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  1. @ds106_mckayla

    Animoji Karaoke.

    This is the original assignment worth 5 stars. With my iPhone XS, I created myself using Apple’s Animoji. I decided to listen and lip sing the song, “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey from the 80s. I saved the video and uploaded it onto YouTube and my google drive. I answered the questions, ” Why do you think your character looks like you?” “Why did you chose this song?” This mashup includes elements from video, audio, and written work that I created all on my iPhone.  I created my own personal emoji with blonde hair and blue eyes. I chose to
  2. @jupiter_pop

    SWITCHING UP LOGOS (and channels)

    ♪ Four, three, two, oneEarth below usDrifting, fallingFloating, weightlessSwitching up, switching up home ♪ Peter “Melody” Schilling I switched things up a bit for my last mashup and did Logo Switch Up! Details for this assignment are as follows: “Use one brand’s advertisement for another brand by replacing the logo of one brand with the […]
  3. @jupiter_pop

    I GUESS THAT’S WHY THEY CALL IT (the contest nobody could win)

    ♪ And I guess that’s why they call it the contest nobody could winTime on my hands could be time spent with youLaughing like children, living like loversRolling like thunder under the coversAnd I guess that’s why they call it the contest nobody could win ♪ Elton “Melody” John It’s time to play, ‘Guess That […]
  4. @ds106_mckayla

    Story through text.

    This assignment was 5 stars and here is the original link. This is what it asked me to do, “Chances are you’ve probably seen those creepy ads on YouTube which tells horror stories through text. Now it’s your turn to tell a story. It can be horror, comical, or serious… it is up to you! Grab a friend (or two phones and text yourself back and forth) and text each other to tell a story. Before you start texting, make sure to turn on the camera so you can record the story or download an app to record your screen.”
  5. @yarasaleh68

    Tutorial on “Storytelling Through Text”

    Are you having trouble on figuring out how to create a story told through text? Read this tutorial and maybe it’ll help! This comes down to a couple steps:1) Figure out your story2) Figure out how you’re doing this3) Find a friend(s)4) Do the assignment5) Edit and upload! For the first three steps, it’s all …

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  6. @yarasaleh68

    I Have to Tell You Something…

    Have you ever seen those videos of stories told through texts? They’re pretty much everywhere. But have you ever thought about creating your own? Now, that’s a whole other thing. I have, and this is the video I created. Choosing this was super easy for me. I always saw the adds for Hooked and others …

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