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    Weekly Summary (Week 7)


    This week has by far been the most fun! I love the radio show idea we’re working on, and it’s really nice to be able to bend the assignments from the assignment bank to fit the show. Our group was off to a really good start and we haven’t slowed …

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    Promotional Poster


    I created a promotional poster for our radio show using canva and GIMP. The Sweet & Sour logo was created by my group member Courtney so I decided to toss that on there. I had some issues with GIMP this time around, for some reason I couldn’t manage to change …

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    Design blitz


    In order to gain better understanding of design, I was supposed to think about what design is and how it makes up signs/ads and objects. Things like:


    color typography metaphors/symbols minimalism & use of space form/function/message balance rhythm proportion dominance unity


    This sign I think represents typography. The …

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    Super tattoo


    So for the Super Tattoo assignment, I was supposed to design a tattoo that represents my superpower. This was hypothetical, but I’ll do you one better.

    I already DID design my super tattoo. And I spent 20+ hours under the needle for it. It’s a cherry blossom branch. It represents …

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    Design thoughts


    Design is part of everything. It’s something that we see every day and don’t pay much attention to, but it’s there and it’s doing it’s job. Everything we look at is designed the way it is, to fulfill a certain purpose. Not just movies, comics and other artsy stuff, but …

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    For the Branding assignment (3,5 stars) I used Design Mantic to design a logo for my superhero, Charlie Sass! I decided to go with the red skull, because Charlie’s a red head aaaand because she kicks ass. I thought the logo turned out awesome!…

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    Radio show ideas


    So my idea for the radio show, since it’s superhero themed and all would be interviews with our superheroes! We’ve all created a superhero, so wouldn’t it be kinda cool for us all to each “interview” our fictional superheroes?


    Just a thought!


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    So I did the Make your own mixtape assignment, where I took a few of my favorite songs and put them together (with nice transitions, fade in/out) in Audacity to create this Mixtape I have linked below. I absolutely love all of these songs, and it’s 25 minutes of pure …

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    Superhero soundtrack


    I struggled with this assignment because I had a perfect playlist picked out, buuuuut those were all songs that I couldn’t upload to soundcloud because of copyright issues. I found a website called Free Music Archive where I found a few songs that I thought fit my superhero Charlie quote …

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    Radio bumper



    I finished the radio bumper assignment for ds106 radio. I felt really stupid recording this lol. I thought Pour some sugar on me was a good song to use and I’m starting to get a hang of audacity. I never really thought about how much work must go into …

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    Sound effects story


    So I finally started getting a hang of Audacity, I’m not gonna lie, I’ve watched plenty of tutorials. I’ve never done any mixing/mashing whatever you want to call it before.

    So I did the Sound Effects Story, which was harder than I anticipated but ended okay. If I didn’t …

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    Radio tweet-along


    Tonight I participated in the radio tweet-along for ds106 radio. It was a lot of fun! Just listening to the way they used different sounds to add to the scenes was interesting, and hearing other people’s thoughts and takes on it too. Apparently I ruined everything with my stair master …

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    Moon Graffiti


    So I listened to Moon Graffiti, and I have to say wow. It was super creepy, super eerie and the did a great job with this production. Audio is a powerful tool when it comes to story telling, sometimes even more so than writing. The speech written for Nixon made …

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    Weekly summary #3 (Week 4)


    Another week comes to an end, time is passing so quickly! This week I did three Daily creates. The first one was a comic about the defining moment in my life, which was when I packed my bags a cold day in January 2013 and moved thousands of miles away …

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    So I did a photo blitz today which was a lot of fun! I actually managed to snap a few pictures that I really like. Here were the prompts!


    Your first photo is of something that shows the current time! Document when you started the blitz. In the next…
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    Like I’ve said multiple times before, I absolutely love Deadpool and can’t wait for the second one to come out. Researching some of the movie’s cinematography I couldn’t help but be impressed.  They did a great job with the cinematography in this movie in general.

    I think this picture shows …

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    The life of a Superhero


    Deadpool chilling in bed. Doesn’t get more mundane than that!


    So I wanted to play around with GIMP (photo editing software) a bit more, so I found a picture of dead pool, erased the background and put him on a bed instead. I’m starting to understand GIMP a bit …

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    256 Points


    I did the 256 Points visual assignment. So above is a picture of my superhero Charlie Sass! This assignment was perfect because she would prefer to keep her identity a secret. The picture itself is only 16 x 16 pixels… making an image this small was definitely challenging. I wanted …

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    Color changer


    I did the Color Changer assignment and played around with the hue. I think the end result was kinda cool. I took this picture in Helsingborg, Sweden (my hometown). I was sitting at a beach side restaurant with my friends having a few drinks and there was this kid playing …

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    I’ve always loved the idea of being a photographer. When I was 15-16, my boyfriend at the time and I would spent tons of time taking pictures of anything we could find outside that could be considered artistic. My dad had bought a Canon Eos at the time, but …

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