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  1. @samprice_ds106

    Website Mash-Up

    For this assignment, we had to mash up two website logos to create a new logo and a new site for the new logo. For this one, I started with just wanting to mash-up Google and Facebook. But I wanted to take a step further and also mash Instagram into there. Here is the logo when it was just Google and Facebook: I used the font from Facebook and the colors from Google. Then I decided to combine instagram to it as well. Here is that one: For this one, I used the colors of the work from Google, kept […]
  2. @samprice_ds106

    Logo Switch Up

    For this assignment, we had to take one brand’s advertisement for another brand and replace the logo of another brand. I had a lot of fun with this assignment. I started off by doing some research on what logos looked similar, and to my surprise, there are quite a few (as long as some lawsuits that went along with it). I decided to combine the logos for PayPal and Pandora. They are both super similar. Here they are originally, side by side. Next, I took the above images into photoshop and cropped the parts of the logo I wanted to […]
  3. @samprice_ds106

    Animoji Karaoke

    Have an iPhone? Create yourself using Apple’s Animoji and sing or lip sing to your favorite song! Save the video and upload it to your blog. Make sure to include 1) Why do you think your character looks like you? 2) Why did you chose this song? This mashup includes elements from video, audio, and written work.  For this assignment, we had to record ourselves as an Animoji doing karaoke to a song. I think the character looks like me because I designed it to look just like me! I chose the pale skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes. I […]

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