1. @lshaikh26

    My interest in photography!


    Photography is an art that I was never interested in, as a profession. Although I take a lot of pictures of me and my family to capture the memorable moments we spend together, these pictures do not have a depth that a professional person would like to see. So, I …

  2. @KaseyMayer

    Saturated Sunset


    For my last assignment, I chose a two star photo editing assignment that said we needed to switch up the mood of a picture. For this assignment I used a free photo editing software to adjust certain aspect of the first image to change the mood. I played with contrast, …

  3. @Hannah Woehrle



    This assignment was a lot of fun. I liked how personal it was.

    The list I got was:

    Make a photo of something upside down that is never seen that way. Your most prized possession. Make a photo containing or suggesting fire and/or smoke Take a photo of two things…
  4. @ldeitrick

    Weekly Summary #4


    Wow was this week jam-packed. Then again, I might have become a little obsessive with the assignments this week. Like, say I’ll work on a project for one hour and spend four hours kind of obsessive – but that passion, right? Right?!

    Anyway…… I started the week blogging about “…

  5. @Ms_AmandaP

    Ready, set, photoblitz!

    ake a photograph of the front of a building. Your feet, show what kind of day you’re having Trees come in all shapes and sizes. Make a photo of an interesting tree. Tell the story of a place in a single photo Make a photo of a scene looking out…