1. mbutlerr

    name that single!


    I stumbled upon this assignment to get me started on this week’s design week. It was to make a charade type design for a song. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, so I chose an easier song. I found the images on clip art on Word …

  2. mbutlerr

    Semana Cinco!


    The journey through visual week definitely tops that of audio week. Although audio week taught me a lot that I didn’t know, visual week brought me back to comfort zone, because who doesn’t love taking pictures and would rather do that than hears themselves? Definitely me. It was a bit …

  3. mbutlerr

    How to be a better photographer (for beginners!)


    Review the suggestions for photography. Pick at least 3 to try in the context of doing other visual assignments this week or just for practice, and write a blog post showing the results. Add the one that you think helped you the most, and summarize in our shared Google doc …

  4. mbutlerr

    Daily Create it!


    DC’s are the best, especially during visual week. There’s more effort going into it because you know it’s visual week so you really have no option! Also, this week I noticed my flickr images are finally showing up on the DC’s assignment page, so snaps to me for that! I …

  5. mbutlerr

    Pimpin’ up flickr


    So this week, I got more into flickr and uploaded a ton of photos. It was actually a lot more fun than I thought it would, especially since I already enjoy snapping pictures on my own phone. My flickr is http://www.flickr.com/photos/mbutlerr/, and I promise you that you will not be …

  6. mbutlerr



    For the PhotoBlitz Assignment, which is where you had to photograph as many pictures as possible in twenty minutes but rather than focusing on the artsy fartsy side, really just to have fun and be creative with the entire assignment. I was actually limited because I was stuck in my …

  7. mbutlerr

    A-Z Collage


    The A-Z Collage was one of the more inventive one of the visual assignments. I got find out some cool fruits vegetables (like uglifruit!), so it definitely made me more knowledgable. I also used paint for this and really got to play around with dimensions of each photo. At first …

  8. mbutlerr

    Before and After


    Out of all of the assignments, the Before and After was by far my favorite. I used a video of my pet turtle, Chiquis, as my inspiration. I had to to screen shot (thank you to CogDog for teaching me how to do that!), and than used this photoframe app …

  9. mbutlerr

    Color me pink :)


    Have you ever noticed how useful an iphone can be? I never truly realized it until I came to this class. One of my professor’s often says how there is more technology in your average smartphone than was needed to go to the moon. That is such a beautiful thing, …

  10. mbutlerr

    Car Lust


    Whenever I think of my dream car, I think of Mini Cooper’s. I know this is a joke to a lot of people especially since it’s not as lavish as most cars out there (Obviously no Mustang!) but I’m a rather petite girl, only about 5’1”. Whenever I get into …

  11. mbutlerr

    listen close, listen carefully


    The satisfaction of this weeks work comes in the physical form of a smile. As in a huge dorky smile that not only did I accomplish a buttload, I understood a buttload! I actually understood every single concept this week, yeah some of it was fuzzy, sure, I had to …

  12. mbutlerr

    Radio Show-OoOOOoo


    I made a very valid attempt to listen to ds106 radio this week but I have a pretty conflicting schedule (rugby, volunteering, and seventeen credits!). It covered a significant amount of random things, from songs the 80′s to an old woman stating how it much more beneficial it is to …

  13. mbutlerr

    Daily Create’s: Semana Cuatro


    Daily Create’s have always been the funnest thing around town, no? This week, for mine, I did an ACROSTIC poem (I used to love doing these at a young age!) I used the word Sweatpants, which is what I wear pretty much every cold winter day.

    Then I renamed a …

  14. mbutlerr

    Up from the ashes,? Grow the roses of success


    For this week, we had to watch a couple segments by Ira Glass, who talks about storytelling and what that entails. These videos were very powerful in that he describes how essential storytelling is, and how although many think that they have the right idea with it, they’re all …

  15. mbutlerr

    Radio Bumper!


    Okay, so this was much easier than everything else I’ve done in this class and the least stressing. To be honest, I had fun, weird right? Definitely not used to that just yet, especially since I wasn’t aware that was allowed to be happen just yet. Anyways! I was watching …

  16. mbutlerr

    Week threethreethreee


    In attempt to not sound too pathetic, I would like to say this week was..interesting? Definitely more work than I had anticipated. Although it felt like a relief, having bootcamp over with, I have to admit I miss the hand-holding a little. NONETHELESS, I got it done! AND I’M ALIVE …

  17. mbutlerr

    Shape of Stories


    The most puzzling piece of work this week would have to be the Kurt Vonnegut video. I know it should have been a rather simple message, one that I’m sure most got the first time around watching it, I didn’t get it until the second (maybe third time) around. …

  18. mbutlerr

    Jealous of the retired DS106ers? You bet


    You know what’s intimidating? Looking at previous work from those of the previous DS106 class. Honestly though. I could not help but feel like I have these giant shoes to fill! Obviously it was not all bad. A lot of things I saw from graduates of this class was pretty …

  19. mbutlerr

    Too Curious Sparky?


    Sparky was a good dog. The best actually. He never did his business inside the house, he almost always behaved, and never drank out of the toilet(..Except for every once in awhile). Sparky, however, had one small quirk that made him hard to watch and that was that Sparky is …

  20. mbutlerr



    Storytelling..What is storytelling? The first thing that comes into mind is The Stone Ages. Ya know, sitting by a fire, and long before writing was a thing and the best way to pass on anything (legends, fables, or to just tell stories in the down time). Although written language had …

  21. mbutlerr

    WEEK TWO: done and over with! (still alive!!)

    Week two of DS 106 and I can happily say I have gotten the hang of all the general stuff. That being said, I’m sure there’s still a buttload I have to learn. For example, GIFS. Can everyone please take a moment of silence for all those brave people that…

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