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  1. amiddlet50

    Crashing or connecting? Navigating the #twalk boundaries

    The #connectedlearning space, in its many and various meanings, is central to my thinking about the future classroom. This is obviously epitomised in the concept of the #twalk. It was lovely to hear that Alex Spiers was leading a Twalk … Continue reading
  2. @tabbycat07

    It’s Movie Time

    So far this week, we have been learning about motion pictures and how to analyze and edit them. Started it out by reading a short piece by film critic, Robert Ebert. Lights! Cameras! Action! I genuinely enjoyed his essay. I thought the article would be dry and just spouting out random facts about film analyzing, Read More
  3. @tabbycat07

    Audio Time

    What a start to the week. We hit it off with learning about audio, which was similar to learning about design, creating emotion and connections with the audience. Listening to Jad Abumrad and reading tips for audio editing was very enjoyable and engaging. I had a page understanding that a lot of work went into Read More
  4. @tabbycat07

    Week 2 End

    It is that time of the week again. Time to summarize what I have done since Wednesday. First, I completed two daily creates, which can be found on my Twitter. These two were all about design and romance. @ds106dc #tdc2335 #ds106 Congratulations #alanandcori — Abby Brock (@tabbycat07) June 1, 2018 I made a wedding Read More
  5. @tabbycat07

    Ode to Aphrodite and Other Words

    It is that time of the day again. Today`s daily create was to create our own flower. Flowers have a soft and romantic feeling for me, so I used and pasted Ode to Aphrodite by Sappho and other Latin words associated with love. ODE TO APHRODITE Aphrodite, subtle of soul and deathless, Daughter of God, Read More
  6. amiddlet50

    Global #Twalkday

    Global #Twalkday Wednesday 3rd October 2018 Theme: Doing, being, becoming, belonging and connecting Time: 3pm GMT (but options for other time zones to be decided) What is Twalkday? The Twalk will be co-ordinated globally and is planned to coincide with … Continue reading
  7. amiddlet50

    #minitwalk demonstrates the flexibility of the #twalk model at #socmedhe17

        Since our first successful use of the #twalk model in May 2017, a number of #twalks have used the model in different situations. Our experience and understanding of the #twalk is growing. A number of us involved in … Continue reading
  8. @eafinto

    Week 5: We Did It Guys

    Once again, we have reached the end of another week surviving The End. This week, the focus was on learning all about audio! I’ll say this. I’ve become much more comfortable with using different audio platforms such as SoundCloud and Audacity. I used to hate recording my voice and then having to listen to my […]
  9. @ashedwardz

    Daily Create (1-3)

    All robots are entitled to creative freedom, so long that it doesn't interfere with the laws previously stated #ds106 #tdc2065 — Ashley Edwards (@ashedwardz) September 4, 2017 floccinaucinihilification (n.): rare. the estimation of something as valueless. #ds106 #tdc2066 #pronunciationfail — Ashley Edwards (@ashedwardz) September 5, 2017 harsh truth-[Read more]

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