1. @ldeitrick

    Final Chapter – part 1


    For my final crisis project, I decided to do a remix on the idea that the world, and DS106 along with it, is ending. The specific apocalyptic viewpoint I’ll be creating is that an unknown source, entity, or villain is killing off superheros across the globe. I’ll convey this story …

  2. @KaseyMayer

    Crisis Aversion Plan


    My character, Weather Woman, generally deals more in the real life than superhuman beings so I decided to go more with real life crises for my final project. The different mediums I will be using are visuals, audio, and design.

    For the designs, I will formulate them around Weather Woman’s …

  3. @melseykooring

    Progress Update (Week Thirteen)


    So this week has been truly trying, so trying I haven’t made much progress for this week on my final project. However, I do have a plan in mind. I just need to execute it. My plan for my final project is to tell the story of how Jester transforms …

  4. @OliviaBreler

    Progress report



    I feel like I haven’t blogged here in forever. I have an idea for my final crisis! I’d like to use image, video and audio to tell my story, Charlie Sass will be in it and somehow save the day. I started making the video part and I’m putting …

  5. @Ms_AmandaP

    Saving The Beast, Part 1


    For my final project, I will be working on my own to show in three different forms of media how the character “The Beast” will cope with losing his powers and how he will learn he can continue to fight against bullies and bullying in schools as a “regular kid.”…

  6. @Hannah Woehrle

    Progress Report/Week 13


    I decided very quickly that I wanted to work alone on the final project. With all of the hubbub of the end of the semester and looming finals, the logistics of group work seemed like more stress than they’re worth.

    I looked over some of the ideas for final projects, …

  7. @lshaikh26

    Progress Report – Final crisis


    This has been a very busy week with lots of assignments and projects due for the other classes. It was very hard for me to come up with a nice idea for my final project in which I could incorporate different media. Here is my idea:

    I have the superpower …

  8. @shleighduque

    Week Thirteen: Progress Report


    Inspired by the “Save Yourself” prompt where our heroes lose their powers, Alaina, Jordan and I have teamed up to revisit the plot and characters in our radio show, Distress Signal. Only for this project, we’ll create a news series that investigates where our heroes– Ceto, Malevolent Melody and Little …

  9. @PamlanyeJordan

    Ds106 Final Crisis -Progress Post


    For this final crisis the distress signal radio show team decided to team back up! That means Ashleigh, Alaina, and I are working in a group for this final project!

    For our final crisis we decided to continue with our radio show Distress Signal since we loved our story line …

  10. @k8lynclements

    Merciful Mise en Place needs some help!


    For this week I brainstormed and partly began my final project. Even though we knew about this project last week, I was way to busy getting things done for other classes so this one was on the back burner. This was also one of the last things I have done …

  11. @ashedwardz

    Kaleidoscope Saves the Day!


    Kaleidoscope wanted to spend the afternoon outside with her friends. Shortly after she left her house, rain clouds rolled in from the distance and it started to rain. All her friends were sad and were about to head home. But Kaleidoscope is not one to be defeated easily. She had …

  12. @courthardy2018

    Final Crisis Part 1


    Since last week, I have been busy at work coming up with ideas for my final ds106 project. At first, I had absolutely no idea what to do. Then, I decided that I wanted to create a sidekick and story to go along with my hero, Morph Shadow. Thus, Neptune …

  13. @ashedwardz

    Final Project Progress Report


    For my final project, I am creating a flip-book animation overlaid with sound effects, music, and dialogue narrating the story. ‘Kaleidoscope Saves the Day’ is a short story about the superhero I created earlier this semester. The scene opens up with Kaleidoscope getting rained on by a few storm clouds. …

  14. @Maggieo_13

    Final Project Update!


    For the final project I am working with Lilah Beebe. We first tested each other for interest and then set a time to meet through a google doc. From there we discussed what we wanted to do for the project, how we wanted to do it, and when to have …

  15. @LilahKBB

    WEEK 13: Final Plans


    This week I worked on figuring out who I wanted in my group and working with them to figure out what we wanted to do for our final project. We decided that we would create a Youtube channel called Wonder Women that would be to highlight women superheroes accomplishments. We …

  16. @courtkneelane

    Weekly Summary 12


    This week was all about remixing and mashups. I spent a lot of time combining different techniques with one another and enjoyed my time doing that. Below you can find the assignments I completed.

    Here are my remixes:

    Remix 1

    Remix 2

    Here are my mashups (12 stars):

    Mashup 1

  17. @courtkneelane

    Mashup 3


    For this mashup, I did the This Doesn’t Belong Here mashup. I decided to use a still from the movie Captain Phillips and the movie ET because I thought it’d be weird. So here’s my final product:

  18. @courtkneelane

    Mashup 2


    For my 2nd mashup, I did the Your Favorite Teams Mashup and used the Baltimore Orioles and Ravens because they’re my 2 favorite teams. I used the Ravens’ mascot, Poe, and decided to put the Oriole Bird on the front of his jersey so I could incorporate the mascot more …

  19. @courtkneelane

    Mashup 1


    I decided to do the holiday mashup because it’s almost Christmas and I’m really excited. So for this mashup, I included the 3 holidays – Easter, Christmas, and the 4th of July because the mashup includes my 2 favorite things – Jesus and America. I really enjoyed this assignment.…

  20. @courtkneelane

    Remix 2


    For the 2nd remix, I did the Pop Star Out of Place assignment and remixed it. I decided to use the set of Happy Days as the place that the pop star would be out of place in and Harry Styles as my pop star because he was the first …

  21. @KaseyMayer

    Mixing It Up In Week Twelve


    Let me start off by saying that I apologize, because I did not do a good job of reading the assignment directions. I realized a couple issues when I read through the the Weekly Assignments post again. I did not connect any of my original mashup assignments to my character …

  22. @Ms_AmandaP

    Weekly Summary: Week Twelve


    This week I was tasked with completing 12 stars of MashUp assignments. So, first up for 4.5 stars was the “Close Up” assignment that challenged me to take a close up picture of someone and put it on a new background. Check out the new Mt. Rushmore (renamed to Eastrush