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  1. @Katie73536604

    Weekly Summary #1

    Weekly Summary Week 1- BootCamp! We made it! This week has been a learning curve for me because this is practically my first ever blog site and first time using some of these platforms such as SoundCloud, Slack, and Domain. This is also my first online class and I know it will take a few weeks to get into a routine and remain on task. I have heard in the past that this class is a lot of work and when I looked at the syllabus this past weekend I almost panicked! But, I know this class will be very useful in the future and I am excited about this semester’s theme! Setting up my web domain was more difficult than I thought it would be. Once I installed it, it was a matter of navigating through the c-panel and making sure my new site was up and able to connect to our class website. I spent several hours playing around with my new domain and for the most part I think I have the basics! The other social media accounts were pretty straightforward to set-up, no real hassle there except maybe having to write down all the new usernames and passwords! Although I have a social media account set-up for Instagram, I chose to create a new one for this class. Social Media: Instagram: SoundCloud: YouTube: Twitter: I introduced myself with each of these social media platforms and this is my introductions post! Unfortunately I was unable to embed my Instagram post, but I hope to resolve this issue soon! For Instagram , I posted a picture that I took at camp this summer through UMW Psychology, as well as my favorite secret agents Private, Kowalski, Skipper and Rico from the movie Madagascar. In the original movie, they are on a mission to escape the NYC Zoo and act as secret agents in order to do this. My introduction to Twitter was a simple one, I mentioned that I enjoy playing soccer and spending time with friends and family. I also included a relatively humorous gif. For my intro on SoundCloud, although this was my first time using or uploading anything to this site, I found it quite simple! I recorded myself on my laptop and uploaded it. Finally, my last intro on YouTube. When I first uploaded the introduction video I saw that my thumbnail (or first picture you see on the screen) was terrible. I think my eyes were crossed, lol. But I googled how to fix this and sure enough I was able to do so! I learned something new! After posting my introductory posts on social media, I blogged about my thoughts of this semesters theme! This post was a little more difficult to post because I wasn’t too sure about the secret agents theme. Though after reviewing the Wikipedia site I began to realize how often this theme has been in my life and all the things we could do with it. I believe the easiest thing about this week’s assignment was creating the social media accounts because these sites make it so easy to create an account. I simply put in my desired username and password and attach an email to go with it. As I said, the most difficult was setting up my web domain for blogging. Once I was able to find an acceptable domain name (which took me forever because I couldn’t decide on a name and finally decided on, I was brought to the c-panel which I knew nothing about! After playing with it for a while I was able to install WordPress and get started with a theme for my blogsite (which also took a while to decide). From there the frustration was trying to figure out how to set up different pages, set up a background, what widgets and plug-ins do?? I think for the most part- I got it… most important is that this weekly blog shows up. (-: Overall I am excited for this semester and the skills that I will gain from this class! I hope to get better at blogging and become more confident with digital studies.
  2. @kdzebdi106

    Week Summary #1

    For me week 1 is always stressful as the teachers forecast all the projects, papers, weekly assignments, and material that will be covered throughout the semester. I am beyond nervous as I am preparing to balance out School, social life, interviews, and a certification test that I am taking on Feb. 5. I Have learned…
  3. @EmilyHutchins8

    Week 11 Summary

    This week was a lot better than last week! I feel like I am getting better at making videos and enjoyed working on the assignments. For my first assignment, I decided to incorporate my character, Kate, in the assignment by showing the life of one of the animals she rescued. I used my cat and took pictures of him throughout the day and then compiled it into a video with captions and music. I thought it would be good to show one of Kate’s animals because that is her hob and it also continues the story of one of her rescues. For my next assignment, I created a documentary telling the story of how Kate became a superhero. It was really nice to be able to go back and retell Kate’s story. For my last assignment, I got to experiment and find my favorite transitions using iMovie. A Day in the Life The Story of Kate The Best Transitions Daily Creates: Daily Creates for the Week I remember being little and getting so excited to see my cousins at Christmas! All of my family would get together and that rarely happens anymore. #ds106 #tdc2493 — eahumw (@EmilyHutchins8) November 9, 2018 I found this on google and definitely not a good combination of road signs. #ds106 #tdc2490 — eahumw (@EmilyHutchins8) November 6, 2018 Don't forget or else you'll be super early! #ds106 #tdc2488 — eahumw (@EmilyHutchins8) November 3, 2018 Comments: Until next time, Emily
  4. @EmilyHutchins8

    Week 10 Summary

    This has been another crazy week! I feel like all of my classes always have so much due every week! When I saw this was video week, I was super nervous and unsure about how it would go. I was surprised at the ease of video. It took me awhile to find assignments this week because of the number of options, and I also didn’t want ones that were over my skill level. My favorite thing was doing the movie analysis because I got apply things I learned to something real. My favorite assignment was the one where I made a video of where I would want to go. I really liked getting to find the pictures and music it. I was able to find my background music for my videos on and really liked how all my assignments turned out. Avengers Analysis   Puppies! Relax A Few of My Favorite Assignments Where I Want to Go Daily Creates: I thought the daily creates were very unique for the week. I liked the generic products the best because it is very interesting to see how packaging has changed over the years. You can't see the holes but this is my old t-shirt! #ds106 #tdc2486 — eahumw (@EmilyHutchins8) November 2, 2018 I would definitely still buy it! #ds106 #tdc2484 — eahumw (@EmilyHutchins8) October 31, 2018 Comments:   Until next time, Emily
  5. @richelleholnick

    Weekly Summary-Weeks 3&4

    This is a combined weekly summary for weeks 3 & 4 because of Hurricane Florence. I wrote about what makes a story interesting.  I made a character named James.  She is not your typical superhero! I did three writing assignments. The first one is about the extras in the show Brooklyn 99. The second one is a letter to my future self (feels very applicable as I enter my final year of college.) The third writing assignment I did was a letter to my mother,(4 stars) from the point of view of my character James. I thought insight into her mother (and therefore childhood) would give some much needed backstory! The second week: I made daily creates!   I made a photoblitz! It was a bit unusual and I am not sure if I did it correctly-but I did my best. Some of them are kinda silly! For my assignments, I gave a room tour.  I introduced you to my family.  I showed you my “Places of Peace” I showed you my bucket list! James showed you what is in her bag.  These visual assignments were fun to do! I was able to find ones that all went together, so I liked having the consistency i what I made this week. The photoblitz was different and kind of stressful, but it made for some interesting photos! Lastly, I discussed if I am a photographer and analyzing videography and photography.   

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