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  1. @Katie73536604

    Ten Seconds of Thanks!

    For this second writing assignment we were suppose to time ourselves for 10 seconds and in those 10 seconds come up with a list of things we are thankful for. For “bonus points” we were told to draw a picture of ourselves in 10 seconds as well. Here is what I came up with: This list is short mostly because I only had 10 seconds, but, it is also short because this is what is most important in my life. After I wrote the list I wondered why I put family and parents separate, and even though these two things are the same, I still can’t decide. I am also not surprised that I put soccer because I am very thankful for soccer and all the opportunities it has brought me these past 18 years (yes I have been on an organized soccer team since I was 3)! I am also thankful for animals, particularly my pets. Although they can be a pain sometimes, they have brought so much joy to my family. Without pets a home would feel so empty- even if there are kids running around. They bring a sense of protection as well to the home. Before I started the timer, I prepared myself by grabbing a piece of paper and pen, unfortunately the color was green. But then I proceeded to start the timer and began to write down things I was thankful for. After than I started the timer again and drew this picture of me. I maaay have overdone it on time by 3 seconds but I had to get the eyebrows juuust right. Overall I enjoyed this assignment and reminded me what I am thankful for!
  2. @DigitalStoryTeller

    Week Three: Writing the Legends

    Bring It All Together I read an English fairy tale called Three Feathers. The main character started off as a normal wife with a husband that she never saw. She was curious about her husband and created a way to see him, then the story takes a turn. Her husband was a human but after …

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