1. @Katie___Donovan

    Lab 2 – Basic Computer Hardware

    Project 1 Learning Objectives: I examined the internal components of a computer and located different parts. The parts I examined include: CPU RAM memory Motherboard Video Processing Card Hard Disk Drive Network Interface Power Supply I/O Ports While examining different computer hardware, we removed and reinserted the RAM memory, the hard disk drive, and theContinue reading "Lab 2 – Basic Computer Hardware"
  2. @thisist00hard

    The Shadow Man – Final Project

    The semester is finally over! With this last final project, we had a choice between “Impress Me!” (me being the professor) and creating a fast food parody. I opted to go with “Impress Me”. It was much more open ended and basically had no parameters, so it was difficult to decide what to do and […]
  3. @Katie___Donovan

    Assignment Bank week 10

    I created short videos with three shots from Avengers: Infinity War. I replaced the middle shot to give each video a different meaning. I always thought Peter’s reaction was funny, so I decided to replace the original clip with another scene. In this scene, Thor was talked about in the totally opposite way.

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