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  1. @HumIsDum

    The Harv’s Island Theme Sounds Very Familiar…

    by Thomas Pulsifer For Audra Young’s 4-star prompt, “Similar Songs,” I was trying to think of what songs I might know that sound just like another song. After struggling to think of an example, I decided to take a break and play the recently-updated Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In the game, I visited the homeContinue reading "The Harv’s Island Theme Sounds Very Familiar…"
  2. @eendip

    I’m Ready for My Closeup – Remix

    So I decided to remix the “I’m Ready for My Closeup” mashup assignment where you “take a dramatic closeup of anyone’s face – an actor’s, a friend’s, your own – and superimpose a landscape or scene over the face. Since this is a mashup, get crazy with it. Take two completely unrelated images and put...
  3. @jwcpsc

    Mash-Up Assignment: Favorite Movie Clip

    For this assignment I decided to go with one of my all time favorite movies Harry Potter, I just chose the first one, and edit some of my favorite movie clips from the movie that explain the plot. I decided to focus more on the first half of the movie just to keep the video …
  4. @PabloMccrimmon


    For my second mashup assignment, I created a short talking animal segment. Specifically, I took footage of my cat Dinah me0wing and overdubbed various iterations of Marlon Brando’s “Stella!” from A Streetcar Named Desire (1951). More like A Streetcat Named Dinah, am I right? Initially, I was only going to use Brando, but I ultimately […]
  5. @jwcpsc

    Mash-up Assignments Remix: Is This The Right Movie/Turn Up The Cheese

    I saw this assignment and I immediately got an idea to create a summer/ spooky contradiction movie poster. I clicked the remix button just to see what it would give and then decided to roll with the remix and make it extra cheesy. I was using instagram as an editing program for the picture so …

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