1. @KaseyMayer

    Pollock Hurricane Ispiration



    I pulled inspiration from the painting Full Fathom Five by Jackson Pollock.

    Earlier in the semester I created a sound sample of my character’s, Weather Woman, power using only things right next to me. For this remix, it said to pull inspiration from a Jackson Pollock painting. I …

  2. @edorman

    Week 12 Summary


    The mash-up were hard not because of the assignments themselves but because all the image editors I tried were nearly impossible to work with tool and UI wise. I swear I’ve had better luck doing picture editing in Word and PowerPoint…

    Otherwise, everything else went smoothly.

    Mash-up: Holiday Mash up

  3. @Eric Dorman

    Remix: Cotisuelto


    Cotisuelto: a Spanish Caribbean word :one who wears the shirt tail outside their trousers. It describes a certain fashion among young men these days.

    Since the original assignment was a visual assignment and the remix asks for a change of media. I did this as a visual assignment.

  4. @Hannah Woehrle

    Week 12


    I’m so tired.

    This week, for god knows what reason, I decided to do all of my assignments before doing any of the blog posts. Experimentation I guess?

    I started out with the “One Movie Watches Another” assignment, which was 3.5 stars.

    Then I did the “Audio

  5. @Hannah Woehrle



    For my final mashup assignment this week, I did the “What Color is Your World?” assignment. I chose the color blue, because that’s my character Little Rascal’s favorite color.

    I took pictures throughout the day (at work ,at lunch, at home) of blue objects and uploaded them into a video. …

  6. @Hannah Woehrle

    Inappropriate Laughter


    For my third assignment, I did the “Inappropriate Laughter” assignment. I had to find a dramatic scene, and the saddest movie scene I could think of was from “My Girl”.  I was able to find the “He can’t see without his glasses” scene on youtube, and I found a good …

  7. @Hannah Woehrle

    Pills for the Mad Hatter


    For my second mashup assignment, I did the “Audio & Music Video Mashup” assignment.

    The first thing I did was check out some Melanie Martinez music videos, because her videos are always visually engaging. The “Mad Hatter” video is particularly dynamic, especially because the theme of insanity can work with …