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  1. @Maggieo_13

    Think about story telling…

    Stories are a great thing on there own, but nothing and I mean nothing beats a story with added sound effects.  Sound drives stories because it helps your imagination create a story. Without sound your mind can only create so much. But with sound it opens up a whole new world of opportunity. Sound changes […]
  2. @shleighduque

    Audio Storytelling or Mind Control?

    Audio effects are one of the most under-appreciated elements in film because it’s often used to support the visuals. Sound alone changes the tone of any setting and circumstance. When it comes to this topic, I can’t help but immediately think of jump scares in horror films; soft, low music plays while we anticipate something frightening, until we’re abruptly greeted with … Continue reading Audio Storytelling or Mind Control?
  3. @ana_leino

    Moon Graffiti and the Power of Storytelling Without Visuals

    This was such a powerful thing to listen to.  I had fairly low expectations given that my only experience listening to stories was My Prairie Home Companion on NPR.  But this was powerful and evocative–more real than expected.  It’s really amazing how much impact sound and sound design have on the stories we watch or listen …

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  4. @melseykooring

    Audio Reflection (Week Five):

    Audio Reflection Frankly, I never really had an opinion on audio storytelling before now, because I’ve never given it a shot before. I’m more of a visual listener/learner/you name it. I always find myself getting vastly distracted whenever I attempt to listen to something that requires my full attention. Maybe it’s the years of using […]
  5. @LilahKBB

    The Likely Tragedy

    Response to the storytelling podcast Starting off I wasn’t really sure if where they were until they started counting down to landing and I wasn’t sure until the failure speech was being read that it was a space mission and not an airplane. I really enjoyed the little effects because you could here the sounds …

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  6. @k8lynclements

    Moon Reflection

    The Moon Graffiti audio was very interesting. Even though there were no images I could use the sounds to create an image in my head. The sounds of this really brought the whole thing together. The tones of the voices, background music, and then sounds of the space craft were all what helped to make this audio so great. Sounds bring emotion and I could feel emotions just listening to it. Sound most definitely drives stories. It drives them by...

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