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  1. @hrashhDS106

    WEEK TWELVE: Karaoke & Bollywood Mashups/Remixes

    This week one of the assignments we were given was to choose assignments from the “Mashup Assignments” section in the assignment bank. All of the assignments combined have to have a total of eight stars. The assignments I chose were “Buffalax!” (3 stars) and “Animoji Karaoke” (5 stars). Additionally, I chose to do two remixes from previous assignments. The assignments […]
  2. @ari_squared

    Luigi’s Crossing: Animal Mansion 3

    Assignment I chose to complete the Mashup Assignment Video Game Cover Mashup for 3.5 stars. This assignment caught my attention as I had already done a video game related post this semester: Animal Crossing New Horizons: Video Game Review. Summary: This assignment will be completed through the use of photoshop. Take two existing video game […]
  3. @jclark22umw

    Kentucky Fried Chicken in a Pizza Hut


    Recently a song from kindergarten has been stuck in my head, so I thought the Logo Switch Up assignment would be a wonderful opportunity to share it with you all! First I found my two logos, thanks to google images that was easy. Then, into the android photo editing app I went, and made stickers […]

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  4. @CarbonCarmen725

    Marine Sky

    Mashup assignment Not sure if this was one of the mashup assignments…. So, I taught myself how to mask a picture/video. I’m not that good but I did something simple. It was actually fun to do and I did so many of them as practice. This technique wasn’t bad, I had trouble changing the video Read More
  5. @rachelds106

    emoji comparison

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (I’m rating it a 2 personally) Hey guys! So this assignment was very simple and easy to do. I just had to take a picture of a friend doing something in the moment that looks like one of the emojis on a phone. My sister was with me doing her homework when I found this assignment, and I asked for her help. She told me her favorite emoji was the one smirking with sunglasses on, so she found a pair and I took a picture of her! These are the results:  Since this assignment was very easy and done in two seconds, I chose to do a third assignment to do, so that will be my next post!  What is your favorite emoji? 
  6. @rachelds106

    80’s movie scene mashup

    ✰✰✰✰   For this assignment, I chose to combine two famous 80’s movie scenes into one picture. I’ve seen this picture of the scene many times, just in pictures and references on blog posts, etc., but I’ve actually never seen the movie itself (Say Anything). Maybe it’ll be the next quarantine movie I’ll watch! I tried to make it look like these two were jamming out to music together and trying to get someone’s attention. I got both pictures from Pinterest and edited it using PicsArt on my phone. I think the lower part of Bender’s body up until it reaches his arm looks pretty realistic. It was hard to crop his arm and the head, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I chose these two scenes because I figured it would be easier to make it look like one whole picture with people who were presenting in similar positions (standing), wearing similar clothing (the coats). To me, they honestly look like they could be friends! I had thoughts at first about putting the guy with the boombox (not sure his name) in Bender’s end scene (on the football field) but I thought that background with the car might’ve made that more difficult to do.  Let me know what you think!  If you’ve seen both of these movies, which do you […]

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