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    Sound of Music


    I did my radio bumper to one of my favorite songs by Bon Iver: Tower. His music, to me, is the perfect tunes to chill out with. Which led to this combination of layered recording. This was my first project in audacity. After a couple hours of tinkering I finally …

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    Sound Story


    This week i’ve been trying out my hand with some audio storytelling. I pulled together several sounds from http://www.freesound.org/ to tell a story. Using Audacity i moved, muted, and layered sounds. Check it out :


    What does this story make you think of?


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    daily creating


    Daily create: Things that make me made? Littering. People not taking care of the earth. And of course pollution of water ways!

    One of the greatest contastrophies of my generation was September 11. We all remember where we were. We all remember the cries of the people suffering loss. And …

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    Where the Wild Things Are


    This weird little boy, with no friends starts off around the middle of the happiness scale. One night he goes crazy, puts on a monster costume, bites his mom, runs away and makes a drastic drop on the scale. After a super weird boat ride he ends up on an …

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    Rob Nyland shared his 30 second story  with kinetic typography. I love stories told through video, especially using kinetic typography. This was almost comical to me because it was literally a story in like three sentences. Which i guess proves that stories don’t need a lot of detail to have …

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    The word storytelling makes me think of Indians sitting around a fire sharing tales of their lives. And minus the indians and the fire that’s basically what storytelling is to me. It is sharing life with the people around you.  To laugh at someones embarrassing moment from high school. To …

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    creating creations



    Monday’s daily create challenged us to see the wide open world. I took a trip to the river and laying out with some friends I shaped this picture of the beautiful day.

    Wednesday’s daily create was to take a photo of something spinning. At first I was tripped on …

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    Toes on The Nose


    I love to surf so of course my favorite films are surf documentaries. Women surfers on the Roxy Team were featured in a film called Dear and Yonder. A movie about the presence of women in the ocean. There is wave after wave of skillful short boarders and graceful …

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    Dats Mine! – copyright


    With this age of internet there is so much to be created and explored.  Creative Commons describes what they are all about on their website. It allows you to put your art on the internet but protects you from other companies taking and selling it. Works such as websites and …

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    Getting better at cyberspace


    Media Of the Week:

    Robert Hughes video on “what art is” made me think of this proper perspective to art. He dissected art as he sat in his classy outfit in front of the Eiffel Tower. There is a great appreciation of the art placed in museums and such. However, …

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    Ocean Blue


    The Still waters traveling on the ferry.“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – Andre Gide


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    Me and My keychain



    I am Grace. Now that we are back to school i’m just a student and a young life leader. But, in the summer time i’m a surf instructor. I love surfing, art, traveling, or basically anything outdoorsy. I know you’re wondering what’s on my keychains sooo…




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