1. @mdseim

    My Own Theme Song


    Assignment link: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/your-theme-song/

    I couldn’t help myself when I saw an assignment that involved writing your own theme song. I chose to write my own theme from scratch. I used FL Studio to recreate something I had already written on my bass. The long winded way to do this assignment …

  2. @Kyleeh25

    Slow it down


    For this assignment you had to make a song 800% slower.

    I used the song Gold by Kiiara. After slowing it down the song was thirty minutes long, so I had to shorten it down to fifteen minutes to get it to download.

    The end effect of slowing the song …

  3. @Reagan Hotz

    Uber Awesome Digital Media Radio Show Proposal :3


    My digital Media class will be creating a radio show this semester. My professor has asked for my thoughts on topics. I’m not very good at thinking of general ideas or topics because I am honestly more of a detail person, so here is something very specific we could do …

  4. @justin_zamecnik

    Week 5


    This week was another busy one. We focused on audio, which is probably the thing I needed the most work on. We had more stars assigned this week which kept us even busier, but in the long run I got it all done. I wrote a blog post that explains …

  5. @justin_zamecnik

    Sound Effect Story


    This assignment was a fun one. The assignment is worth three and a half stars, which puts me at eleven and a half stars. The idea is simple, use sound effects to tell a story. I may have bent the rules a little bit by having a sound effect of …

  6. @Kyleeh25

    The contest nobody could win


    For this assignment you had to take fragments of a song (under one second) and put them together. Then people try to guess what all the songs are. (If you don’t know all the songs there’s a list below).

    Hopefully this video stays up since I’ve had a lot of …

  7. @Reagan Hotz

    Sound Makes all the Difference


    Sound plays an important role in telling a story. The wrong ambiance can completely destroy the coherence of a scene. For example, a midnight scene on a highway would make absolutely no sense with rain forest ambiance playing in the background. In my digital media class, we looked at this …

  8. @brimac106

    Weekly Summary 05


    This week I tried to be a good student for once and do my assignments early. It felt weird actually getting my work done early. And by that I meant some of the work. I was still crunched on time towards the end, however, I had a little extra time …

  9. @Kyleeh25



    For this assignment you had to make a story using at least 5 different songs.

    Took me almost an hour to finally get it to post somewhere (which ended up being YouTube). Ignore the black nothingness of a video I had to keep on there so it would upload. *What …

  10. @KylieHeronemus

    Assignment Bank – Music Mashup


    Once again, back at it with the assignment bank thingy stuff. This next one I chose was a music mashup which is pretty self explanatory but for those of you who don’t know – its mashing 2 or more songs.. together. Shocking I know.

    Anyways this assignment was worth 3 …

  11. @KylieHeronemus

    Assignment Bank – Reverse Audio Quiz


    This weekend, I completed an assignment in the #ds106 assignment bank – The Reverse Audio Quiz.

    For this assignment we were to choose a song to reverse completely and then post it to see who all can guess what song it is

    Here is mine:



  12. @BigWillyM9001

    Radio show ideas


    Well a good one that’s on my mind right now would be copyright infringement, and how my content got blocked from soundcloud just because it sounded similar to a song I’ve never even heard of. Other topics….. how about everyone’s favorite candy, and how they’re wrong because it’s not reeces? …

  13. @BigWillyM9001

    Sound effect story


    So, I had a nice little story all done up, and soundcloud automatically removed it, claiming it was copyrite infringement. It’s under review now, and should be up as soon as they approve it(I took all the sounds from freesound.org so there shouldn’t be a problem). I’ll post it when …

  14. @brimac106

    A Day of 16 Year Old Bri


    For this assignment, Teenage Angst, you were supposed to read an old diary or journal entry you wrote when you were a teenager. I mean I still am a teenager…but I did one from when I was 16 years old. In this assignment you were also supposedly supposed to …

  15. @KylieHeronemus

    Lab 03 – OSI Model


    Our networking class completed a lab that discussed the OSI Model and its purpose. We filled out a worksheet and it will be discussed below:


    Discussing and understanding the difference between the TCP/IP model and OSI Model and what each are used for.


    1. If we already had …

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