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  1. @sunglasses260

    30 seconds of… (Part 2): Christian rock music

    For my next creation of my 3-part post series “30 seconds of…”, check out a mix of Christian AND rock music! To read about how I decided on this assignment and the mashups I’d do, as well as how I made the mashups, check out Part 1: Christian contemporary music. However, I’ll include the instructions […]
  2. @sunglasses260

    30 seconds of… (Part 1): Christian contemporary music

    This is the first in a series of 3 posts with the same assignment, but the assignment is done differently each time. As per the title, first up is a set of Christian contemporary music. When I saw the assignment “10 second song mashup” in the ds106 assignment bank, I thought, “Huh. That sounds like […]
  3. @sunglasses260

    Mix ‘Em Up

    This assignment was one of my own creation, because I didn’t see anything quite like this in the ds106 assignment bank. It’s pretty straightforward: mashup two songs that are similar to each other (regardless of if it’s the same artist or if the artists are different). These are the details of the assignment I created, […]
  4. @AJSt0rm

    Spanish Music, English Video Remix

    This music video was one of my favorites to create. The powerful song paired with the two videos I chose almost made me cry every time I watched it during production. This work is based on a remix of the “Audio and Music Video Mashup” using the remix card “In another language.” The general idea …
  5. @AJSt0rm

    Only Pick your Favorite Scenes… Good Luck Narrowing That Down

    If you’re like me, you like watching your favorite scenes from movies over and over again. Thus, when I saw the prompt “Favorite Movie Clip,” I was really excited to find all of my favorite scenes from Home and compile them into one epic mashup. The challenge specifically mentioned telling the story through the clips …
  6. @jclark22umw

    Confusing Poster


    My third mashup assignment this week is the “Is this the right movie?” assignment. My brother and I love the movie Alien, so I decided to create a poster with images an fonts that seem completely opposite of the movie plot itself. I used the collage maker app to do this. It was very easy! […]

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  7. @jclark22umw

    Super Jordan!


    The Superhuman in Everyday Life looked fun! I would choose cloning. For this, I set up my phone and took 4 pictures of myself doing various things in my bedroom. I then used the android photo editing app on my phone to create stickers of the sections of my room each of the me’s was […]

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  8. @actuallyjonathanpulido


    The picture you are seeing in the background is second lieutenant Caron Nazario. He was a victim of racial profiling by the Windsor P.D. this past December. During what seemed like a regular traffic stop, the officers came out og their car guns drawn demanding Nazario to step out of […]
  9. @AndrewWaite17

    Tis The Holiday Season… Not Really

    This is a Mashup Assignment where we needed to combine Christmas, St. Patricks Day, and Thanksgiving. This was an easy and fun assignment. I created this on Canva. I made the background green for St. Patricks day while also adding snowflakes throughout. I then added a Santa Hat to the turkey which is pretty funny.… Continue reading Tis The Holiday Season… Not Really

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