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  1. @MoB4884

    Week 11 !!

    This week was probably the most challenging week for me. I had a lot of issues with my video editing, and I’m not completely happy with how they turned out. My phone AND my laptop decided that their storage was full (what a bunch of bull), so it was really hard for me to record […]
  2. @MoB4884

    Weekly Summary #10

    This week was a fun week to expand on the tools in my toolbox that I have began collecting from this class. I enjoyed doing some of the assignments from the assignment bank this week and turning them into TikToks so I can share them with my friends and family. They found them pretty funny, […]
  3. @MoB4884

    Week 9? I think?

    Honestly, I’m losing track of the weeks at this point! Only a few more to go until the end of the semester!! Below I have attached my posts from this week, and have also included the two updated versions of previous posts I made! I loved getting the chance to update my previous work and […]
  4. @MoB4884

    Summin’ Up Week 8 Yo

    Below I have attached my posts from this week! It was a lot of fun working with my group members to create our radio show. I think it turned out really well and it was more cohesive than I thought it would be. I enjoyed listening to my group members segments and relating their experiences […]
  5. @MoB4884

    Weekly Summary 7.0

    Below I have attached all of my work for this week! I loved getting to collaborate with my other classmates on this project and start thinking about common themes between us. By far my favorite assignment this week was the promo poster. I loved our thought process when we were coming up with design ideas […]
  6. @MoB4884

    Weekly Summary

    Below I have included my posts from this week! I enjoyed getting to see the different designs my classmates have made and taken pictures of. I feel like previous weeks have been more focused on posting images you already have or recording a sound, but this week I felt like I really had the opportunity […]

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