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  1. @RMdigitally

    Stories of Our Stories Promo!

    Hey friends!!! Check out this poster I made for the radio show I’m working on with Maddy, Jordan, and Madeline! Since our group is working off of a nostalgic Disney vibe, I tried to really bring that into the design of this poster. Our group had talked about using pastel colors to represent our theme.…
  2. @RMdigitally

    RM by Design -> Week 6 Breakdown

    Happy Friday everyone!!!! It’s been quite an interesting week working with design. I started by looking through all the readings and videos, and clicking through the articles with all the hyperlinks! You can read about that experience in my design thoughts post. After I spent some time actually learning about design, (I had no experience…
  3. @RMdigitally

    Ballroom (design) Blitz!

    Hey, friends! For my designblitz I just looked around my room and thought about the different aspects of design since I don’t leave my house and I don’t have anything really design oriented to find outside. I had a good time staring at the familiar objects in my room and figuring out what the purposes…
  4. @RMdigitally

    RM’s Design Thoughts

    When I started reading the original Brain Pickings post for this week, I quickly realized how easy it would be to fall down many different rabbit holes. Actually, the first time I was trying to read through it, I ended up on some article about Freud and his work. This was interesting to me (being…
  5. @RMdigitally

    Thinking About Listening

    I started thinking about radio shows at the beginning of the week, but I wanted to write about my thoughts after I had more firsthand experience with audio and radio components. I’m a complete novice when it comes to working with sound, and I don’t know a lot about podcasts or radio shows in general.…
  6. @RMdigitally

    Sounds Like Week 5

    I’m not gonna lie y’all, this week was a struggle! I have never worked with audio editing or Audacity before, so I was really intimidated by the workload for this week. I also ended up getting behind on my schoolwork, so that made doing creative work a little more difficult, but I think I’m actually…
  7. @RMdigitally

    RM’s Radio Jingle

    Howdy, all!! For this week’s emphasis on audio storytelling, I made a short little jingle for ds106 radio as my radio bumper assignment! There really isn’t a whole lot to be said for it honestly. I was sitting at my desk thinking about the radio jingles I’ve heard before. The ones that really come to…
  8. @RMdigitally

    My Snapshot of Week 4

    Happy Friday folks! This week has been crazy busy and a little difficult to manage, but I actually really enjoyed the assignments I worked on! I don’t know a lot about photography, so it was interesting to read about it and explore my skillset this week. I talked about my previous photography experience in my…
  9. @RMdigitally

    My Photos :)

    So, as I stated before, I am not great behind a camera. I just don’t really have an eye for it. After doing our reading for this week, I scrolled through my camera roll for a little while and looked for some pictures that show off some of the points from that post. These are…
  10. @RMdigitally


    To be quite honest, I have very very little experience with photography. I mean I have an iPhone and use Snapchat on the daily, but I think we all know that that means nothing when considering the artistic side of a camera. My family was late to the technology game, so we used a lot…

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