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    Stories of Our Stories Promo!


    Hey friends!!! Check out this poster I made for the radio show I’m working on with Maddy, Jordan, and Madeline!

    Since our group is working off of a nostalgic Disney vibe, I tried to really bring that into the design of this poster. Our group had talked about using pastel …

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    RM by Design -> Week 6 Breakdown


    Happy Friday everyone!!!! It’s been quite an interesting week working with design. I started by looking through all the readings and videos, and clicking through the articles with all the hyperlinks! You can read about that experience in my design thoughts post. After I spent some time actually learning …

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    Ballroom (design) Blitz!

    this is the song my title is referencing btw

    Hey, friends! For my designblitz I just looked around my room and thought about the different aspects of design since I don’t leave my house and I don’t have anything really design oriented to find outside. I had a good time …

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    RM’s Design Thoughts


    When I started reading the original Brain Pickings post for this week, I quickly realized how easy it would be to fall down many different rabbit holes. Actually, the first time I was trying to read through it, I ended up on some article about Freud and his work. This …

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    Thinking About Listening


    I started thinking about radio shows at the beginning of the week, but I wanted to write about my thoughts after I had more firsthand experience with audio and radio components. I’m a complete novice when it comes to working with sound, and I don’t know a lot about podcasts …

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    Listening to My Front Yard


    Today was such a beautiful day!! Can y’all believe it was really 65 degrees and sunny in February? I spent a lot of time outside today and got inspired to work on the Create a Place assignment. The task of this assignment is to use sounds to transport the listener …

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    Relaxing With RM


    Anybody feel like they need to relax? Maybe try the All the Relaxation assignment! This assignment asks you to create your own relaxation track, like the ones on YouTube that can be played for 10+ hours by combining any and all sounds that are soothing and calming to you. I …

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    Sounds Like Week 5


    I’m not gonna lie y’all, this week was a struggle! I have never worked with audio editing or Audacity before, so I was really intimidated by the workload for this week. I also ended up getting behind on my schoolwork, so that made doing creative work a little more difficult, …

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    Auditory Anxiety


    For my first project this week, I decided to take on the Emotions Through Sound assignment. It asks you to convey a specific emotion using only sounds, but you can use any kind of sound you want. This assignment seemed like a good jumping-off point for me because I’ve never …

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    RM’s Radio Jingle


    Howdy, all!! For this week’s emphasis on audio storytelling, I made a short little jingle for ds106 radio as my radio bumper assignment! There really isn’t a whole lot to be said for it honestly. I was sitting at my desk thinking about the radio jingles I’ve heard before. The …

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    My Snapshot of Week 4


    Happy Friday folks! This week has been crazy busy and a little difficult to manage, but I actually really enjoyed the assignments I worked on! I don’t know a lot about photography, so it was interesting to read about it and explore my skillset this week. I talked about my …

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    BLUE Ridge Mountains


    When I was little, I used to watch The Sound of Music all the time. The image of Maria spinning in the field with the mountains in the background is burned into my brain. I decided to use this as inspiration for my take on the Colorize It assignment. The …

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    Crazy Cat Lady


    Everyone who knows me knows I love cats. I really do. I always get cat-themed gifts and people send me cat pictures, and I take pictures of my own cats constantly. That’s why when I found the Your Love for Your Pet assignment, I was sold. The task was to …

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    Charles – 1864


    You guys have heard me mention The Vampire Diaries before, and here I go again! For The Civil War Photo assignment, you’re supposed to take a picture of yourself and then edit it to look like it could have been taken during the Civil War era. This sounded like a …

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    Perry said What???


    I know very very little about spies. That whole secret agent genre went right over my head growing up, BUT I did watch Phineas & Ferb, Get Smart, and Mr. & Mrs. Smith with my brother, so that’s how I got here. This assignment, Who Said What, asks you …

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    My Photos :)


    So, as I stated before, I am not great behind a camera. I just don’t really have an eye for it. After doing our reading for this week, I scrolled through my camera roll for a little while and looked for some pictures that show off some of the points …

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    Photoblitz via Wilma’s House


    My photoblitz activity actually took place at my grandma, Wilma’s, house. My power went out so my family had to dash over to Grammy’s house to take showers and in my case, do homework! Here is the list I was working with, and the time that I got up out …

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    To be quite honest, I have very very little experience with photography. I mean I have an iPhone and use Snapchat on the daily, but I think we all know that that means nothing when considering the artistic side of a camera. My family was late to the technology game, …

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    Mail Call!


    The last assignment I chose for this week was “Letter From Out of the Blue.” This assignment asked us to write and send a handwritten letter to someone who would appreciate it. It’s worth 4 stars and I’ll link the original post here. Well, I’ve been writing letters to …

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    Another Day at Home


    This assignment is called “Another Day” and it focuses on being more mindful and aware of our surroundings and nature during our everyday lives. The assignment is worth 4 stars and you can find the original instructions here. When I decided I wanted to do this assignment, I was …

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    Sharing Credit with Maddie


    For my first assignment this week, I decided to pair up with Maddie and write a fun and dramatic little story. The original assignment, called Sharing Credit, involves writing a story with another person through email, and it’s worth 4 stars. Maddie and I decided that writing it through …

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