1. @BensonKaylie

    Weekly Summary 4


    Nearly there folks… nearly there.

    And this week it’s video week! The week I’ve been looking forward to most!

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    It’s always a fun time at the movies. Watching movies together is something my brother and I do all the time. We lock ourselves in the basement, and try …

  2. @katelync106

    weekly summary 4


    We are almost there, DS106! I really enjoyed this week, video. I love films, YouTube, all of it. But instead of watching them, I was the one making them this week! Take a look at what I did:…

  3. @katelync106

    a day in my life: castanza decent


    “If you take everything I’ve ever done in my entire life and condense it down into one day….it looks decent.” “Everything in my life is the complete opposite of what I want it to be.” Two quotes from the one and only George Castanza from Seinfeld. As I mentioned in …

  4. @katelync106

    healthy vine challenge


    I try to eat healthy most of the time. When I’m making a quick, healthy meal I tend to stick to staples that are easy to prepare. So, I knew this video assignment was one I wanted to do!…

  5. @shika_f

    Cold Blood


    Here is another gem in which I have no knowledge about. I have heard so many great things about this film and yet, this is the very first time I have seen anything from it. Regardless, I thought it was really good! I not particularly sure why the “psycho” killed …

  6. @shika_f

    Cuts and Perspective


    This first video was extremely helpful make it clear to me many of the basic cuts scenes a film or particular scene can have. I was very familiar with the jump cuts as I see them often done in YouTube videos and the name is familiar from the people who …

  7. @angelk1208

    Look at, Listen to, and Analyze the Joker


    I decided to analyze a film that is recognized by many except by me. Crazy to think about it but I don’t think I’ve ever fully watched the Batman movie, The Dark Knight. I know, insane! But here I am, about to analyze a scene of the Joker.


    There …

  8. @BensonKaylie

    a (brief) day in my life


    Let’s just all take a minute to be honest with ourselves, no shame, no judgement, this is an open space.

    We’ve all watched a YouTuber do a “day in my life” vlog. It’s okay to admit it, we’ve all been there. And their day looked great.

    Something like…

    So I …

  9. @BensonKaylie

    yeah this was just a fail.


    So, I’m a big lover of any flora and fauna. I love plants, growing any kind of plant, collecting them, giving them cute names, the whole thing.

    One of the coolest video’s I had seen on youtube was this video of a plant that had been filmed throughout the day, …

  10. @BensonKaylie

    I said… do you like apples?


    I’m not even going to gush about how much I love Good Will Hunting, because honestly at this point, if you don’t love Good Will Hunting, what’s up?

    It doesn’t help that I love Matt Damon and anything Boston.

    But besides Matt Damon and Boston, this movie is known for …

  11. @shika_f

    Reading a Movie


    After reading up on Ebert’s Article on Reading a Movie, I thought about how I’ve seen the fruits of the labor of others who have probably used similar tactics that Ebert mentioned. I’m always amazed at all of the little details that I’ve missed, the metaphors in the actions …

  12. @ec__stewart

    I’m gonna steal it


    Today, I decided to turn give everyone yet another reason to laugh at Nicholas Cage by dong the Chipmunk Style assignment.  I took one of the most pivotal scenes in National Treasure, where Benjamin Gates is talking about stealing the Declaration of Independence, and I tweaked it a little …

  13. @KelsieABurt1

    Daily Create for June 13, 2019


    When I was young I always played with dolls. I was having a hard time describing how to do that without, actually saying “playing with dolls”. I would have used picture, but I no pictures of me playing with dolls, but I remember doing it like everyday. This daily create …

  14. @KelsieABurt1

    Daily Create for June 12, 2019


    I always wondered what it would be like to be somewhere whee there was nobody, but me, and maybe some animal, with no buildings. It would be like this Daily Create or maybe it would be a Island. I would be really scared and I probably wouldn’t know what to …

  15. @KelsieABurt1

    Daily Create for June 11, 2019


    Prince is one of the best musicians of all time, and is a musical inspiration to me. Involving him and one of my favorite movies, Happy Feet, into a Daily Create was fun. This song really speaks volumes to me, and has a special place in my heart. I Hope …

  16. @KelsieABurt1

    Whats Your Skills? Video Assignment


    Music is a passion of mine and what is what I am the best at understanding and doing. I love singing, trying to play the piano, and all sorts of instruments, but I think that the Cajón, a percussion instrument is the one for me. I self taught myself how …

  17. @KelsieABurt1

    Where Do You Want To Go? Video Assignment


    I always think about traveling the world, and seeing and being in new cultures. I think of what would be the most beautiful spots in those place, I always think about what kinds of things I would do in those places. Traveling the world is a goal of mine and …

Todays TDC

#tdc2713 #ds106 Two Show Mashup

Think of two shows that have a common thread. Maybe the same actor appeared in two different shows. Do a mashup of the two shows using the commonality.