1. mbutlerr

    Put a pretty little bow on it too!


    WEEK 10…actually sounds a lot more depressing than it should. EEK, not ready for this, so overwhelming even though it should be getting easier. However, I’m not doubting myself, I have more faith than ever! But this week revolved all around movies, seems basic enough right? If thought that it …

  2. mbutlerr

    Pre-Production is my middle name…Sort of.


    The best way to prepare for something is to plan, plan, plan, and then plan some more! That’s what this next assignment is about, planning out the next week that I’m not completely frazzled in actually doing these assignments! Video assignments are by far the most time consuming, especially since …

  3. mbutlerr

    Genre, genre, what’s YOUR genre?


    There was genres for everything or at least all the good things in life: books, movies, music, so on and so forth! They exist all around. One of the most popular places? Our very own Youtube! This week had an assignment in which we had to review some other Youtube …

  4. mbutlerr

    WikiAddict (exploring a movie and beyooond!)


    This was possibly the best part of this week’s assignment just because I’m a total Wikipedia junkie. I know some people are hesitant because any regular joe could go and mess around with a page but if I was reading Lincoln’s wiki page and in the middle of it, it …

  5. mbutlerr

    The best thing’s come in three!


    Analyze the camera work :  The first part of this assignment was to listen to it with the volume all the way down, paying special attention to camera angles, the film “tone”, and the various camera switchings throughout the clip. Prior to watching this clip, I watched this clip on …

  6. mbutlerr

    Wrapping it up!



    But not quite there! And I say this happily, especially since ds106 has only gotten easier and easier with the weeks coming! This past week was not as frustrating as others have been but maybe it’s because I’m becoming more tech savvy? (knock on wood!) …

  7. mbutlerr

    Wonderous Webby Web Work


    This week has taken a completely different turn from the last but if you’ve been keeping up with ds106, you should know by now this is nothing new. This week involved getting involved with the web and really taking it into our own hands. One of the assignments was Story

  8. mbutlerr

    Constructively criticizing


    For this week, I was to evaluate a group from the radio shows, and thank god Alan picked for us because I don’t think I would be able to pick one from all the one’s I heard the other night! For this assignment, I’m going to do a rubric and …

  9. mbutlerr



    One of the assignments for this week was to do five stars, of our choice as usual. I decided to do the Youtube It Your Way Assignment, which involves picking a favorite video (for which I choose Bath Time!) but the kick is to alter the webpage so that …

  10. mbutlerr

    two weeks in one summary!


    Audio weeks is over, and this time unlike last time, I’m actually sad to see it go. I thought visual week was the best but I think these past couple of weeks had so much audio packed into that the practice made me more confident with Audacity and working with …

  11. mbutlerr

    Jukebox, anyone?


    I decided to do a radio commercial that had to do with the past, since that was my main contribution to the group. So I made my commercial on jukebox ( a commodity during the 1950′s!) and decided that it would be much more relevant to my time period this …

  12. mbutlerr

    Daily Creatin’ it


    So the past couple of weeks have been pretty chaotic, and since the main has been audio, I decided to not focus on audio on my DC’s so that I could the best of multiple world’s, aka visual. I also wanted to dip into the next

    First DC to kick …

  13. mbutlerr

    Ringtone tonin it


    One of my favorite things to do in my free time is take one of my favorite songs and make it into a ringtone. It’s a simple process through itunes that doesn’t involve much work, or at least it doesn’t anymore since I do it so frequently. So when I …

  14. mbutlerr

    Five sound story!


    An essential apart of audio is being able to tell a story without verbal communication. i.e., without saying anything. For this audio assignment, the goal is to create a story with sound effects. The catch? You must use a minimum of five sounds without any verbal communication. Easier said …

  15. mbutlerr

    ds106 bumper!


    So today I finished my ds106 radio bumper for the radio show! It didn’t take so long since I’ve had a significant amount of practice with audacity, and I’m fairly decent with it. For my sound bit, I downloaded the instrumental version of “Fine by Me” by Andy Grammar, and …

  16. mbutlerr

    Divying up the dirty deeds


    So Team Awesome has a pretty solid idea of what we’re doing. In case you previously missed our ideas, I’ll lay it out again. We plan on doing a into the future and into the past radio drama, with loads of comedy and funny tidbits, with some actual facts buried …

  17. mbutlerr

    weeek six! (almost there!)


    This week was being testy for me. Although I tried a couple of times throughout the week to download GIMP, it was being more difficult than helpful. I managed to use to for leftover design assignments but since it took so long to get working, it made it hard to …

  18. mbutlerr

    Radio Show Plans


    Here’s a sneak peak at our plans for the radio show! Thus far, it’s only me and @confusedeasily, however, if our group members are reading this…please feel free to come back! We’ve done a significant amount of work, such as our group logo (we chose Jazmin’s!)

    However, here’s mine in …

  19. mbutlerr

    Rugby on!


    The bumper sticker assignment…Is it okay to say that I firmly love bumper stickers? NO SHAME. i thoroughly enjoy doing bumper stickers and collecting them in my own free time (which I will post a picture of on flickr so that no one thinks I’m obsessed without merit…) ANYWAYS, …

  20. mbutlerr

    do vegetarians eat animal crackers?


    How much fun is GIMP? Well, when its not crashing, incredibly fun. I especially had fun manipulating the layers during this assignment. Although GIMP decided to give me a hard time, it was well worth the wait. I went through a couple sayings in my mind before I settled …

  21. mbutlerr



    The assignment was to take a word and emphasize, with just the font. No frills, no bells, no whistles. Instead, use the size to manipulate the way it would appear. I picked poppysmic (poppysmic: produced by smacking the lips) to stress for this assignment. I used Didot, a sort of …

  22. mbutlerr

    Designa Safari-a?


    Design is everywhere. Just like audio, and visual except design is up to each person to decide where it comes from. However, rather than to let us go off on our own tangents about what we think design is, we learned a couple of essential design vocabulary so I didn’t …

  23. mbutlerr

    Daily Create’s!


    Design week + DC’s, who doesn’t love that combo? Design week is almost as good as visual, not as good but close enough. So I tried to incorporate it into my DC’s but I also wanted to have some fun with them.

    I started off with the picture of cousin’s …

  24. mbutlerr

    Six-Word Memoir


    This was the six-word memoir, the assignment details are here. A huge part of my personality is my heritage. Although I’m second-generation American, I’m still very aware of my Mexican culture and all that it has to offer. So I decided to take an image of the border, and …

  25. mbutlerr

    Guess that movie, did you guess it?


    This assignment involved telling a story through four icons, which seems simple enough, right? Wrong. It is actually a lot harder than it appears. Most movies are not basic enough to entirely depict through four simple frames, let alone through icons! I tried this twice, using google images and clip …

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