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  1. @danielleerika4


    Watch: These two short videos from RadioLab’s Jad Abumrad. He speaks of radio as a way of making meaning and connection, and as a modern incarnation of an ancient art. Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad: How Radio Creates Empathy Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad: Digital Shamanism and Old-Fashioned, Newfangled Storytelling Magic Listen: to “Moon Graffiti” This is an excellent example of audio […]
  2. @abbcass100

    Hey Neil, We’re On the Moon

    Sound drives the whole story of a movie. When there isn’t sound in an audio clip there isn’t any emotional experience that goes along with it. Sound creates suspense, the feeling of hope, joy, and concern. A movie without any background noise is empty and the emotions don’t come. Audio storytelling is just as important…
  3. @ds106_mckayla

    Audio storytelling.

    Sounds drive stories by allowing the listener to understand where the story took place at. Sound gives the story the ability to listener and almost live the moment within the story by just listening. The videos that I watched with Abumrad explaining how radio creates empathy really opened my eyes or I should say my ears, to how sound really does create more to the story. If there was no sound, a lot would be lost, the tone, attitude, personal connection within the story would not be developed with the listener. It was neat listening to Abumrad talk, because it
  4. @jupiter_pop


    ♪ Now, ds106 did you hear about this one?Tell me, are you locked in the punch?Hey ds106, are you goofing on Elvis?Hey class, are we losing touch? ♪ R.E.M Melody Audio Storytelling Ds106 is kicking off week 5 with some good old fashion radio storytelling. I’ll admit that audio is probably my weakest link out […]
  5. @butterball_4567

    Audio Reflection

    Audio storytelling is a very interesting concept that I have never really thought about before. However, if there was never any sound in the background, everything would just seem bland. After listening to “Moon Graffiti,” I realized the importance of audio storytelling. Certain sounds elicit some type of emotion in us, and they tell us […]
  6. @JasmineAlanis2

    Audio Storytelling

    How does sound drive stories? I think that sound plays a huge role in diving stories. Moon Graffiti does such a great job of this. The crashing noises to in indicate a much harsher impact of the landing on the moon. The crackling white noise that makes you feel as though the audio is old
  7. @caholt2000

    Audio > Visual

    Consider what we watched, read and listened to this week and in the previous weeks. How does sound drive stories? How does it impact mood and create atmosphere? How do the ideas in Abumrad’s videos relate here? Write a blog post on your thoughts on audio storytelling. Use specific examples and embed them in your

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  8. @tiffmooree

    Moon Graffiti

    Sound drives stories by creating sensory in the viewer. It creates a sense of reality that they can relate to. For example, I could say, “the alarm was blaring into my ears this morning and I snoozed it” or I could use the audio of a reall...
  9. @christinac106

    Disaster on the Moon

    “Moon Graffiti” immediately grabbed my attention from the first second. Right from the beginning I was pulled in and felt a sense of space. The music and little sounds portrayed this real life visual of actually being on the moon. From the start listeners hear the calm beginning of an exploration and then are immediately […]
  10. @kdzebdi106

    Moon Graffiti

    This is a great podcast and I felt like I stepped into Neil Armstrong’s shoes on what happened when he first landed on the moon. In addition to the story-line, they did a great job at really capturing the audiences attention with there intriguing background noise and the tone of there voices. They give you…
  11. @bfrullads106

    Moon Graffiti Reflection

    Hey there, DS106 friends. Today I’m going to share my thoughts on the #AudioReflection assignment. I started off today by watching both of the assigned YouTube videos starring Jad Abumrad; “How Radio Creates Empathy” & “Digital Shamanism and Old-Fashioned, Newfangled Storytelling Magic“. My thought on his comments were generally in agreement with what he was […]

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