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  1. @Riley80256802


    This week I was asked to complete and design a tutorial on an assignment that I thought was tough throughout the semester. I took a little spin on this and I made a tutorial on the tool I used the most throughout the semester and that is the Adobe Phot...
  2. @tiffmooree

    Animoji Karaoke

    Stars: 5 This assignment was super easy! The hardest part was finding a phone to do it with. I don’t have a phone with Animoji, so I had to use my boyfriends phone. He agreed immediately, but I didn’t want him to see me make a fool of myself! I went into the bathroom and used my phone to play the music, while using his to record my animoji. We had to fiddle around with the app, because it wasn’t working properly, but eventually got it to work. Then I sent it to myself and saved it from my laptop. Overall, this assignment was waaaaaay too cringe for my liking, but it was the first time I’ve used Animoji! I don’t know if ill ever use it again, its too creepy (especially when you stick out the tongue!).

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