …

  2. @Conner44769274

    Don’t Buy Big Toboggans


    This assignment is pretty simple; say a tongue twister as fast as you can and overlay some background sound.

    I came into this assignment with all the confidence in the world. I thought I was good at tongue twisters, but as you can hear my first attempt was a failure. …

  3. @hrashhDS106

    Hena’s DS106 Radio Bumper


    Tune into my radio bumper voice memo and video intro!

    Voice Memo Podcast Intro Video

    I hate the watermark and the quality, but I wanted to create a video intro for fun as well!…

  4. @MoB4884

    Radio Show Ideas


    Here are some of my ideas for a collaborative radio show!

    share funny stories/memories from our childhood talk about our highs and lows of college – favorite memories, hardest assignments, hardest classes, friends we made, etc. talk about our majors – what we love about it, what we hate, how…
  5. @MoB4884

    Live Tweeting


    This was my first time live tweeting while listening to something. The story itself was super creepy and kind of made me question my own dreams and why they happen. The sounds in this story were so unique to the time period, from the static of the microphone, to the …

  6. @hrashhDS106

    Moon Graffiti: Time In Space


    I’m gonna be honest. I do not enjoy listening to podcasts and audio storytelling (apart from music) in general. I tend to become very bored very fast. I also get distracted very quickly and realize I don’t really know what is going on. I’m more of a visual person and …

  7. @MoB4884

    Just Working Things


    When thinking about what my daily life sounds like, I though a lot about my work life. I work retail and getting up and going to work is a DRAG, but ya know, gotta get that $$. So, I thought it would be funny to make a shortened version of …

  8. @MoB4884

    Ted Talk


    For my third assignment for this week, I chose to do a Ted Talk. The assignment was to listen to the way the speaker emphasized words and pauses, and try to recreate it using his speech. I’m always super nervous when it comes to public speaking, so this was definitely …

  9. @MoB4884

    When ~Corona~ Ends


    In the assignment bank this week, there was an assignment to change a rap song lyrics to post apocalyptic lyrics. I got the idea to change the “post apocalyptic” part to something Covid-19 related. This song came on the radio a few months ago and I substituted “September” with “Corona” …

  10. @MoB4884

    80’s Radio Commercial


    Below is my version of an ad on an 80’s radio commercial! I had background music that was popular in the 80’s and found a product that is actually becoming popular again!…

  11. @RMdigitally

    Auditory Anxiety


    For my first project this week, I decided to take on the Emotions Through Sound assignment. It asks you to convey a specific emotion using only sounds, but you can use any kind of sound you want. This assignment seemed like a good jumping-off point for me because I’ve never …

  12. @MoB4884

    Radio Bumper


    Here is my radio bumper for ds106 radio! It was definitely a little strange making this. I tried to make my voice as smooth as possible (like most radio dj’s) but tried to make it fun and upbeat!…

  13. @MoB4884

    Sound and Stories


    After listening to Moon Grafiti, it is evident what a key role sound plays in our ability to visualize information. Sound has the ability to set moods and create emotions. When listening to Moon Grafiti, I felt like I was there, in that moment, listening to them. The sound was …

  14. @MaddySlunt

    Radio Show Ideas


    Podcast format where we read ‘viewers’ stories/problems and give advice

    Guest speaker, use clips from celebrity audio and mix them with our own questions

    Reading/reviewing funny/crazy stories

    Feature specific artists before or after playing their music where we tell a story from their lives

    Us listening to a murder mystery …

  15. @MaddySlunt



    I was really nervous to do this assignment, especially because I am constantly in a house with 10 people living in it, so there is so place of peace and quiet. I knew I would have to do this assignment in a closet whispering because the mic needed to be …

  16. @virgonarrie

    A Collection of My Favorite Sounds


    There are really on four things that I love and that has never failed me. Money, food, sleep and SZA. Sadly, I could not find a good sound for sleep. But I blessed y’all with SZA’s beutiful voice and even more beuatiful lyrics. You’re welcome! AudioAssignments AudioAssignments2146…

  17. @virgonarrie

    Sound Effect Story


    This pandemic started with spring break and has yet to end. In my “story” I incorporate us packing for break, enjoing time on the beach, and then going home to never return again.…

  18. @virgonarrie

    Recreate a Scene Using Sounds


    Do I even need to explain this? If you have seen this movie series then you know that this is the most iconic scene ever!!! When I read the assignment requirements I immediately knew what I wanted to do. I have some baseball sounds and then obviously the iconic thunder. …

  19. @Conner44769274

    My Favorite Sounds


    For my this audio assignment the goal was to showcase some of your favorite sounds! I loved this assignment because I’m a big ASMR person; I use it every night to fall asleep. If you don’t know what ASMR is it’s basically someone making sounds like tapping, scratching, or whispering …

  20. @madelinek106

    A Suspensful Sound Effect Story


    I wanted to create a somewhat scary story for my sound. Here it is:

    Imagine you are just getting home from work on a rainy spring day. The birds are chirping, but the thunder and rain have made it very dark outside. You open your creaky door and notice a …