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  1. jreingol

    Missing Visuals


    On the one hand it’s great to not have to worry about video or images when it comes to working with audio but since it’s not quite my forte I will say I am glad we are finished with the radio show. Here’s what I did this past week for …

  2. sandyjensen

    A True Lies Review of The Wire


    October 9, 2014 Today’s Daily Create is a writing challenge:
    (Don’t) describe #wire106
    That @jimgroom (and @paulbond) are running “Wire106,” all about TV drama “The Wire.” They love that show. Bless ‘em. Describe “The Wire” in a way that is almost entirely lies.

    Aim to entirely confuse any person who …

  3. killacarms

    How Design Week Ruined My Life


    Kidding. Design Week didn’t ruin my life. But i grabbed your attention, right? Yeah, i did. Believe it or not, Design Week was fun. I messed around with different tools and effects and overall enhanced my awesome skills. If it were up to me, i would wish that design week …

  4. thelaceman



    This week we had to listen to DS106Radio. I found the whole experience somewhat confusing. Looking at the status page still made it unclear who was actually the host and also I was not sure when the show was live or not. I tuned in on two separate occasions.…

  5. jreingol

    Audio is difficult.



    I made a Freesound account!

    Live Tweeting

    On Wednesday night I listened to Season 2 Episode 3 of The Wire on DS106 Radio and live tweeted it.

     Reflection to lecture

    Here is my reflection post to the Jennifer Ralston interview: Sound is Under Appreciated


    Here are the three …

  6. tmobaird

    Liberating Students


    I have recently read the article titled A Personal Cyberinfrastructure by Gardner Campbell, along with watching the video of his lecture from OpenEd 2009. The least I can say is that I am immensely impressed with the things that he has presented. I can definitely say that his ideals are …

  7. kriezl

    kriezl’s digital expressway…


    is what comes to mind when the term personal cyberinfrastructure is used. an expressway is a highway designed for fast traffic with its own designed exits and entrances. basically, the Mixing Bowl is what comes to mind when the term ‘cyberinfrastructure’ is used. is that weird?

    well, when i think …

  8. cathleennardi



    In Week 2 of DS106 Bootcamp, Gardner Campbell encourages us to become architects of our own digital lives.

    I spent the week “breaking ground.”  I worked on a new image for my blog, I looked for new blogs to follow, I assembled the arsenal of digital tools that I will…
  9. pomathorn

    Beyond the Digital Facelift


    This week, week two of the Headless DS106 Bootcamp, one of our tasks was to listen a recording of a talk that Gardner Campbell gave at OpenEd 2009, entitled “No Digital Facelifts“. Although many great ideas percolated through this presentation, I decided to focus on one small portion …

  10. joe finucan

    Gardner Campbell, You’re My Hero


    I mean that.  I love the sarcasm.  I share the frustrations.  And, Gardner’s right on when it comes to many things. Bags of Gold I had about 15 minutes available to me, so I watched the 1:10 remix of Gardner’s, Bag of Gold (video below) comments first.  My initial thought …

  11. Jessica Ledford

    Mr. Freak!


     Episode #014

    Scott! 17 minutes?! Holy cow!

    Loved this Intro from Obler! (haha! I spelled it right!) This was great! Yes! 2 weeks is finished! I can’t believe it! Aw! But Scott your doing so much work! You’re doing a great job! I am so glad you love what you …

  12. Jessica Ledford

    Closing off the week



    What do I have to say about..

     Gardner Campbell’s essay and video

    The impossible is what the brain tends to struggle grasping. The ideas that are beyond an individual’s knowledge create this atmosphere that they are unable to accomplish it or it is just that, impossible.  Our world struggles …

  13. Seth Goodman

    Lola Coffee


    Lola Coffee is such a wonderfully local coffeehouse that it is located at the intersection of local and local. Nestled into the corner of 3rd Avenue and Roosevelt, this coffeehouse is located within a stones throw of high density residences, historic neighborhoods, the Japanese Friendship Garden, the Irish Cultural Center, …

  14. Fandom Princess

    The Ice-Keeper


    Whilst the Fandom Princess was on her annual winter season break from her scholarly estate, she decided that she would stop by some of the local villages on her carriage ride back home and take a look  around at some of their ancient shops.

    At one particular town, she stepped …