1. @TristenStevens3

    Superhuman in Everyday Life (remix)


    So, as you know, I would fly to class so I am never late but if I were to have a sidekick, who would it be and what would he do? Well, I have come to the conclusions that my sidekick would be Brain Man.  He would be able to …

  2. @Maggieo_13

    Assignments Week 12!


    MashupAssignments, MashupAssignments2151


    For this assignment I used snap chat to create superman holding up the UC! It was a pretty quick one and I enjoyed making it! This was worth 3 stars.


    For this assigment I also used snap chat! I had to create a mashup of two …

  3. @TristenStevens3

    Superhuman in Everyday Life


    On one side of campus and need to get to the other before your exam starts? Well being able to fly would be nice! I would take to the sky and reach my class in seconds instead of walking through the traffic of people everywhere. (assignment for 4 stars)…

  4. @LilahKBB

    WEEK 12: Smashups and Demixes


    This week I enjoyed making mashups of some of my favorite things like the band BTS, Disney, music, and funny scenes from movies!

    My first assignment that I did was using an image from the one of the members of the band that I thought looked godly and adding a …

  5. @LilahKBB

    Love Triangle’s


    I combined these 2 images because I know both of these movies pretty well and enjoyed watching both of them. Also in each movie love triangles are one of the main themes. I wish I could have melded them together but without a better photo editor I can’t.

  6. @TristenStevens3

    The You Doodle Walk through


    For this assignment, I had trouble finding the right photo editor so I asked my friend and he told me about this app called YouDoodle. Its a real simple app where you can put pictures together and cut out what you need to keep in the photo you are trying …

  7. @TristenStevens3

    Photo mash


    For this assignment I decided to put my two chillest inspirations in a crazy place.  I feel like they could make Mordor a pretty sweet spot.  Imagine a Mordor where they allow you to order pizza on YOUR time? How about a bowling alley and some White Russian beverages? Sounds …

  8. @Maggieo_13



    Last week I chose to do the VideoAssignments2148! It was fun! I felt like a YouTuber. The first thing that you should do while contemplating doing this project is get over any nerves of film in front of people and talking to the camera. Over everything else in this project …

  9. @OliviaBreler



    I completed the Superhuman in everyday life assignment (3 stars). I used a picture of lake Anna where I spend a lot of time, then I found a png picture of a flying woman because flying would be my preferred superpower, then used GIMP to layer the woman over the …

  10. @LilahKBB

    Disney Mashup


    I combined a bunch of Disney songs together to create a pretty cool mix I wish the transitions were a little cleaner but I liked the idea of starting off where another song left off with the same sounding word. For example I used know and go and for and …

  11. @LilahKBB

    Fall Out Boys & Bangtan Boys


    I combined one of my favorite bands video called BTS of their song Not Today and I listened to a few songs on my iTunes with high energy and I thought Beat it by Fall Out Boy would work well with it. I was right I like the energy of …

  12. @Ms_AmandaP

    A Spooky Christmas in the Spring


    For my second remix assignment I made my Holiday MashUp assignment into a scarier version. Since it was light and fun, I thought the opposite would be scary or spooky. I used Canva to take my original Holiday Mashup and add a ghost and scary skeleton/bones on the ground.

  13. @Ms_AmandaP

    Where’s Waldo?


    For my first remixed assignment I used one of my very first ds106 projects for the semester and hid Waldo into it. I used Canva to layer the two images one on top of the other. Can you find Waldo?

  14. @lshaikh26

    Crazy Mashup


    Take a dramatic closeup of anyone’s face – an actor’s, a friend’s, your own – and superimpose a landscape or scene over the face. Since this is a mashup, get crazy with it.

  15. @LilahKBB

    Godlike Jimin


    I chose these 2 images because Jimin the face on the image is one of my favorite members in my favorite South Korean Boy bands called BTS. I thought it would be fun to make him look like a god from this image because he looks so regal and above …

  16. @girlycurlyfries

    week 12 = complete!


    This is the first time I’ve finished up the week early! I’m very impressed with myself! I knew that this week was going to be crazy in terms of other classes, so getting this work done was the best method for me. I enjoyed making all the things I did …

  17. @ana_leino

    Feel It Around But With Skateboards


    For this assignment, rated four stars, I placed the audio of the song “Feel It All Around” by Washed Out over a video by Juan Rayos, called “Carving the Mountain”.  I chose these two because I just really love them.  The video by Rayos is amazing and I remember watching …

  18. @ana_leino

    Trainspotting mashup


    This is my mashup for one of my favorite movies.  I don’t know why I like Trainspotting so much but it’s one of the few films that I can watch over and over again.  Given the content, I don’t know what that says about me.

    I used the 4K video …

  19. @melseykooring

    Weekly Summary (Week Twelve):


    This week allowed me to further strengthen my photo shop skills! I’ve actually really gotten the hang of photoshopping due to this course and it’s a pretty nifty tool to have in my pocket. I’ve also gotten pretty quick at it too. Hence why I’ve finished my weekly work this …

  20. @melseykooring

    Tutorial (Week Twelve):


    I’m Ready For My Closeup Tutorial

    Although most photoshopping applications seem terrifying, they’re really not and neither is this assignment! Check out my tutorial to ease your mind and help guide you through the process:

    The first step is deciding what images you are going to use and how you…