1. B Short

    Some thoughts on binge television and the novel


    Image from RENEGADE CINEMA

    My first thought on watching Season 4 of Arrested Development was, “Oh my god oh my god it’s finally here oh my god.”

    My second thought was, “This reminds me of Confederacy of Dunces.”

    Like John Kennedy Toole’s comic masterwork, AD S4 switches back and forth …

  2. B Short

    THE INVADERS: The “Lemon” Ad


    So, before you freak out, what the hell is that, here’s the original advertisement:

    If you don’t know this ad, it’s a famous VW ad called “Think Small.”

    It has all kinds of vectors that make it a really important ad in the history of advertising, helping to spark the …

  3. kmof1992

    We Review "The Great Gatsby" Movie


    In this vlog, Kyle and I give our thoughts on “The Great Gatsby,” out in theaters now. We had to film this vlog three times because for some reason, our camera (we were using a Canon 7D) would stop recording every now and then. So that was a pain.

    It’s …

  4. kmof1992

    808 Originals Vlog 1 – Our Life Stories


    Here’s the first real vlog that Kyle and I made for our YouTube series. All in all, considering that neither of us have had much experience sitting in front of a camera in just talking, I think it turned out all right. Unfortunately, we talked for about 20 minutes but …

  5. pborisov

    Ugly to Beautiful: Sunrise Transformation


    This is a further experiment on the Ugly to Beautiful theme. This is my favorite topic. Doesn’t tell as much of a story as the previous one, but I like it better. Again, there is no editing on these photos. They’re exactly as they are from the camera, except I …

  6. pborisov

    Photo Essay: My People



    I decided that I wanted to take the photo topic and do something without any people. Part of this is it’s hard to coordinate with people, and part of is that I wanted a challenge. I wanted to actually make something that held up to the idea of the …

  7. hfaley

    Final Project: My People


    When I first approached this topic, my initial impression of “my people” was my ancestors. I pictured old black-and-white and sepia photos of unsmiling immigrants. Those are the people from which I descend and to which I feel very connected in many ways. But these aren’t people I can photograph …

  8. denardr0016

    Athletes (My People)


    To match the theme, I decided to do a slideshow comprised of pictures of professional athletes and myself I’ve met over the past few months. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to possibly play professional football and that is really heavy on my mind right now as the draft is …

  9. ajaweston

    Photo Essay: "My People"


    My photo essay titled “My People” is a reflection of the people I care most about in their natural state. I did not tell any of them how to pose, or to pose at all. I wanted to convey their true essence and their true feeling, so I told them…
  10. kcharlew

    My people


    On April 22nd, 2013, I submitted my last assignment for the course Digital Storytelling. I was asked to create a gallery of all ten images posted to my blog with the theme my people. Individuals had their own choice to self identify what my people meant to them. But, …

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RCCORE 334: Digital Storytelling examines, interrogates, and explores the current digital landscape by reading the work of great digital and analogue thinkers and by using freely accessible technology to make art. more information....

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