1. @yjangabc

    A red apple from a stranger


    I used iMovie to compile two movie clips that feature the famous red poison apple. The first clip is from the movie, Enchanted, and the second clip is from the original Disney’s, Snow White. I think the clips transitioned nicely as they covered the same theme. A piece of advice, …

  2. @yjangabc

    Where’s Wally?


    For this remix assignment, I had to place Wally somewhere in the mashup assignment.

    Where’s Waldo? It.

    For this remix assignment, you want to place Waldo somewhere conspicuous in a Visual or Design Assignment or slip his name quickly into an audio assignment. If you can figure out a way …

  3. @yjangabc

    You got mail!


    For this assignment, I used iMovie to combine 2 clips. For the first one, I found the famous AOL phrase, “You got mail!” In response to this comment, I added this scene from Legally Blonde. Enjoy!

    MashupAssignments, MashupAssignments1871 …

  4. @Alpr1010

    Agent Smith – Remix 2


    Assignment: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/celebrating-too-early/

    Remixed: http://remix.ds106.us/generator/?aid=58782


    What the…that guy jumping in the air in the background…That’s my uncle bob! What is he doing there? Last I heard of him, he was in a mental health hospital for being crazy for attacking my cousin all those years ago! I better call the….police…wait, …

  5. @libcal3

    Magnifying Bond


    I took on the assignment This Doesn’t Belong here mashup worth 4 stars.

    So at first I read this assignment wrong so I did a totally different assignment. I thought it said combine an iconic film scene with something that does belong subtly. (Not combine two iconic scenes.) So I …

  6. @mjryanonline



    So for this tutorial we are going to be looking at  “Hunters: The Space Cowboys Of Destiny” and how we can better mold it to fit the desires of the class as a whole. As a video game nerd when I first saw this post I was happy and excited …

  7. @rayers2umw

    Remixing movie poster



    For this assignment I chose to use one that I had already done as requested and remix it. I chose to do the silly movie poster that I had done where I had Jason Bourne and Kim Kardashians with the title He’s Just Not That Into You.

    Then I …

  8. @rayers2umw

    Game of Thrones remix



    For this assignment I chose to do the remix button for it. I had to make a Game of Thrones house siglia and with my remix had to “stache it” which I took to meaning add a mustache to the house siglia. I used the website http://www.jointherealm.com/ which is …

  9. @rayers2umw

    800% slower tutorial



    This is a very fun assignment to do in which you will need access to Audacity. First you will need to find a song that you would like to slow down. I like to look through free sound websites like http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music/2. If you feel risky you can find downloads …

  10. @kateybug17

    Melody Mash Up


    For this assignment, I created my own. I took two songs that had the same chord progression and combined them together at a place where they would sound good overlapping.

    For this particular arrangement, I chose TLC’s “Waterfalls” and Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”. I’ve been working on a mash …

  11. @kateybug17

    Two Movies, One Line


    For this assignment, I mashed up “Aladdin” and “Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory”. I loved both movies growing up and the fact that they shared a line with the word “world” made it an easy choice for me to use these films. I hope you enjoy the mashup!


  12. @TomWorfolk1

    Week 12 Summary


    This week served as sort of a continuation of what we have been building towards for the last several weeks. Remixes and mashups really let you show your creative talent and put together some of your favorite things (characters, songs, pictures) it really lets the class know who you are …

  13. @TomWorfolk1

    Comedy Mashup


    For this assignment I decided to put together a small clip of some of my favorite comedians of the day. The video starts with stand-up by Louis C.K then goes into a interview of comedian Bill Burr and then ends with an SNL Clip and a Daniel Tosh clip. I …

  14. @TomWorfolk1

    Holiday Mashup


    How can you choose?! Each holiday comes with its own uniqueness and reason to fall in love with it. This was a hard decision but I landed on:

    Thanksgiving Halloween New Years

    Thanksgiving has to be my favorite time of the year, the weather is perfect and the food is …

  15. @TomWorfolk1

    Im Ready For My Closeup


    For this assignment I decided to choose a picture from my favorite war movie of all time, “Saving Private Ryan” and attach to part of the UMW campus that feels like a war zone to me. I have never been one to excel in learning a new language, I defiantly …

  16. @Markham_McFly

    Movie poster mashup


    Fitting the spy theme, I did a mashup of James Bonds for an assignment from the assignment bank. I used Photoshop and it was pretty simple. If you notice, I made a slight alteration to the text at the top.


  17. @kevinjfrance

    The Mission.


    I’m honestly not sure what sort of mission we need… Sooooo I’m gonna assume a theme for the upcoming year…?

    I personally liked the spy theme! However, I’m a huge fan of magic, and I personally think there is even more creativity in that sort of “field” if you will.…

  18. @tmckenzierich

    6 Second Art


    I don’t have vine but I got this to work just fine with the Photo Booth camera on my macbook.  The original video was only 25 seconds, so once I imported that to iMovie I highlighted everything and dragged what I wanted into the box.  From there I had to …

  19. @tmckenzierich

    Getting to Know Alex


    This is my video on my agent profile Alex Bercek.  Alex is a 22 year old, 5’11”, athletic CIA agent.  She has brown skin and was born in Italy where she lived for 7 years before coming to live in the states, where she now resides in Washingtion, DC.  Her …

  20. @kateybug17

    Video Show (Week 11)


    Here’s the video show with myself, Callie, and Amari. We decided on a 50’s style teaching video that presented some ways to perfect being a spy. I focused on disguises and how those can make or break an agent. Overall, this was an easy and successful assignment. Callie helped a …

  21. @mjryanonline

    Holiday Mashup


    When I read this title something immediately came to my mind that I thought fit this perfectly. Now I may not have technically created this myself, but I truly can not think of a better example of a holiday mashup than that of the nightmare before Christmas and jack skellington. …

  22. @mjryanonline

    Photo Mash


    I thought this assignment would be an awesome one to do because there is so much room for creativity and some of the things you come up with can be hilarious. You can basically do whatever you want and the product of it is something awesome, like a spock rock.…

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