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  1. @jacobhilker1

    Thoughts on Audio Storytelling

    I would agree that when Ira Glass says that writing isn’t like what you’ve been taught in highschool. Even if I had never taken a broadcasting or writing class in high school, I still understand that a paper or story isn’t going to necessarily start with any one particular topic – even if one idea […]
  2. @jacobhilker1

    Thoughts On Canon

    I feel like the Vignelli Canon was poorly organized, from a reader’s standpoint. As someone interested in design and who has dabbled in design, I didn’t exactly agree with all of what he said, especially when he wrote, “Design without discipline is anarchy” and “Without discipline, design is automatically horrible.” I would disagree because in […]
  3. @girlycurlyfries

    here’s some advice

    The beginning of this class was definitely overwhelming. For one, this was my first go at an online course. Understanding the necessary requirements, and needed accounts via many readings is what began the worries. But during the course of understanding the structure and how to complete a weeks worth of assignments, I began to appreciate… Read More here’s some advice
  4. @girlycurlyfries

    radio show ideas

    talk show about favorite superheros and villains show guessing the songs in of popular superheros shows game show of naming a superhero or villain and guessing what their powers are/mean or what their weaknesses are/characteristics playlist of remixed superhero theme songs recreation of some of the superheros created in class, make an audio story with … Continue reading radio show ideas

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