1. @yarasaleh68

    Cancer Sucks


    This might be a little personal, but honestly I think it’s fitting. I am a very open person, and I don’t hide anything. I have always liked to make sure I express how I feel and talk about memories because I always feel less burdened and happier afterwords. This isn’t …

  2. @yarasaleh68

    The Superhero Slide Show


    Honestly, this assignment makes me giggle. It is kind of silly and very stupid. But I absolutely love it! These are two really silly concepts combined into one. The two separate are funny enough, but together, the product is even funnier.

    I decided to pick this assignment because I thought …

  3. @yarasaleh68

    I Have to Tell You Something…


    Have you ever seen those videos of stories told through texts? They’re pretty much everywhere. But have you ever thought about creating your own? Now, that’s a whole other thing. I have, and this is the video I created.

    Choosing this was super easy for me. I always saw the …

  4. @njchic16

    4 Icons and a Movie tutorial


    I decided to make this into a tutorial for fellow ds106 classmates because I was unsure how to make up icons for any movies and thought it would be helpful to show students how to do that. I decided to use screencast and record my screen which seemed like the …

  5. @lper0581

    Tubular Tunes takes video


    This week I worked with part of my group from my radio show and we produced a video that analyzed a few of our favorite 80’s movie clips. I of course analyzed Bladerunner again because of my love for it, but we also looked at The Shining and Ghostbusters. I …

  6. @tlengel2

    What A Week!


    Another week come and gone! And honestly, I’m so proud of my group – Abby, Lauren, and me!

    This week was focused on video storytelling. Our goal with this big video project was to analyze what video storytelling was like in the 80s. What defined it? What was important to …

  7. @tlengel2

    Project Ideas


    I’m so excited by the prospect of our final project! My group members and I have decided we want to work together! I’m sure it will be promising.

    Here are some of my ideas for the final project!

    TED Talk

    Everyone is passionate about something! I think a great skill …

  8. @tlengel2

    This is it!


    Here we are guys!! The video show is finally done!!

    Let me give you a little info on the work that went into it first. As I said in my progress post, Abby, Lauren, and I work hard to brainstorm some really cool ideas for the show. Ultimately, we came …

  9. @tlengel2

    Video Show Progress


    Wow, this video project has been a lot of fun! Abby, Lauren, and I have been doing a lot of planning and I’m glad to say we put together a lot of great ideas and topics for our show.

    Here’s a sneak preview:

    I will be taking a look at… …

  10. @jupiter_pop



    Hey you guyyyyyyyyys!

    Melody Sloth

    This week, we continued on with our video mission and created another round of videos! We thought about the storytelling aspects of our video-making, and how we could incorporate radical editing into our work.

    Final Project Ideas: Part 2

    We came up with another round …

  11. @abbcass100

    The Weekly Review


    I really enjoyed getting to work with my group again to do this video project! We actually discovered that the HCC has a vocal booth which we used to make the video.

    We had some difficulties uploading the video to Vimeo because the file was too big and I would …

  12. @megds106

    Weekly Summary 11/8


    This was our video week 2! I chose the group route, so I spent the last 2 weeks filming our mini movie that we call “Misplaced”. It was an interesting week because it was different kind of work that I would normally do. Instead of working on my computer, I …

  13. @megds106

    “Misplaced” The Mini Movie


    Behold! The mini movie, “Misplaced” made by myself, Kuri, Tala, and Will!

    This took a ton of time to film, and I am super proud how it turned out. We worked really hard and learned a lot! Shooting always took much longer than we thought it would. I earned some …

  14. @yarasaleh68

    Weekly Summary 11


    This was probably one of the most interesting weeks from this semester. Specifically from recording the skit and everything. It’s so interesting seeing how from one idea on a piece of paper to a full blown video. It’s such a crazy process for me. Like, honestly, what a crazy week!…

  15. @yarasaleh68

    Our Video Project


    You all have no idea how proud I am of my group and I’s project. The entire process was fun: planning it out, recording from different places, ect. I think this is something you guys should definitely watch this… It’s the best.

    It’s crazy to think that from an idea …

  16. @madelinewelsh2

    Weekly Summary


    I’m so tired. I hate making video assignments so much.

    Let’s just get on with this past week’s assignments.

    My daily creates were the best part of this week. My first one was a little challenging, but I ended up catching on pretty quick. Next, I just had to …

  17. @IezziHannah

    Project Ideas Part 2


    As I look back at my previous post about project ideas, I only feel more strongly about this idea. I have used the past weeks since to cultivate this character and I have used this week to even create a trailer introducing her. 

    Looking at it from a holistic perspective, …

  18. @IezziHannah

    Of Most Importance


    The last video creation I made did not fit to our 80s theme. I created a majority of my videos to favor our theme so I used the last assignment to point out all the important people in my life.

    To create this video I gathered pictures from my lifetime …

  19. @IezziHannah

    Character Movie Trailer


    In order to continue creating my ’80’s girl Lindsey’ character. I completed the discuss a film’s plot assignment to expand on some of the things she discusses in the radio show. 

    As well as this, I completed a trailer to introduce her and her character. The things that I felt …

  20. @megds106

    Filming Day 2 and 3


    We didn’t finish filming on day one, so we picked up over the next two days! There were lots of laughs as we tried to get through it. We all collaboratively thought of new interesting shots and ways to make our movie more interesting or understandable.

    My favorite scene to …

  21. @IezziHannah

    Back to the Future Commentary


    This week I have taken advantage of these video assignments to create my ’80’s girl character’ that I disussed in my project ideas blog.

    For this assignment we were tasked with creating a video that discusses a film’s plot. I decided to continue the discussion I started in my radio …

  22. @camowalker22

    Week 11: Weekly Summary


    This week was a very creative week, making the video compilations of my favorite villain, The Joker from The Dark Night, being able to kind of tell his story from that movie was very enjoyable. Making the musicless music video was odd but funny when you play it back and …

  23. @michaeldgs106

    Weekly Summary 11/8/19


    Getting to know Lando Calrissian http://michaeldgst.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=279&action=edit

    Hellraiser/Little Mermaid http://michaeldgst.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=281&action=edit

    Evolution of MTV http://michaeldgst.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=284&action=edit

    Project ideas 2 http://michaeldgst.com/uncategorized/project-ideas-week-11/

    Daily create’s 2854, 2856, 2857 http://michaeldgst.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=55&action=edit

    This week I had a blast creating some of these video projects. The Little Mermaid Hellrasier collaboration might be one of my favorite pieces of media I’ve …

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