1. @erincaine3

    Artistic Thoughts


    I am a silent artist; the kind who will draw and paint but not speak or sing. I’ve never considered myself an “artist”, just someone who enjoyed art classes her whole life. I am definitely not a musician, or an actress, or a dancer, but I have never thought much …

  2. @WorldEmpress1

    Farewell Cruel World!


    So eventually we are all going to die. That sucks, right? Well, I guess if nothing else can be done to stop our inevitable demise we can at least figure out some of the things we want to do before we die. One way one can accomplish this is by …

  3. @katiereif6

    The Waitress


    For context, the following scene takes place during the events of Marvel’s Avengers.

    Sadie knew she shouldn’t have reacted how she did, but she was just so angry at it all she couldn’t help but storm out. You don’t say, “I love you,” to your ex, especially in front of …

  4. @ChianeseCecilia

    Visual Assignment


    GIF from my favorite movie!

    The first assignment I choose from the assignment bank was a visual one! More specifically, the directions were too add a gif of your most or least favorite movie!

    This was a little overwhelming for me to have to choose just ONE movie because I …

  5. @StarTaytu

    Biggest Book in the World-TDC

    January 18, 2022

    For today’s Daily Create, my answer was simple. There was a huge book. It needed a title. The only possible title that came to mind was Words Unspoken. I believe the thoughts we keep to ourselves and the words that remain unspoken are so vast that all …

  6. @StarTaytu

    BlockChain Shcmock Chain -TDC

    January 18, 2022

    The daily create for today was why a block of chains was important. The first thing that came to mind was friendship bracelets and necklaces that my best friend and I used to make as kids.

    My best friend and I have known each other since the …

  7. @ammmybrookeee

    View From The Asylum

    AnimatedGIF Assignment #1

    “Van Gogh painted the view from his east-facing window in the asylum 21 times.”


    I chose to animate The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh into a gif. I didn’t think I was going to put literal stars in the sky, until I began reading more …

  8. @Bendire Thrasher

    Dum-Dums are my Marlboros. 


    I am the kind of artist that doesn’t smoke. I know that might sound strange but for some reason, my mental image of an artist always has a cigarette in the frame. Just a plain nicotine cigarette, probably bought at the closest gas station or drug store, hanging on the …

  9. @WorldEmpress1

    Now You See Me, Now You Don’t


    Spiders are capable of a great many things. For example, take Misumena, otherwise known as Flower Crab Spider, is an amazing type of spider that is capable of changing its color to match the flower it is hiding in. It is one of the few spiders in the world with …

  10. @cooper_llindsay

    Courtney Cox or Lindsay Cooper?


    I was raised on classic rock music. I remember listening to all the classics on car rides, around the house, or any time my parents had an excuse to put on music. I would hear them talk about all the concerts they had been too and how amazing they were, …

  11. @WorldEmpress1

    Finding My Way


    I’m not sure if I would consider myself an artist, but I would like to be an artist that dabbles in various kinds of designs. I think I would like to be an artist who does not set out with a particular goal in mind but rather discovers a place …

  12. @WorldEmpress1



    Forests can sometimes have a dreamlike quality to them, but what if you could make one more dreamlike?

    Sometimes walking in a forest can feel like this-


    Even if in reality the forest looks like this-

    Feeling as if you have stumbled into a fantastical world is part of …

  13. paul bond

    Going off script


    For today’s Daily Create, I pretty much immediately decided I wanted to make a word cloud of the Joy of Painting. So I went to a random episode and opened up the transcript on Youtube and copied it. The TDC prompt linked to an archived version of the original …

  14. @nalujoprojects

    Week 1 Summary


    This week was a lot of setting up account and making introductions. My introduction post included links to all of my new social media accounts, as well as some of my old projects I’m really proud of.

    It’sa me!

    I also watched “A Spring Touched Day” and wrote about some …

  15. @BriannaDAlbis

    Week 1 Summary


    Setting up my site

    WordPress is one of the most infuriating programs I have ever encountered. I rage deleted my website THREE TIMES because I would get so frustrated and annoyed. It is honestly a miracle that this site is up at all. I think it turned out pretty nice, …

  16. @nalujoprojects

    Goals for this Semester


    I really like filmmaking and would love to one day get involved with cinematography, which is part of why I’m really excited for this course! I want to learn more about how to visually and digitally communicate stories. I also dabble in glitch art, which usually leans more towards digital …

  17. @BriannaDAlbis

    The Joys of Painting: Wilderness Falls


    Bob Ross was the king, the god, the founder of the most popular genre of videos on the Internet: doing a mindless/calming task while talking about literally anything. What separates Bob from everyone else is that his art and commentary are meaningful and worth absorbing. You can actually learn something …

  18. @Tillysisland

    Week 1 – Looking Back


    Week 1 served to be a great introduction to things, not only in terms of expectations regarding assignments and effort, but also simply getting to know Professor Whalen and beginning to loosely connect with other students. Even with something as simple as sharing our Wordle scores, I feel instantly more …

  19. @nalujoprojects

    A bit of philosophy for a spring-touched day


    Bob Ross’s dulcet tones seem to be the perfect medium to convey life advice. Between his unbothered brushstrokes and lovingly aggressive brush whacking, Bob rattles off some one liners to, with some interpretation, live by.

    “When we use this big old two inch brush,

    it really doesn’t take too long …

  20. @BriannaDAlbis

    Course Goals


    I am taking Digital Studies 106 because I am minoring in Digital Studies. Additionally, when I had my first advisor meeting when I transferred to UMW, the advisor said that this was one of the hardest classes to get into because of how popular it was. Naturally, I wanted in. …

  21. @BriannaDAlbis



    Hallå där. That’s Swedish for “well, hello there”.

    When you look at a personality alignment chart, I am considered chaotic neutral. I personally prefer to describe myself as controlled chaos. Unsurprisingly, when a business opened up near me that allowed you to smash things, I booked an appointment right away.…