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  1. @kmaproductionss

    Blog #5

    How does sound drive stories? How does it impact mood and create atmosphere? How do the ideas in Abumrad’s videos relate here Sound allows people to be in the atmosphere a storyteller is trying to create. Sounds are like words with connotations each sound creates a certain mood. Abrumrad talks about how sounds enable storytellersRead more
  2. @VhudschNor2

    Audio Reflection Assignment

    Sound adds atmosphere, and intensifies the mood. Sound impacts mood and creates atmosphere by adding another element to fixate on in the scene, further drawing in the viewer’s attention. Abumrad’s ideas about using sound are interesting, with his videos having sound being used to express emotion, such as the Astronaut communication being used to express […]
  3. @Maeve_ds106

    Moon Graffiti

    “Moon Graffiti” is a fiction audio story based on President Nixon’s speech entitled, “In Event of Moon Disaster,” which would be given had the moon landing not gone as planned. The following are my thoughts as I listen in…. The story opens with radio transmissions to the space craft and a controller. You can hear […]
  4. @1215007705141780482

    Reflection time

    This audio is a perfect example of good storytelling. The background music gave it more suspense. The change of tone in the people’s voices made the audio more real. If the sound was cheerful then it wouldn’t be as impactful. Sound matters when it comes to storytelling. The sound evokes the reader to feel fear […]
  5. @abiles11

    audio reflection

    Sound drives stories in many ways. In my opinion, it can be the most important part of a movie. The sounds people listen to can invoke various feelings in the listener of a audio story or the watcher of a movie. You can watch a scene in a movie where somebody is walking slowly around […]
  6. @V20Kai

    The Story of “Moon Graffiti”

    Today I listened to the audio drama “Moon Graffiti,” and I was blown away by its exceptional storytelling. It was like I was watching a movie, but without the visuals, which is essentially what good audio storytelling should strive for. The story opens with the date: July 20, 1969. Immediately, the listeners are thrust right […]
  7. @lizlynnkondzel


    okay so Moon Graffiti does a really really good job of setting up a sense of place and time; contextualizing the scenario and giving the audience a setting and a literal visual while literally not having a visual, which i think is just. so cool. this story was definitely more on the spooky and sad […]
  8. @IngrahamAllison

    Moon Graffiti

    Listen to this story to understand the following: How does sound drive stories? The sounds in this audio story were very good. The tones in the voices add a dramatic effect to the story. The pauses were thought out to enhance the importance of the story. Before the story began I had a picture in …
  9. @samprice_ds106

    Audio Reflection

    I listen to more podcasts than anyone I know. I am a huge mystery podcast person, I am constantly listening to different ones throughout my day. Watching and listening to the different videos and podcasts for this week was really interesting because of my love of the radio. Jad Abumrad’s take on radio was the most interesting though. He talks about how the human voice is such a great tool for radio because of the different ways you can use it. One thing he said that really stuck out to me was this quote: “I’m painting something but I’m not […]
  10. @cpsc106

    Week 5 – Audio Reflection

    Jad Abumrad does a great job advocating for radios. In How Radio Creates Empathy, Abumrad explains how lacking visuals has to power to bring people together through imagination. In the second video he compares modern day story telling to old-fashioned shamanism. I understand his point and I appreciate his passion for the art form. Music has a way of bringing people together and feeling the same vibes, and radio is
  11. @Mariam Ahmed

    All about Audio

    listening to moon graffiti definitely gave me a Nasa type Vibe. It reminded me of the times in middle school where we would watch the moon landing or any other Nasa projects. At the beginning you hear like people communicating with each other. Through out I could imagine the speakers in my head. The sounds […]
  12. @lper0581

    Radio intimacy reflections

    Jad Abumrad’s videos cover a few topics in relation to radio. Some of the things I found particularly important are as follows: the job to create a circle of connection creating a dream-state new technology enhancing old storytelling ideas familiar sound landscapes radios lacking of picture allowing for the invention of imagined pictures that connects … Continue reading Radio intimacy reflections

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