1. awassenb

    My Favorite Friends and their Emoji Twins

    For my first Mashup Assignment this week, I decided to complete Mashing Friends and Emojis for 3.5 stars! I was very excited for this assignment, and I am obsessed with emojis and using them in all forms of texting conversation. The express your feelings in a unique way that words cannot do on their own. […]
  2. awassenb

    Emo Love Poem- E.E. Cummings

    For my remix assignment this week in DS106, I was randomly generated and assigned Poetry Art [Remixed]: Go Emo. The original assignment asks you to take a favorite poem and create a poster for it using photo editing software. The remix then tells you to remix the assignment with a dark/emo theme, using black colors […]
  3. jamesb

    This Doesn’t Belong Here

    This assignment was to take a scene from a movie and insert something that clearly is not supposed to be there. So I thought about one of my favorite movies “Coach Carter”, and since it is such a serious movie and the fact that is a true story. I thought it would be perfect and […]
  4. mirandaskin

    Serena Changing

    A Changing Character: For this assignment you need to pick any chacter and follow thier progression that they have had (TV characters from a long standing TV show will probably be best). Use video clips to show how the character has changed and grown up over time. Try to make their progression seem as dramatic as … Continue reading Serena Changing
  5. mirandaskin

    Daily Create 11/18/2015

    #tdc1410: The Best Time of the Day ..when I am not doing anything. #tdc1410 @ds106dc best part = not doing anything at all pic.twitter.com/WCQWTZNjvB — miranda ds106 (@mirandabloggin) November 18, 2015 —SALTY SKINN
  6. emmasaxophone

    Assignment #1

    The first assignment I did was called Spooky Mashup and is worth four stars. The assignment required me to make a mashup of 3 or more sounds I created this year. This assignment was a little bit difficult as I realized I didn’t have very many sounds to choose from for the remix. I used two assignments from the very
  7. emmasaxophone

    Assignment #1

    The first required assignment I did is called Have a Conversation with Yourself worth five stars! The assignment required you to create a video of you talking to yourself with yourself. I found this assignment to be very difficult because I had no idea how to put my two different films together. I did two takes of the assignment because the
  8. rachstanford77

    Giant Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head

    The prompt to this daily create is: Draw a sketch of a place you have been to in your dreams and describe your place in 120 characters or less. Here is my sketch of me in world of giant raindrops with only tiny umbrellas. @ds106dc #tdc1408 #dailycreate Once I was in a place with giant […]
  9. kstanbro

    Conversation with yourself

    This assignment entitled have a conversation with yourself was required and 5 stars however it should break the star ranking because it was incredibly challenging. I’m taking a break from trying to complete it to write about what I have done thus far. So at first I thought I’ll just sing a song and put […]
  10. emmasaxophone

    Summary 11 and 12

    Assignments: 1.I am not posting assignment 1 yet because I am having a lot of trouble figuring how to get the video to flow a bit better and also how to upload it to wordpress in general. I will have it posted tomorrow, I would rather turn in a better version late then a poor version now. 2.http://applications.emmasaxophone.com/uncategorized/assignment-2-5/ 3. http://applications.emmasaxophone.com/video-storytelling/assignment-3-3/ 4.http://applications.emmasaxophone.com/video-storytelling/assignment-4/
  11. rachstanford77

    Weeks 11 & 12 Wrap Up

    How well do you feel you completed the requirements of the week’s assignments? I feel that I have completed each assignment to the best of my abilities. Unfortunately I was unable to do any daily creates that involved videos and one of my videos did not turn out how I anticipated. Overall, I believe I […]
  12. rachstanford77

    Daily Create Wrap Weeks 11 & 12

    Although the assignment for daily creates asked to focus on video ones, I never saw any by the time I made six daily creates. Filter Here. Filter There. http://theprosperousdaisy.com/daily-create/filter-here-filter-there/ Slumber filter with warm filter pic.twitter.com/Rl6HYiGSIw — Rachel Stanford (@rach_stanford23) November 3, 2015 This daily create was quite simple; we were asked to use a filter […]
  13. calebsnow14

    Surprise Chincilla

    Surprise! It’s Surprise Pippin! Isn’t he just the cutest? Check out the original assignment here: 1 Second Video Assignment. I chose this assignment because it was relatively quick and easy and I got to include Pippin who’s super cute. The process for this assignment was really simple. It didn’t require any editing or anything else besides just … Continue reading Surprise Chincilla
  14. rachstanford77

    Travel the World

    Where do You Want to Go? – 4 Stars The prompt for this assignment is: Where is somewhere that you have always dreamed of going? I really like travelling, and I often think about where I would go if I had all the money in the world. Do a video montage of images and/or video […]
  15. jamesb

    Weekly Summary 11/12

    These last two weeks weren’t to hard. I learned a lot more about Windows Movie Maker than I already knew. I liked the fact that I got to put my own creativity into the videos and use my topic or theme for them. I learned that I really like making montages and highlight videos, I […]

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