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  1. @rm_giles

    Thoughts on the Theme:

    I love nothing more than to lose myself in a good story. As a kid, I had probably a dozen books of beautifully illustrated fairy tales, folk tales, legends, and mythology that I devoured and begged my parents to read to me again and again. Even now, I love a good myth or fairy tale. […]
  2. @fatolliecat


    I was super disappointed when folklore was removed from the Historic Preservation department. I love a good legend, or myth, or folktale (I think most historians do). We all have stories, we grow up on stories, we make our own stories. The world is layered with myths and legends. Some things are built on them.…
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  3. @FCMaisano

    The legendary ds106

    Let me start this by saying that I adore legends, myths and folklore. It is an interest of mine. In my mind, the older the better! I have spent many, many hours on the internet, particularly on Wikipedia, reading about this topic. I even took the Holy Grail FSEM last year here at UMW. I wish […]

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