1. @boylebou12

    Week 11 and 12 reflections.


    Self-reflections on my learning 


    I was able to complete all my assignments for this week in a timely manner. For instance, my Daily Create for this week is completed a lot earlier than the ones from previous weeks. The feeling of relief I experienced made me decide to work …

  2. @cilantro_12

    The Hero We Didn’t Want But Desperately Need


    When the end times are near and humanity turns against itself for the sake of survival, one woman  and her crazy, undead cat will be the difference between becoming zombie bait and staying alive. Zombie Zina is like none other in this bleak apocalypse; half zombie, half human she has …

  3. @cilantro_12

    Paradise Lost


    Backwards, forwards; rewind, play. No matter which direction you view this story, your heart will be aching from the axe wounds it will leave in your heart. An impressive feat from a mere video game trailer. While Dead Island the game isn’t explicitly about storytelling, the game trailers always find …

  4. @dms36963

    Seven Steps of Digital Storytelling – my perspective


    This week I’m reviewing another chapter by Joe Lambert in his book Digital Storytelling: Capturing Lives, Creating Community.  In this chapter, titled Seven Steps of Digital Storytelling, he gives us an in-depth look at how to actually create a digital story, and the components that we need to consider as …

  5. @boylebou12

    Reflection on Seven Steps of Digital Storytelling



    The main insights for the article are as follows:

    step 1: Owning your insights

    It is interesting to gather from  reading step 1  that while the memory of the event  does not change, the storyteller’s perspective and the personal meaning evolve over time based on the storyteller’s own experiences …

  6. @louikon

    Digital Story Critique – Week 12


    The digital story I chose for this week’s critique, is a very inspiring story that captures the feelings of a student who struggles with dyslexia and the difference a teacher can make. The story was created by Nick Damato and is called “Progression”.  In less than three minutes the …

  7. @kadit

    Week 12: Response & Reflection


    Our article this week is “Seven Steps of Digital Storytelling”.

    1.         What are your main insights and ideas from the given reading? I think the seven steps is awesome. The first one “Owning Your Insights” is so powerful and speaks to point of view, voice, and the conflict that makes …

  8. @AceInquisitor

    The Seven Steps of Digital Storytelling


    Joe Lambert’s “The Seven Steps of Digital Storytelling” helps to describe a meaningful process that your story should go through, and also asks a lot of prompting questions that help develop stories as well. The first two steps asked to look at what kind of emotions and insights you were …

  9. @boylebou12

    Digital Story critique: Akon solar power in Africa


    Akon is known by most people  in the US  as a singer, rapper, songwriter, businessman, record producer and actor. But for some people in the African rural areas, he is a kind of  prophet coming back to his people with the gift of light.  Akon Lighting Africa is a project …

  10. @thepadilash

    On the Road from Kald to Hirane


    A grim silence lingered, excess from the cries that preoccupied the air moments earlier. Shattered from an exhausting battle, neither had won, both distressed from defeat. They lay down their arms and lay down their persons. Absorbed slowly by the damp earth, entrenched along the pin straight path that broke …

  11. @thepadilash

    My True Theme and How To “Do” Storytelling


    Every week I’ve been grappling with my theme for this course. I settled on learning photography, which has been a lot of fun, but hasn’t created meaning for me. I tend to be over analytical with connotations. I dissect language, I tear apart novels, and I examine how communication in …

  12. @klw_colorfulco

    Digital Story Critique- Week 12


    In lieu of the recent election, I decided to view and critique a digital story about the story and voices of the people behind this 2016 election.  I found this digital story about Americans sharing their hopes and concerns for the election.  This digital story was created and shared on …

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