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  1. @danielleerika4

    Week 2: Weekly Summary

    This is your story of the week’s activities, and should include your thoughts on the week and the work you did. Embed or link to the assignments and Daily Creates you did. Talk about how you are participating in and connecting with the class. Submit the URL to your summary to Canvas. This week was […]
  2. @jupiter_pop


    A Tale of Two Blogs This week, we worked on writing/blogging skills, blog customization, and community building, as well as doing assignments, daily creates, and weekly summaries. It was also recommended that we pick out an 80’s movie to base our creations off of. I chose the movie Footloose and got to work! Blog Customization […]
  3. @kimthikimbui

    DS106 first impression

    Completing the first week homework makes me realize that this course is true to the warning email I get: It takes time to do the assignment. However, reading syllabus and the DS106 website makes me excited about the upcoming assignments and what I’ll learn in this course. I already have Word press from another course.…
  4. @Katie73536604

    Week #14

    It is here! The final week. This week was a busy one for sure. I still have 2 papers, 1 presentation, 1 project, and 2 exams to go until I am completely finished with undergrad! Overall this week went well in finalizing my plans for my final mission a...
  5. @tiffmooree

    Final Project

    We have come to the end, my friends. Now I swear something always has to happen to where I can not finish my assignments in time. After a few days of working on the final, I was doing some finishing touches, and my sister called me. She had severe dehydration and needed to go to the hospital. I went into a different kind of speed, and rushed to bring her. She got hooked up to I.V.’s, and after 4 hours, I finally was able to finish up my project. After a few more editing hours, it is safe to say that I have completed my final project. So, for one last time, let’s get started… shall we? Check out my outline for my final project: First up, my visual assignment. For my visual assignment I wanted to create 3 missing posters for our secret agents. These were easier said than done. I wanted to use a new app to differentiate my posters from my past ones. I looked and experimented around with different apps for about an hour before I came to an app called Pinso. While this app was great, I always run into the same problems with these kinds of apps. You have to buy certain features to make the best of the app. I worked with what I got, and after experimenting around for another hour, decided I liked the simple look the best. I didn’t want to overcrowd the image, and I wanted the meaning to be clear. Once I found all of the images our secret agents used, I saved them and edited them into the posters. Then I sent them to my laptop and the visual assignment was complete. I opted to make the pictures have a hue of red, simple text, and blurred the photos just a tad. I thought this really made it so that the photos looked like these were missing people. Next up: Video My video assignment also ended up being one of the easiest, surprisingly. The only problem was adding audio. I found a resolution by recording everything from my laptop, and playing it off of my phone. I would find my sounds on youtube, which allowed for a lot more variety than something like free sound. Then I uploaded the videos of my speaking from my web cam. I also had a sheet of paper where I wrote everything about the secret agents, and had their dossier’s pulled up on my laptop. This helped quite a lot with a script. I also opted to edit the picture to be black and white, as I felt this fit with the theme better than having bright orange sunglasses. First I added all of my talking pieces, then I added the music and ending title. I chose to keep the beginning screen black without a title because I feel like that it fit the idea of a broadcast the best. I also made sure that the music was quite than me talking, or else it would’ve clashed and been hard to hear. I wanted the background music to be there, but the message was the most important. Once I had it all completed I uploaded it to YouTube. Next up: Audio Now audio was honestly the hardest. I did my voice recordings, but couldn’t figure out how to put the voice recordings into audacity. I knew you had to convert it to an MP3, but this was not working out for me. So I ended up using iMovie instead. I used the web cam to record my voice memos, and used it as well to add in the broadcast sounds. Then, I recorded the entire iMovie on my phone using voice memos, and uploaded that to Soundcloud. It was a very repetitive and unnecessary process, but nothing ever works out for me, does it? I debated on putting music in the background of the audio assignment as well, but I ultimately decided not to. I feel like podcasts, radio shows, and broadcasts only have music at the beginning and end, and not during them, so I wanted to keep it as real as possible. Recording the sounds also gave me more freedom. I feel like free sound has a very small amount of sounds that I am looking for. By recording them from YouTube, I was able to find whatever that I needed. I know most of my assignments sound the same, but I used the same script AND there isn’t much of a way to make the facts sound different. I felt like if I changed it up too much, then it wouldn’t sound as real. Actual emergency messages all sound the same, so I opted to keep the same script. However, I did do every single assignment from scratch. I chose for writing to be this almost weekly summary post, and my other post that acts as my final project post. I originally wrote up the post to be just a writing assignment, but in order to jazz it up I thought to add all of my elements in there. After all, what’s DS106 without one last weekly summary? Here is my final project post WITH the second writing assignment included: I feel like my project undoubtedly ties the course together. This is because I brought different students characters into my story, and created a mission to go with it. Our theme was secret agents, and my final project is completely about secret agents. And with that, I can’t believe I’m saying that I have completed my mission. I had quite a lot of fun with this class, and I will miss it and Professor Bond’s creativity. Thank you for joining me, Secret Agent Moore signing off.
  6. @Katie73536604

    Weekly Summary #12

    Week 12! This semester is flying by! This week we needed to accomplish a tutorial, 10-star mash-up assignments, 2 remix assignments, mission remix post and two daily creates! Daily Creates 10-star Mash-up assignments For this 5-star assignment we had to create a text story with a friend! For this 4-star assignment we had to mash up our favorite Disney songs. This assignment was my favorite! For this 1-star assignment we had to create a mash up logo. I also included the tutorial I did for this assignment to this post. Tutorial Again, this is a two in one post with the one-star assignment. I chose to put them together so that viewers could see the final product with the tutorial. Remix Mash-Ups This first remix mash-up was actually a remix of the logo assignment I did. Instead for the remix I had to create a very cringe-y power-point for the assignment! This second remix mash-up was an interesting remix. We had to do the opposite of what the assignment asked us to do. Overall this week wasn’t too crazy! I think the mash-ups were really cool and I enjoyed working with different applications to create these assignments. Very excited for the upcoming weeks!
  7. @kdzebdi106

    Weekly Summary

    This week was fun because I have had experience mashing up pictures. I use this app called PicsArt to mashup my photos of my friends and make it into a hilarious picture. Of course, in this week I made it less funny and more appropriate for the assignments. I liked the daily creates as it…
  8. @tiffmooree

    Weekly Summary 4/12/19

    Well….. after two weeks of constant struggles I have finally completed MY MISSION! Here I am on Tuesday writing my weekly summary after cracking down and fighting my procrastination. For those interested in my laptop update, here it is. I dropped off my laptop on Thursday, with the estimated time I would be getting it back this Wednesday. Safe to say, this would’ve created another hell week. However, it was ready to be picked up on Saturday. I spent the past couple of days grinding all my homework out, so that for once I can enjoy my free time. I think my laptop should be all good! If not, and I have to walk into apple one more time, I might demand a new laptop (because then it would be getting out of control). So after 6 phone calls, $500, a wiped laptop, hours on the phone, and days of waiting, I’M BACK! Let’s get this started, shall we? Our first assignment was to make a tutorial. I am very familiar with this assignment, as I did it a couple weeks ago. I love being able to help people in the class. It took me quite a bit of time to get this class down, but after I did, I want to be able to help others. No matter how easy an assignment is, someone in the class could be having trouble with it! I chose to do the video essay. I really enjoyed this assignment, and it could be one to have trouble with. I’ve done two video essays and two tutorials in the past few weeks, so this I have mastered. All I did was record my screen, put it into iMovie, add a voiceover, a few titles, some music, and I was done! I state in my post that I accidentally found out a really cool new thing! You can actually layer a title over your video, which makes it look fresh and modern. I definitely will be using this more in the future! Next was our assignments! 10 stars of mashup assignments, and two remixes. I really enjoyed the mashup assignments! They didn’t need an extra software to complete and were really fun! For my first assignment it was 5 stars. I had to basically have a conversation with myself. I wanted to relate it to my secret agent, so I made it a text conversation between her and the Secret Agent Headquarters. This headquarters was giving her a mission. I kept it vague to correlate with the typical secret agent lifestyle. All I did was screen record it and put it into my post! I chose to just do this and not edit it because the assignment called for a screen recording. I’ve been interpreting assignments, and for this one, I wanted to keep it authentic. I was also quite confused on how to do this assignment. I didn’t want to take a friends phone, and I also wasn’t home to use my iPad. I chose to use my laptop, but change the sending address from my phone number to my email. This would allow for there not to be double texts sent. I then changed the contact information and sent the texts back and forth! ANIMOJI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next was remixes!!! Now these were actually really fun too!!! I liked taking a regular assignment and adding a twist to it. I chose to do an assignment where you upload a photo and talk about why it is your favorite. However, the remix was to turn this around. So I did my least favorite photo. My photo was of the last day my cat Harley was alive. It is also my last photo of him alive. I LOVE the photo (because he had fallen into his water dish) but hate the memory of his death. SIXTENN YEAR OLD ME Posts of the Week: I feel like everyone had really great ideas for our final mission! Everyone is also so creative with their assignments and I love it. This is one of my favorite things to do every week. Looking Ahead: For the mission remix, I wanted to have multiple different peoples ideas, while also incorporating my own. My idea was to use all medias we have used in our final project. Then I went through everyones ideas and picked my favorites and assigned them the appropriate category. Commenting: It still Tuesday, so I have time to comment my butt off, which I intend to do (don’t worry!!!!!!). Daily Creates: WE’RE GETTING CLOSER AND CLOSER TO THE END! WEEK TWELVE IS COMPLETE (and I’m off to bed)!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. @Katie73536604

    Weekly Summary #11

    Finally it is Fri-YAY! This week was ok. I wish the weather would stay consistent but I guess we can only expect so much from VA! Since we chose to do a talk show episode, we really only had three posts this week: Daily Creates, Our video progress, and our weekly summary. Daily creates: Mission Ideas: I had several ideas about what our next mission as a class should be, but I believe some were a bit far stretched so here are a few that we could actually do. I think it would be super awesome to thread a story through all the social media sites that we created for the sites. Progress of Show: This is our show progress! I think our group worked really well together in order to come up with this great episode! We all had very similar ideas about how we wanted the show to look, so that also helped. We were able to use a GoogleDoc to create a majority of our ideas since we all have very busy schedules. We were then able to get together in person before we started to film to make sure we had the basic outline figured out for the show. Here is our final product! This show was fun to film and to put together! As I mentioned in the Progress of the show, we decided to use an iPhone to record the videos. We split the show up into several segments in order to add in commercials. To do this we simply would do a take, say we will be right back after commercial, and then start filming again. One person would record while the other two would do their interview portion. Then when it came time to have all three of us on screen, we propped the phone on one of our laptops and had the video run while we did the game show. The commercials were also a lot of fun to create. Each of us were able to come up with a commercial to tie into our show. Personally, I love the wiener dog- Heinz ketchup commercial and I think it throws in a little fun just before the game. After we recorded ourselves doing the show and made the commercials, we uploaded all videos to iMovie. iMovie for the Mac makes things pretty simple from there. Once you upload the video(s), all you need to do is put them in order, edit the pieces you do not want in the clips, and add any sound effects or transitions that need to be put in! For this specific project we needed to include opening and end credits, which luckily iMovie provides many options. For the opening credits we places a quick opening description and for the closing credits we also placed the links we used for our commercials along with our names. Tip: transitions are something I have never really worked with before but decided to use them for the episode this time and they actually make a huge difference! Obviously they help with transitions between one clip to the next but it also makes it seem like a real show. Once the show was finalized, we were able to upload it to YouTube and share it to this weekly post! I am very happy we all decided to go with this episode assignment. Although we did have our work cut-out for us, it was fun to go through the steps of creating a show and I think ours turned out pretty well. I think our show provides good storytelling techniques, conversation and is engaging. I was also able to play around more with iMovie which is very helpful for future assignments. Can’t wait for next week assignments! Enjoy this GIF that accurately represents my week this week. Which happens to be one of my favorite kid movies, Boss Baby!
  10. @kdzebdi106

    Weekly Summary

    This was a good week for me as I finally figured out how make a proper video with my windows computer. I would absolutely not recommend using a windows computer as a way to export a video onto YouTube compared to a Mac computer. It was frustrating for me and took up a lot of…

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