1. paul bond

    80s recommendations


    Below are the class’ recommendations for examples of good storytelling related to the 80s theme. They’re predominantly video, which is not surprising since that’s probably the dominant form of storytelling for the times, then and now. I’ve included the titles, hyperlinks if provided, and the descriptions:

    While it was …

  2. paul bond

    The sound of ds


    Digital storytelling is a short form of digital media production that allows everyday people to share aspects of their story. Wikipedia

    Digital storytelling at its most basic core is the practice of using computer-based tools to tell stories.” University of Houston

    If you think about it, typing a story in …

  3. @michaeldgs106

    the final project.


    After numerous technical errors I finally was able to render this videos and get it out. I’ve always wondered what influence the 80’s held in today’s world. Then after I had that thought I never had it again because the 80’s hold no significance over anything in my life. This …

  4. @megds106

    Final Summary


    For my final project, I present Golden Obsidian, a heavily Dungeons & Dragons inspired fantasy story. D&D was first truly popularized during the 80s, so that’s where my main influence is from. I don’t have much experience writing fantasy stories, but I do have experience reading them. I have also …

  5. @DenaliRoberts

    Final Project


    This is it. The final project of the year. I have decided to do a business commercial for the company I work for. The song I picked for the commercial is Jump by Van Halen. I put the song behind the photos and videos that I personally took for this …

  6. @IezziHannah

    Week 14


    Since I have last updated you all I have been working on my final project. As I detailed in my final project write up I have created a multi media channel called the 80’s Ladies. This involved creating a subdomain and linking it to our class blog. This process allowed …

  7. @IezziHannah

    The Final Product


    Welcome to my new subdomain for my final project! Before reading more about this project I suggest you read my first draft where I outline how this project connects. I hope you are able to look around my domain and see all the media I have created specifically for this …

  8. @jupiter_pop



    ? Campus walk is lined with students
    Students who want to move, move, move
    How could all these students have so much to prove, prove, prove
    Oh I can only ask myself
    Oh where are you all going
    And won’t you take me with you to
    Where all the majors …

  9. @megds106

    Golden Obsidian Part 3


    Act 3


    The sky seemed bluer the closer Cecilia and Ephraim traveled to Lake Ferina. They could see the grandeur of the ancient tree from miles away. There was a paved path towards the mystic lake where friendly fairies and benevolent magical creatures milled about. Cecilia couldn’t keep her …

  10. @megds106

    Golden Obsidian Part 2


    Act 2

    Lapis Lazuli

    Cecilia adjusted her quiver and touched her circlet. The two headed west towards the dipping sun, but Ephraim and Cecilia weren’t afraid of moving in the dark. Ephraim had his light magic and Cecilia was a deadly shot even in the night. Cecilia breathed in the …

  11. @megds106

    Golden Obsidian Part 1

    Map of Feridela

    Act 1


    Beginning Scene…

    “Ephraim?” Cecilia called throughout her quiet home. “I’m busy,” was the usual reply, but it didn’t come. 

    “Are you there?” She asked again, peering into his library. She figured he might be trapped in some new book he bought. The only sound …

  12. @Mariam Ahmed

    Final project/ Week 15


    This class has taught me so much. When I started this class I knew almost nothing about creating video and audio. I never had my own domain before. This class definitely took more of my time than I expected it too. However I learned many topics in a short time. …

  13. @madelinewelsh2

    Final Project


    I can proudly say that I am done with this semester!

    While I did struggle with a lot of assignments, and this project, I would say I learned a lot. Maybe not in the typical sense, but I definitely have better problem-solving skills.

    Enough of that, though. Let’s get on …

  14. @MentalWalkabout

    Blast From the Past


    Check out my video below “Blast From the Past” where we dig into perceptions of the 80’s as a generation and of 80’s pop culture. If you want to know more about it or my process for making it before watching, just follow the rabbit down the rabbit hole.…

  15. @grace-ds106-2019

    Weekly Summary


    This week I finished up my final project! It was a fun and creative experience meshing together video, audio, and design aspects into one project. Also, I was able to continue my research and before I recorded myself I wrote out the dialogue of exactly what I was going to …

  16. @grace-ds106-2019

    Final Project


    Here is my final project!!!

    For my final project I combined video, design, and audio together to create a visual podcast. For the audio aspect I recorded my voice talking about the research I had done about music and fashion from the 80s coming back. Also, I recorded background music …

  17. @MorganNebel

    The End


    Well this was quite a semester! I had so much fun learning about digital story telling. Interestingly enough, this class helped me with my GIS capstone. For that project, I created a story map of the wayside panels in Fredericksburg. I will link that here for anyone that would like …

  18. @carly g

    DGST Final Project: Albums of the 80’s


    For my final DGST project, I wanted to intertwine photoshop, Timeline JS, and a Video into my love for 80’s music. First, I wanted to blend and morph together each of the top 5 albums of the 1980’s: ’82, ’84, ’86, and 1988. First, I had to do my research. …

  19. @yarasaleh68

    Weekly Summary 14


    This semester is over. Isn’t that crazy? It feels like yesterday that I started this semester.

    This was one of my favorite classes that I took at UMW. I really did enjoy pretty much every minute of every day that I spent on this class. I just couldn’t get enough …

  20. @lper0581

    Final weekly summary!


    This week was allllll about the final. My tubular tunes group and I got together and completed a video, audio, and design project about 80’s TV shows, fashion, and historical events.

    What was great about doing this project was that we continued to grow on the skills we used for …

  21. @ds106_mckayla

    “A Pilot’s Path,” Final Project Trailer.


    This week I finished up taking videos and photos for the trailer and sat down and downloaded them onto my computer to upload to iMovie. I decided to use the song, “Here I Go Again” by A British rock band called, Whitesnake released in 1982. I decided to use this …

  22. @MonicaG71488057



    The one with the last weekly summary…

    Right off the bat, if you didn’t understand that Friend’s reference… I am greatly disappointed!

    Alright! Let’s dive right into it! Myself, as well as Tala Saleh, created this mystery documentary! Tala helped create some of the design work (the missing people posters), …

  23. @MonicaG71488057

    The Mystery Behind Missing Monica


    Here is my FINAL Project!

    It’s finally here, at long last! Sorry to keep you waiting!

    Without further ado, this is the case of missing Monica Geller (not the character from FRIENDS), who mysteriously disappeared shortly after adopting a small, black Chihuahua. Her last post was via Twitter, on November …

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