1. @jwoodds106

    Over Halfway Done…


    Audio week was quite the experience. Trial and error became the name of the game for me. Garageband made me nervous, especially because Audacity was so heavily suggested, and no one else used Garageband! Although this week was a lot of listening, I enjoyed all the different perspectives and stories …

  2. de-norm

    An Alien on Earth (More First Contacts)

    Comments of Week 3

    Guess who knows how to make comments on things? This little alien that is me.

    Yes, I am pretty sure this week is Mass Effect themed. I only played it once this week, and I’ve only finished the first one. (Got really scared to do the …

  3. @jwoodds106

    The Road Less Traveled


    This week was a learning experience for me, for sure. I got into the nitty gritty with Garageband, and now realize Audacity was probably a better choice. Garageband didn’t have a lot of editing tools that Audacity seemed to have, and this deterred me from some projects I was drawn …

  4. @vd678

    Headed To The Beach


    The goal of this assignment was to tell a story using nothing but sound effects.

    I chose to tell the story of someone going to the beach on the first day of a vacation. The story starts with the person taking off in an airplane to head to their destination. …

  5. Rebecca

    Logical fallacies – but maybe the hat really is cool.


    This week’s final Daily Create is all about logical fallacies. I jumped on “bandwagon” (har har har) and chose to use critically endangered animals as the subjects. It’s hard to say “everyone is doing it” when there aren’t a lot of people in the first place. Also, that’s just not …

  6. @jwoodds106

    Love Thy Neighbor


    Today’s daily create reminded me so much of my last assignment. I am all for peace in the world (who isn’t?) and this playlist is a great idea to spread a little more joy around! I was originally going to choose Imagine by John Lennon because it was fresh …

  7. salukizim

    Welcome to McDonald’s – May I take your Order


    This 1 1/2 star assignment was fun as well as eye opening. My two resources were the online McDonald’s menu and Audacity. After going to the McDonald’s website and picking out three items I would never order, I decided to change the order around. My experience has always been that  …

  8. Rebecca

    You guys sound a little off


    I mentioned in my about me page that I like cartoons… and one of the cartoons that I’m crazy about (like a lot of other people right now) is Steven Universe. I can’t help it. I love the songs, the gems, the fusions, and the neverending possibilities for conspiracy theories. …

  9. salukizim

    Do You Hear What I Hear – A Day in My Life


    To make this sound bite I use my iPhone’s voice memo application. I played the various recordings into the microphone I have attached my computer and then manipulated each of the recordings using my new best friend, Audacity.

    This recording starts with my daily 6 AM dog walk.  Nelly, my …

  10. @cgarcia2580

    Flower Power

    Daily Create #11


    It was for love and bloody peace. It was a fabulous time. I even get excited now when I realize that’s what it’s for: peace and love, people putting flowers in guns.


    Have you ever thought of peace and wondered what songs best portray …

  11. Rebecca

    Peace on a small scale


    Today’s daily create asks for us to contribute to a peace playlist. I tried to think of peace songs that hadn’t been submitted already, but came up short. Then I realized that I had lots of ideas for songs that were narrations of moments of personal peace – something I …

  12. Just De Norm

    Glass Stories and a Jab at Storytelling.

    Summary of Ira Glass’s Storytelling Parts 1 & 2 and Jad Abumrad on “How Radio Creates Empathy”.

    As a person who went through four years of writing interesting fictional and nonfictional stories, I know exactly what Ira Glass begins talking about. That’s the first lesson that you learn when writing, …

  13. salukizim

    Sound Effects Story: Trip to the Grocery


    This 3 1/2 star sign assignment provided me with the opportunity to take an imaginary round trip excursion to the grocery store in my Land Rover. In preparation for my excursion I spent a few hours getting familiar with Audacity. One of the hints given in the DS106 handbook was …

  14. @mikeyb1503

    Ted Radio Hour and Scott Lo Series Summaries


    In the Ted Hour talk, they talk about success in radio. In the example provided on the page, it is written notice when the music just stops. It surely makes a big difference, it takes away from the moment, but forces you to put a greater amount of attention on …

  15. Just De Norm

    WordPress Being Weird – Gifs Not Working?

    A Weird Moment – Not An Assignment

    For some reason, gifs on my site stopped working. So I decided to go investigate.

    Let’s take the example below.

    See how it’s not moving?

    So first, we go and edit the gif.

    Click the button and notice that the image is in …

  16. salukizim

    Thoughts on Audio Storytelling


    I just completed listening to “Moon Graffiti”. Wow, what a powerful story. Shutting my eyes and allowing my sense of hearing to take over, I was transported back to that event in July 1969. For me this event was real. My parents and I were on our way to the …

  17. Rebecca

    What’s the scariest part about camping?


    It’d been a long day full of fun outdoorsiness. We set up camp by the river, as we usually do. It was a long walk from the park’s welcome center, carrying all our gear and swatting mosquitos away for what felt like 600 years, but we finally made it to …

  18. @cgarcia2580

    All ‘Fig’ured Out

    Audio #4: Onomatopoeia! Rating: ??

    Who doesn’t love a good  joke combined with an onomatopeia? I know I do! And if you do too then you’ll absolutely love doing this assignment! This project involves finding a joke, riddle, etc. and pairing that joke with sounds to fill the background. The …

  19. @cgarcia2580

    Obama Out!

    Daily Create #10

    This daily create allowed us to create our own talking Obama! I used the website provided to make the following video. I wanted my message from Obama to feel personal as if he is in our DS106 class. So I thought to myself, “what are key Obama …