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  1. @richelleholnick

    Weekly Summary-Week 1

    Hello! This is my first weekly summary so I’m not sure what it should be like exactly. This class is a lot different than any other I’ve taken so I am both excited and nervous for it! I had to create a subdomain for this class and for some reason I can never remember how to do that! So it took me a bit but then I figured it out. Sound cloud was harder than I thought because after setting up an account, I wanted to just record straight on there, but I could not find a record button, for some reason my screen wasn’t matching any “how to record on sound cloud” videos I watched for help. This is my intro’s These are my thoughts for week one Below are my daily create’s this week: This is the happy birthday song as if it was text speak This is my daily create of a super hero or action figure. I live on campus and do not have any, so the best I could do is the Sammy the Eagles that my club is giving away today at First Friday. I turned his bandana around so that it looks like a cape! This is him landing to save the day.  
  2. @ds106_aaliyah

    Weekly check-in IV

    Towards the end of the week, we were required to complete video assignments worth twelve stars. I was shocked that we did not have any assigned daily creates for our end if the week assignment; I checked multiple times and on different days but nothing. […]
  3. @ds106_aaliyah

    Weekly Check-in II

      There were a variety of assignments arranged for the second week of the course. Managing the weekly checklist was a little bit more manageable than the week prior. I started off working at the end of the list completing the book cover assignment and […]
  4. @Ms_AmandaP

    LAST Weekly Summary

    For this project, I chose to focus on The Beast losing his powers and how he moved on with his life. We don’t normally see superheroes as everyday people, so I thought this was a cool perspective to take. I had decided to use audio, design, and video to put together this story (as outlined in […]

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