1. @brimac106

    Cringe Town…


    In this assigment, DS106ers React,  the objective of the assignment was to record yourself reacting to a video. Reaction videos are becoming really popular online. Even I am subscribed to a few! It kind of feels like you are watching a video with someone, or for me usually I …

  2. @BigWillyM9001

    Week 9


    These last couple weeks have been crazy busy for me, and I wasn’t able to listen to the radio show when it actually aired. Thanks to Dr. Genereux for uploading the show to his soundcloud so I could listen when I had time.

    Overall I really liked the show, made …

  3. @justin_zamecnik

    Week 9


    This week was a much easier week, which I loved. We didn’t have to do much besides adjust a few things on the radio show and add a few bumpers. This blog post will primarily focus on what went well and not so well on the radio show and multiple …

  4. @brimac106

    My Thoughts? (Weekly Summary 09)


    For this week’s summary, I didn’t really create much, I more of reflected on what our class created. This week, we had our radio show broadcasted on ds106 radio! It was along with other students works which I really enjoyed! I liked hearing what the other students got to do! …

  5. @Reagan Hotz

    Week 9: Shh Listen!


    This week, I was assigned to listen to radio shows created by students from various schools including my own during a radio broadcast. I wrote about the experience in a blog post.

    I also was assigned three daily creates. First, I explained why I write. I think my response …

  6. @Reagan Hotz

    Radio Show Final Thoughts


    On Wednesday 10-19-16 at 7:30 pm, I listened to the radio shows created by students from other schools as well as my own classmates. All the shows were very different from one another, but they were connected by a common thread in the form of a focus on the internet. …

  7. @BigWillyM9001

    Week 8


    So we got everything recorded finally, I think it went great, everyone sounded good, and I know I had fun doing it. I didn’t get to listen to the live show because I had work, but my professor uploaded a copy to his soundcloud, and I’ll give that a listen …

  8. @mdseim

    Week 8 Summary


    Week 8 was a fun week. The class stitched together the radio show for ds106 Tuesday afternoon. We all had separate parts to edit that we mashed together to make the final product. Reagan and I did most of the stitching together as the class supervised. I think the radio …

  9. @KylieHeronemus

    Radio Show Update


    Hello and welcome. Ready to hear about the radio show? No? Well life sucks and that’s not my problem so you’re going to hear about it anyway.

    So our class was making this radioshow thing right? Grand. Literally we just messed around for 2 weeks not really working on it …

  10. @KylieHeronemus

    Daily Create – Ds106 Rules


    Welcome back to yet another exciting ds106 daily create. I am so eager to share this with you. Oh boy. This daily create was.. wait for it… ds106 rules. Wu-hu.

    I didn’t feel like going to the site to actually look up one of the ds106 rules because the effort …

  11. @justin_zamecnik

    Week 8


    This week was all about completing our radio show. Leading up to this week we really didn’t have a very good plan for the show. So Tuesday’s class consisted of us throwing out ideas that we think would be easy to do and edit, but not boring to listen to. …

  12. @brimac106

    Radio Show Part II (Weekly Summary 08)


    This week we concluded our radio show, and we are going to have it broadcasted on DS106 radio! I don’t know the specific times yet, but I’m guessing we’ll find out. I really like our ( or Bill’s idea rather) of us doing basically a podcast of “Ask A Millennial”. …

  13. @Reagan Hotz

    Week 8: Radio part 2


    This is the second week my digital media class spent on radio.

    The radio show will be posted in its entirety when everyone has finished editing their snippets and when all the transitions and breaks have been added.

    This post details my personal contributions.

    I was also required to leave …

  14. @Reagan Hotz

    Radio Show Update 2


    We are creating a radio show in my digital media class to be broadcasted on the ds106 radio station. On thursay, we went to the school recording studio as a class to record our responses to “questions for millennials.” I edited a short snippet of it. I have also created …

  15. @mdseim

    Guess This Song


    For the Favorite Song Assignment, I’m suppose to choose my favorite song, remove the vocals, and see if people can guess the song by listening to only 30 seconds of the song. Choosing which song is my favorite is nearly impossible for me, so I chose a song that …

  16. @BigWillyM9001

    Weekly Summary 7


    Well this week was kinda crazy. One of my roommates screwed up while washing clothes and flooded the basement, and I had to work til 10 almost every night. As for digital media stuff, the group google doc started out a total mess(and got worse from there), and it took …

  17. @BigWillyM9001



    To be honest, I don’t expect or even want feedback on my own work, at least not from people I don’t even know, so that’s why I comment so little on others work. I’m just not a social guy, online or in the real world, and social media is a …

  18. @mdseim

    Week 6 Summary


    Ah yes, such a frantic week. This week I learned that general design is one of my strong points. I’m able to work up a design fairly quickly, and I think I do a good job in making things pleasing to the eye.

    This weeks assignments:

    “Create an App Icon”

  19. @mdseim

    Analyzing Photography


    I am completely new to photography, so I’m no expert in photography. However, I have been studying design for quite some time, so analyzing the design quality of a photograph is right up my alley.

    I took a lot of photos with a camera that I rented out from my …

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