1. @Mariam Ahmed

    Nature is Perfect


    We often as humans get so busy with our schedules and routines we forget to enjoy outside nature. It sounds kind of cheesy but if you think about it we don’t get enough time to appreciate mother nature. On one recent Friday  evening I was watching netflix because who doesn’t …

  2. @njchic16

    Cute Little Chipmunks


    As I wake up in the morning from my night of sleep I catch a glimpse of this creature. I was just sleeping in a nice soft tree and this creature on two legs comes walking by my tree. I popped out of the tree and looked around, it was …

  3. @yarasaleh68

    A letter from the 80’s


    Since I was a young, my mom would show me pictures and things from not just my past, but also her past. She would show me old letters and photos, etc. I may not be good at history, but I loved it nonetheless. There is power that comes with the …

  4. @tlengel2

    Awareness is Key


    As part of my writing assignments for this week, one of the prompts I have chosen to write about relates to reminding yourself about the beauty in the world. After all, I’m sure most people could agree that it’s easy to get bogged down by negativity in news, politics, world …

  5. @megds106

    Back to the Future I guess


    This writing assignment requires me to take the synopsis of a T.V. show, movie or book and rewrite the plot in a way where the plot is still factually the same, but feels very different. Here is my take:

    A young man named Marty gets into a pretty cool looking …

  6. @megds106

    Dear Meg’s Future Husband


    Dear Meg’s Future Husband,

    First of all, I love you. Second of all, do the dishes please I hate it so much and I probably left some dirty ones in the sink just for you. Don’t worry though because I washed all of your underwear. Equivalent exchange is important a …

  7. @jupiter_pop

    ANOTHER DAY: Take it Fast, Take it Slow


    This week I tried out the assignment, Another Day from the writing category. The details for this assignment is as follows:

    “People often forget about how beautiful the world is, the way the trees blow in the wind, how flowers bloom in the spring and how amazing the grass feels …

  8. @danielleerika4

    Classmates and Comments


    This week I am starting my work early because I have gotten through my other work in order to dive deep into this week. I will embed my comments on other people’s work below.

    The first post intrigued me when I read the title. It was the perfect length and …

  9. @butterball_4567

    A Trip To Cabo


    This writing assignment I chose is called Welcome to Paradise! where you have to write about your dream vacation, where you would go and why, and who would you bring with you.

    One of my dream places to visit is Cabo San Lucas in Mexico because I have never left …

  10. @njchic16

    Veggie Burger? Is it worth it?


    Lunch today was interesting to say the least. I got tired of eating pizza so I went and got a veggie burger. While I am not a vegetarian (far from it) I heard good times about it and figured I should try it. I ordered the burger with ketchup, mayo, …

  11. @yarasaleh68

    What’s the story behind this photo?


    This assignment caught my attention real quick, and the first reason why was because of it’s cover photo. When I clicked on the assignment, I laughed at the idea of thinking what situation would lead up to that particular moment. I thought of a 100 reasons, then when I realized …

  12. @njchic16

    Bucket List?


    Most people can come up with a bunch of things they want to do before they die. I am grateful and feel lucky that I have already accomplished some of the items that would be on my bucket list. With that being said, I am going to make a bucket …

  13. @lper0581

    A picture is worth… a short story at least


    “Your task for this assignment is to find a picture and write a background or short story for it. It can be a photo you took yourself or found on the internet. This story could be based on a true event if the picture is from your personal collection, or …

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