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  1. @CarbonCarmen725

    It’s Only a Superpower if it Makes you Lazier

    Assignment: Everyone has a superpower that they’d love to have. Show yours in a mashup by editing at least two photos together to show how you’d yours in an everyday situation. For this Assignment I thought back and forth about what my superpower could be, there are so many options available. Of course this …
  2. @CarbonCarmen725

    Animal Planet Meets Deer, John Deer

    Assignment: Use one brand’s advertisement for another brand by replacing the logo of one brand with the logo of another. Be creative and try to pick similar logos that could look correct in the advertisement if we did not already have the brand awareness! This was one of my favorite assignments because I loved …
  3. @camowalker22

    Week 12: Mashups and Remixes

    Remix It: Put a ‘stache on it.”Song: Tequila by The ChampsI had to create myself in the animoji app and then I found the facial hair section and chose the classic mustache. Its basically Christmas now so I had to put the Santa hat on. ...
  4. @tlengel2

    Scary Story Through Text [?????]

    This assignment was a lot of fun! The challenge behind this was to approach storytelling through a text conversation. Everyone has seen text message stories online. Now, I created one! I used an online creator to make this happen, and I really enjoyed how user friendly it is. Hope you enjoy this suspenseful story!! Below, … Continue reading "Scary Story Through Text [★★★★★]"

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