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  1. @tiffmooree

    Weekly Summary 4/5/19

    After last weeks brutal setback, I decided to get my work done as soon as possible. As I was working through, I realized my laptop was not up to the standards I was hoping it would be after the repair. Once I received my laptop on Friday (dropped it off on Tuesday), I got it back with all of my content on it. This is due to their initial claims of it being the motherboard being false. It was simply the display, but that still did not cut down the cost. I realized that my laptop was still messing up. When inserting a video from my webcam into iMovie, my camera would glitch, almost creating a gif of me before I even hit record. After I captured the video, however, the pictures moved along with the video. Then, every time I have to get on my laptop, the log in screen freezes, forcing me to restart my laptop every time I get on it. Safe to say I was livid. You would think they would have the audacity to completely fix a laptop while it is being fixed, but I guess that’s not the case. I called apple for the millionth time and ended up having to completely reset my laptop, as if I was using a brand new one. I had to take a few hours to set it back up and download everything I was missing. I was told that doing this might fix the problem, but it didn’t. The only thing it fixed was the camera and not the log in screen. So now, I have to take my laptop BACK to apple, for them to send it back out and for me to have to go through the same rushed methods of last week. So for now, I’m grinding out my homework in order to get everything done and for them to fix it. BUT LETS GET STARTED First things first was the assignment banks. I normally do as many 5 star assignments as possible so that I can get the stars done. This is because I’d rather do harder work, than write a bunch of different blog posts. However, it was quite hard to find 5 star assignments in the bank. I chose to do 2 four star assignments and 1 two star. I also realized that the star ratings change quite easily. Assignments I had saved would go from 5 star assignments, to 2 star assignments, and I’d have to go through the bank to find different assignments. My first assignment was 4 stars. This one I was quite excited about. It was basically like the video essay we did last week, and I loved that assignment. I chose this one because of that. I chose the same movie, Amelie, because I felt like this movie is perfect for these essays AND she is the inspiration for my character, and thus related to the course. I did however choose a new scene, as I didn’t want to basically do the same assignment. I also wanted to add a little twist. Instead of focusing on every single thing we learned last week, as I felt rushed when I was voicing over, I chose to focus on one aspect. Camera angles. I felt like this scene had AMAZING camera angles and were perfect for this analysis. I also chose to keep the entire clip whole, as if I didn’t it would once again take away from the meaning. I read through the syllabus and added title/ credit slides to each video I made, and made my posts about them up to standards (by adding a screenshot of my iMovie screen into the blog post), but this is the only one I didn’t add music to. I felt like by adding music it would distract from the true meaning of the video. My next assignment was four stars as well. For this one I had to chose a software and explain how to use it. I chose to do this for clip grab. I know this may be a very simple tool to use, but someone in the class may need to either know about it or still know how to use it. This software helped me immensely with the video section of this course. I added music to the beginning and the end of this assignment as well. I had to google how to screen record, and after that, I made a recording of how to use it and put it into iMovie and added a voice over. I was intimidated by iMovie in the beginning, but it has proven to be a lot easier than I had thought. My last assignment was 2 stars. This one was pretty simple and easy to execute. It was a letter to my 16 year old self. I also chose to relate this one to my character. However, I also felt like our secret agents are supposed to be us, so I didn’t change many of my details, just made them very vague. This way, it is obvious it isn’t SPECIFICALLY my life, but it is Amelies (kinda confusing). I really did enjoy this assignment, I haven’t had to do anything like this, so it made it very unique. I added music to the beginning and the end because I felt like it fit. I found a photo of a letter, made it fit my voiceover, and it was complete! This assignment definitely was a 2 star assignment, but it was a fresh breath of air after always doing highly rated assignments. Our last write up assignment was to create a new mission. I had a hard time thinking of it, but I know I wanted to incorporate everything we have learned so far. Once I new that, the assignment molded itself and I wrote it into the blog post. I really liked working in groups. I feel like its hard to talk to classmates when you’re in an online class, and the audio assignment allowed my group and I to have people to talk to if we ever had trouble. My group was also amazing at getting the radio show done, so I would love to work with them again! Posts of the Week: I’ve said countless times how I love doing the posts of the week. This reminds me to always be commenting and forces me to do it. It also allows me to find great posts from my peers and become inspired by their ideas. I also love how Professor Bond posts the winners of the week on twitter, which always makes me want to strive to be on there and put out great work. Daily Creates: Commenting: With the posts of the week, I have been commenting more, which I a win win. WEEK ELEVEN IS NOW IN THE BOOKS!
  2. @tiffmooree

    Weekly Summary 3/29/19

    I have NEVER been so excited to be writing a weekly summary. This week was honestly hell for me. I originally intended to grind all of my work out for this week so that I could enjoy my birthday on Sunday. I told myself to get over the procrastination and get started. Fate was not on my side though. I started on Monday, and after a few hours put my laptop in my backpack and when I pulled it back out….. NOTHING. The screen was completely black. I had quite a panic attack and put it away after fiddling with it for an hour. When I say fiddling I mean slamming the keys in anger and restarted and rebooting it. I woke up early to go to my 8 am the next day and called 3 people to help me out. Finally on the third call I made an appointment for that day. I started my commute home and went to the Apple store. I walked in, they ran testing, and came out to me with terrible news. It would be almost $500, would take 3-4 days to get back to me, and it would be completely wiped clean. Safe to say, my blood was boiling. I had no choice but to leave my laptop with them and suffer. Finally on Friday, after work, I ran by there and it still wasn’t ready. 2 hours later I got the email to come in, I grabbed my laptop, and immediately went home and started on my assignments. Here I am, late at night, trying to get my work done before the clock strikes midnight and its my birthday. SO LETS GET STARTED SHALL WE: First things first, the video essay. I was able to get all of the readings and videos done on my phone without my laptop, so once I received my laptop I was set. I chose to do a scene from Amelie. This movie is beautiful in it cinematography and immediately was my first thought. This movie is also where I got my secret agents name from! I searched youtube, found my clip, inserted it into clip grabber, edited it and did a voiceover in iMovie and uploaded it to youtube! I thought this assignment would be so much more difficult. I chose to keep the entire clip whole instead of editing it. I did this because I felt like then it wouldn’t fit. The entire clip was perfect and didn’t need to be edited, if I did it would take away from the meaning. I also muted the clip so you could just hear my voice over. I did this because I felt like the m most important thing was the essay part of the assignment, and having the words in the clip would take away from the meaning. It was based on the cinematography of the scene, and not the entire scene itself. Next up was the interview. In my post, I address that this assignment caused a lot more stress than it should have. iMovie constantly was crashing every time I uploaded the questions into it. I eventually gave up with this method and put the entire youtube clip in with the help of clip grab and inserted my answers into it. It doesn’t look the best, and it isn’t the most creative, but it was the best I could do with my lack of knowledge with iMovie. I chose the question set that I felt like I could answer the best. The other question sets had some questions that I was not set on an answer for. After I finished inserting my answers, I uploaded it to youtube and was done! This would constitute as a six star assignment if it was on the assignment banks. Next up is the assignment banks. I chose to go with the assignment banks. I texted my radio show group, and they all said they were doing assignment banks so I chose to do them as well. I am very happy that I chose them as well. I tend to want to do the most stars possible in order to complete the requirement. This is due to the fact that I would rather complete harder assignments than do more. So this week I chose two five star assignments. The first assignment bank was to make a message using Morse Code. I chose to youtube a video to help me. I originally was going to look up a photo, but I felt like a video would be more helpful. I found a video portraying “hello world” and decided to roll with it. However, it was difficult. I was going to tap one finger for a dot, and two for a dash. Holding the camera to my fingers and listening to the video proved to be difficult. Then I realized that this is a video assignment, and not an audio assignment. So I found one where it used light instead. I used my lamp a the light source and followed a video. This was a lot easier and I think it turned out pretty accurate. Obviously it isn’t perfect, and may not even say hello world, but I did my best! My second assignment bank was to show 3 movie scenes that changed my life. This was way too hard to narrow down. I ultimately went to Netflix for some inspiration, and found my 3 movies. The 3 movies I chose were The Butterfly Effect (which shows that the past is the past for a reason, and changing the past can prove unwanted futures), The Danish Girl (which shows that you should never be ashamed of who you are, and those who really love you, love you no matter what), and The Lovely bones (which shows that people are not always who you think they are, and you can’t always trust everyone). Then I went to youtube to find the scenes and used clip grab to insert them into iMovie. I chose to keep the audio of the videos however, because the assignment is about the scenes. So I added my voice over on top of the scenes. This way, if you want to listen to my analyzation you can, or you can just listen to the clips themselves. Daily Creates: Posts of the week: As I stated last week, I enjoy the posts of the week. This assignment makes me remember to comment as well as to look at my classmates work thoroughly. This commonly inspires me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things with my work. I was also able to complete this while I didn’t have my laptop. Commenting: I think I get one week where I don’t have to reprimand myself for not commenting. This is the week. It is really difficult to comment every single day when you don’t have a laptop to do it. I did it probably two days, which isn’t enough, but I think I did the best that I could. AND WITH THAT WEEK TEN IS COMPLETE AND I GET TO CELEBRATE MY BIRTHDAY WITHOUT ANY STRESS!!!!!
  3. @Katie73536604

    Weekly Summary #10

    Week number 10! One week closer to graduation, I cannot wait! Overall this week wasn’t too bad. Here are the daily creates, our group episode update and video essay. Daily creates: Episode Update: Our group is very excited to shoot our talk show next week! This week we took the time to gather ideas and decide what we want to do for our show. Here is the update and here is my trailer: Video Essay: Here is my video essay. This was fun to make but also very different from assignments I have done in the past! This was another very busy week. All these busy weeks are making this semester fly by, and although I am very excited for this semester to be over, I wish I could slow down to enjoy a little bit more. I am excited to start my assignments for next week earlier this time, yes I finally have a weekend to get started on my assignments early!
  4. @kdzebdi106

    Weekly Summary

    This week was frustrating as the video assignments are not working on my computer, I either don’t have enough space for downloading these software’s in the assignment bank. I could also just be going at it all wrong. I enjoyed the character interview as the questions were creative and interesting. That was simple as all…
  5. @tiffmooree

    Weekly Summary 3/21/19

    This week was very interesting; I like how we were introduced to new software, ad-ons, and had new twists on old assignments. This week I got a majority of my work done in the waiting room while my grandmother was at the doctors. I got a majority of everything done in the hour to hour and a half I was there. Like I have said before, I am not sure if I am finally getting the hang of this class, or if the work load is becoming easier. It used to take me around eight hours to complete the work, now it takes me around 3 hours to complete the majority. I, at the same time, am not complaining. First, we had to listen to the radio shows. There were showings Monday through Wednesday. I was only able to make it to the Wednesday night showing. I really enjoyed it though! I talk in my post about how I regularly listen to podcasts, so I knew I would enjoy listening to the shows. The only problem was I normally am driving when I listen to podcasts, so having to be cooped up in bed and on twitter wasn’t ideal, but it was a great experience. I love being able to create a radio show and then listening to how everyone else interpreted the assignment. The second thing we had to do was web storytelling. I state that I thought this would be way more difficult than it was. I tend to have problems with new technology we have to use. I had a very difficult time with audacity, so anything that is foreign to me I try to avoid for as long as possible. I finally read through the entire thing and realized it may be easier than I thought. The tutorial when you download it made it a lot more manageable. Overall, this assignment went very smoothly and I was pleasantly surprised not only at how it turned out, but how well I was able to execute it. There seems to be a theme with this week. Everything on the syllabus looked to be difficult, but once I was doing it, it proved to be easier. For connecting the daily creates, I knew this would be hard. Having done these in the past, I know that they do not connect whatsoever. It is stated in the syllabus that we could go back to last week if it gets difficult, but I didn’t want to do that. I did the first two daily creates and thought I would just wing it. I almost waited until tomorrows daily create because I had no idea how to connect todays to my other two. Then it hit me, I was saying everything that I wanted in the other two, so for the third, I made it yet another thing I wanted and did not have. I enjoyed having only 8 stars for this week. I wanted to do two four star assignments to complete the requirement. I found my first four star assignment, but was at a loss for the second one. There are very few four and five star assignments for the assignment bank. It ultimately leads me to pick the lesser of the two evils. I enjoyed my first assignment bank. It was to create a Buzzfeed quiz. We didn’t have to incorporate our theme into anything this week, so I took it upon myself to make a quiz about what secret agent the viewer would be. I am very familiar with Buzzfeed and their quizzes, so this proved to be very easy. After around twenty minutes, I had my completed quiz, and I was excited that I was able to incorporate our theme! My second assignment bank was the one where I picked the lesser of the two evils. I knew I wanted to do two four star assignments, so doing anything less wasn’t an option. The assignment I chose was to create a creepy story on reddit. This assignment intimidated me as I had never used reddit. It was pretty self explanatory and the hardest part was writing the story itself. I was quite pleased with the outcome, and it allowed me to be creative, which I really enjoyed. Then we had to chose a 4 to 5 star assignment to revisit and redo. I chose an assignment I did quite a while ago where I told a movies using GIFs. I remembered really liking this assignment, so I was excited to do it again. I thought about doing a spy movie, but realized I hadn’t seen any recently, and didn’t want to mess up the storyline. So I chose Bird Box. This movie was greatly popular a few months ago when it came out, and I remember it being a great movie. I brought up Netflix to skip through and rejog my memory. Then I just wrote up the synopsis and added GIFs to complete it. Then we had to do our favorite posts of the week. I actually really love doing this. I’m quite bad at commenting, so this forces me to remember to comment while spending the time to explore and find great posts. It essentially kills two birds with one stone. This is one of my favorite things we do in the class. I also love how after everyone has submitted it, Professor Bond shows who had the winning post. I think it’s a great idea to help us strive to want to constantly put out amazing posts and work. AND WITH THAT WEEK NINE IS COMPLETE!!!
  6. @Katie73536604

    Weekly Summary #8

    This week was awesome because we were able to finally finish and post our radio show! Check it out! This show actually ended up being a lot of fun and I was able to get a feel for what an actual radio show is like! We prepped a lot for this radio show, but it was all worth it. The first week was mostly figuring out what we wanted to talk about on our show, and how we were going to split the show into segments. Here was our progress and process throughout the weeks: The preparation that took place the first week really helped set up for the second week and finally, our radio show itself. I was excited about our female secret agent theme and glad that we could incorporate more than just our class theme into the show. During this show we were able to discuss different topics within the female secret agent theme such as clothing styles, stereotypes and even incorporated a secret agent character. I am proud of our group for being able to create a show with thoughtful conversation and spread more enthusiasm about female secret agents! Overall the assignment turned out really well and I am excited to see what everyone else thinks of the show! Daily Creates: Thursday – Wood & Water! Friday – Who kidnapped Prince Charming? Overall this week went well and I am excited to see what next week brings!!
  7. @tiffmooree

    Weekly Summary 3/17/19

    This week was honestly quite simple. I prefer to have one large thing to do, rather than a bunch of small things. The radio show allowed me to solely focus on one thing and not have to stress about getting quite a few assignments done, like we normally have for the class. I think this week was a great way to come back after break! First, I wrote about my progress with my radio show for this week. This was a super easy task, and the words were just flowing out of me. My group has been absolutely amazing and I hope to work with them many times this semester. We all worked so well together, and we were able to get everything done on time. There is nothing worse than having a group where everyone has to pick up another persons slack, but we had no problems of the sort. Everyone worked hard and got their work done, and we’re almost done before the due date! Next is commenting. I’m writing this a bit early, and because of this I haven’t done any commenting yet. However, since a majority of everything is done, I can see myself commenting everyday this week! I set up an alarm on my phone like I said I would in order to ensure I do this too! As soon as I finish this post I am going to go and start commenting. 🙂 2 Daily Creates: Here ladies and gentlemen, is our radio show!!!!! Give it a listen 🙂 and with that…. WEEK 8 IS FINISHED! I hope you all love the radio show, and leave me a comment of what y’all think!
  8. @tiffmooree

    Weekly Summary 3/1/19

    I feel like every week gets easier and easier, but it also takes more and more of me to complete it. This week offered a great opportunity to catch up overall and eliminate some stress. I, however, was not able to do a majority of the assignments until today, which didn’t prove to be a problem as I am completing this hours early. I did not rush through any of the assignments, and I can not tell if the course load is getting easier or if I am starting to learn the basics for this class that made it hard in the beginning. I can safely say that audio is my least favorite medium we are working with. This is the only one I don’t have some form of experience with, so even though I am learning how to use it, it is still alien to me. Everything takes more time to understand and it takes more for me to convey what I wish to. There are so many sources that we have to go on the internet for, when I like being able to do these things myself. For example, in photography we have to chose or take photos to convey our meaning, but with audio we have to use ones provided in order to do so. This makes the work not as sacred to me, and it makes it less original. I am aware that we could make our own sounds to solve this, but some sounds would either still sound the same, or we would be unable to capture them. My favorite we have done so far is writing with photography as a close second. The only thing that drops photography is the lack of opportunities to take nice photos in the winter (because it is waaaay too cold for that) and not having access to photoshop. With writing, all you need is your brain and the internet. This week was the first week to introduce our radio show. I am honestly quite nervous for this assignment, as I am still new to editing audio. I am not nervous for the work leading up to it however. I know I can provide enough information to have at least five minutes if audio time, and I know I can facilitate my ideas correctly. Our first assignment of the week was to talk about our process and progress of our radio show. As stated in the post, this has been really easy due to google docs. It is amazing to be able to put all of our ideas cohesively into one document. We also created a group chat where we can talk about our ideas before we firmly type them into the document. This eliminates any confusion regarding our show, and makes everything organized. Using a google doc and group message is honestly the best way to go about this assignment. We also had to create a radio show promo. I chose to do a poster, as this intrigued me the most. I was confused as of how I would create this poster. I even thought of doing it myself with a piece of paper and creativity (and then taking a picture of it after), but I chose to look up different ways to make a poster. I came across an app that looked promising, and it was! I actually really enjoyed this app and would use it for future assignments. It was user friendly (wow I sound like a grandmother), had everything that was needed, and it was free! I chose to do a poster that was simple, as this would not overboard the viewers, and it would leave questions that would make people tune into our show. Commenting has got me once again. I always try to comment, but it is so inconvenient to open my laptop everyday to comment on the websites for this class. Due to it being so inconvenient, I tend to forget to do it. I don’t ever forget to do any assignments either. But somehow, I also overlook daily creates, and always end up completing them. So my goal for next week is to comment as much as I can. Hopefully with this goal every week, one week I will get it. I also will set a reminder in my phone every night before bed to NOT forget to comment!! Next was assignment banks. Now normally these are my favorite, but the audio assignment banks are such a hassle to me. I can rarely find ones that interest me and have a high enough star rating to fit the stars we have to do. I found ones that interested me after some digging, and I was able to relate 2/3 assignments to our theme. I liked not relating every single assignment to the theme, because all of our other assignments were also related to the theme, and I wanted a breath of fresh air. My first assignment bank was to take a tongue twister and say it as fast as I could. I chose to do ‘sally sold sea shells by the sea shore’ because it is widely known. It said to put background music in, and I did the sound of waves crashing, but it ended up sounding like static in the background. I used the memo app on my phone to say it as fast as I could and then I uploaded it to Soundcloud. I have found that this is the easiest method for me, and it makes these audio assignments more manageable. My next assignment was to create a place with sounds. After I created the morning routine a few weeks ago, this assignment wasn’t a challenge. I went on free sound and downloaded sounds to create my place and then edited them into audacity. After that I recorded the media from my phone and uploaded them to my Soundcloud. I chose to relate this assignment to our theme in an unconventional way. Since our focus was on our radio show this week, I chose to make a radio station as my place. I chose sounds such as radio static, computer typing, and stairs to facilitate someone going to work at a radio station. I am quite pleased with how it turned out. My last assignment was the most flexible. I had one picked out and I wasn’t very happy with my choice. Once I was done with my other assignments, I decided to go back and have another look at the bank. I chose one where I had to make a tagline to be a person on The Real Housewives. I chose to incorporate my character into this, and I feel like it worked flawlessly. I used a spy tagline that means ‘always secret’ and recorded my voice as if I was her auditioning. I am very glad that I switched assignments, as I am happier with the result of this assignment bank. Daily Creates: I’ve lost the count on what week it is, but all I know is now I can finally sleep peacefully for Spring Break!! Week I don’t know is finally in the books :))
  9. @Katie73536604

    Weekly Summary #7

    Lucky number 7! Overall this week was productive in not only the assignments but also the progress on our radio show, Girl Power! I will start off the weekly summary with our progress thus far on the show. Our progress for the radio show is going well. We are excited about our topic of female secret agents. We have a strong plan as to what we want to do as far as our show and here are the details! Additionally, I created a poster ad for our show! This was fun and I think the poster turned out well. Assignments: For this 4-star assignment I created a bumper for our radio show! I think the bumper turned out pretty well, and I can’t wait to use it in our show! This 3-star assignment was also a lot of fun! I created a story about our group and how our progress will look like over the next two weeks. This 2-star assignment we were asked to use a favorite quote and add music or sounds that go along with that quote. I chose my favorite song ever Its a Beautiful Day by U2. This last 1-star assignment was a simple one, but interesting. I took 4 of the most annoying noises (to me) and mashed them together into a audio recording and posted it to SoundCloud. Daily Creates: Overall this week was not too bad! I think the assignments were fun and I am getting excited about our radio show, Girl Power! I think we are going to be able to produce something really engaging for our listeners, and I can’t wait to see what else our classmates come up with!
  10. @kdzebdi106

    Weekly Summary #7&8

    This was was different as it wasn’t the normal digital storytelling week. Instead of doing other assignments related to the topic of the week, we had to get into groups and be innovative with our radio shows. The project is going great so far as I like our radio show outline and the people in…
  11. @Katie73536604

    Weekly Summary #6

    Week 6 feels more like week 16 but that’s ok! I’d like to think I should be enjoying these last few weeks as an undergrad as much as possible. Overall this week was MUCH better than the previous two weeks and I couldn’t be happier! This week we had four daily creates, a Design Blitz, 12 stars of Design assignments and finally our design thoughts. We will start with the Daily Creates: 18th: Create a secret agent name by what you last ate and your middle name! Secret Agent Ann Strawberry ready for her next mission! 20th: Make a picture look old! This picture I took this summer at a summer camp, I used an app called Aviary to make it look older. 21st: C64 picture! My dad took this photo of me flying a Cessna 150. 22nd: Whiteboard app, added to it. I didn’t know what to draw so I drew the only thing I knew best, a flower. Assignments Assignment 1: 3 stars A post card from my character. This assignment was a lot of fun because I was able to include my character, Nadia. I even added to her story. Assignment 2: 3.5 stars: for this assignment we were asked to create a minimalist poster for a book or movie. Chose one of my favorite series, Harry Potter! Assignment 3: 3 stars: This assignment was also exciting because I was able to integrate our character! We had to create an outfit for our character. I chose to put my character in all black to go with the secret agent theme. Assignment 4: 2.5 stars: Got DS106? This assignment was awesome! I got to recreate a Got Milk? ad. that represented our DS106 course. Design Blitz The Design Blitz assignment was very interesting and I was able to gain some valuable information about design and photography. I chose photos that represent color, typography, form/function/message, and dominance. I chose these because these are things that I believe are most important when it comes to design. All of the principles and concepts are important but these are the ones that stuck out to me. Design Thoughts I really enjoyed this reflection post about design. I actually took a course in Psychology that talks about the brain and visual perceptions, so I found this topic of design interesting. I even related it to something we learned in psychology, Psychology of Gestalt. I also have a huge interest in possibly being a UX designer one day and this week got me looking more into it! Overall this week was much better than the past two weeks, as I said! I really enjoyed this weeks topic of design. My favorite and I believe to be my best works this week was the 4th assignment and reflection post. Can’t wait to see what is in store for next week!

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