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    Design Blitz: California Edition


    This week in DS106, I had to complete a Design Blitz with my camera. I am currently out in Southern California, visiting some family and handling a heavy recent tragedy. While this week has been filled with sadness and heartache, the week has also been filled with happiness and strength. …

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    Radical Weekly Summary (2-14-20)


    This week has been really fun learning the in-and-outs of Audacity, iMovie, and GarageBand as well as listening to Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad and his insights on what makes storytelling via radio so compelling.

    Moon Graffiti was a very interesting podcast on SoundCloud. The idea of preparing for a disaster is …

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    Sick Beat, Dude!


    I have never made a beat before and it is quite hard, not gonna lie. After watching a couple YouTube tutorials on GarageBand beat-making, I decided to give it a shot.

    I played around with drums, trumpets, and some piano notes to create a pretty fun, upbeat instrumental. Here is …

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    Here kitty, kitty, kitty…


    Creating a story only using sound effects is very interesting. When starting off with ideas, I thought about doing a music concert or a spooky story. I decided to do a spooky story because I am more interested in that kind of content.

    After deciding my concept, I went to …

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    Radio Bumpin’


    Creating a short 10-30 second radio bumper was a lot of fun. Using BBC Sounds and Freesound, I was able to get two great sound effects. One being a laser sound to start off the bumper and an explosion sound to close out the bumper. Here is my radio bumper, …

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    It’s 1981 and You’re Sad


    It’s 1981. You took your high school crush to the Senior Prom. When you both got there, your date ran away to dance with another person for the rest of the night, forgetting you even exist. You run to the gymnasium bathroom and lock yourself in a stall, crying while …

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    Moon Graffiti


    Listening to Moon Graffiti by The truth podcast was very interesting. As a fictional piece, based on the true story of landing U.S. astronauts landing on the moon, it was very well done from a storytelling standpoint.

    The re-enactment of Lance Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin was enthralling from start to …

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    Knees Weak, Summary Heavy (2-7-20)

    Visuals of Storytelling

    To start off our work for the week, we had to read Becoming a Better photographer and offer our input on how it can help our own photography skills.

    This article and the included TED Talk video explained how pictures can be more than images. Photographs have …

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    The Terminator in A Fairytale


    When hunting Sarah Connor, the Terminator can sometimes make the wrong turn. For this visual assignment, we had to take a 1980s star and put them somewhere we would never see them. I used photoshop to place Arnold Schwarzenegger from the 1984 classic The Terminator. The movie is very dark …

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    Splicing two pictures together really led me down a weird path on this assignment. I created a brand new instrument, the Acoustic Squashtar. I pondered for a bit, wondering what two items I could splice together and I immediately knew I wanted to turn something into a guitar. So I …

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    Who Said What


    When asked to combine 3 different but similar spies together for one fantastic meme, you can’t not use James Bond. In accordance with our 1980s theme this semester I wanted to use a James Bond from the 1980s. After finding the perfect image and creating the perfect wrong-dimension meme, I …

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    Chimeratic Composition

    A crazy dragon defending a castle from aliens, circa 2455 B.C.

    This piece was a lot of fun to photoshop. Believe it or not, I did not actually take this photo. Wild, I know. I scoured the interweb to first find a really interesting background. I stumbled upon this really …

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    My Uniquely Generated Photoblitz List Two Related Objects Big & Small

    I chose my Apple AirPods and a pair of old headphones I had laying around in my closet. The size and quality of the AirPods beats the old headphones in every way. It’s amazing how far technology has come …

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    Photography and Storytelling

    Michael Galinksy

    In analyzing These Pictures Of American Malls In The 1980s Are Actually Incredible published by Buzzfeed, many aforementioned storytelling aspects can be found. When it comes to selection, the pictures show a wide variety of mall shoppers and the businesses they are perusing. The fashion style of the …

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    Visuals of Storytelling

    Mt. Cook, New Zealand, 2019, taken by Connor McClain

    Over the years, I have taken thousands and thousands of photographs. My phone is always in my pocket on every adventure, lunch with friends, party, and even the occasional hike. I have never been a hobbyist of photography but if I …

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    What is Write and What is Wrong

    Pop Art – Roy Lichtenstein WHAAM! (diptych), 1984 (1963) | Lithograph | Sold for $21,250 Graphing A Story

    Every great story has a rise, a fall, and a conclusion. But not every story has them in that order. Some stories have characters starting off poor and end up wealthy beyond …

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    A Wild Weekly Summary (1-17-20)


    This week has been a wild ride. Usually the first week of classes are mainly reviewing the syllabus and securing textbooks but not this time, no way. The start of this semester started with creating and using my own website for the very first time. It is all very exciting …

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    My First Blog Post (1-16-20)


    Hi everybody, my name is Connor McClain! I am a senior studying International business and i’ll be graduating in May, very exciting stuff. I was not alive during the 80s but I do know it was an era filled with crazy colors and even crazier music.

    You can follow my …

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