1. Cole's DS106 Blog

    Mario And Friends Do Tomorrowland


    One day Mario, Luigi, and Peach were bored.  They sought to remedy this with something to do.  They stumbled across an ad for an electronic music festival called Tomorrowland.

    Electronic music being their favorite type of music–that is all they’ve listened to since they started out rescuing each other–they immediately …

  2. Cole's DS106 Blog

    Luigi Trips Balls


    I don’t think this was actually an assignment listed–might have been, might not.  Anyway, I took a couple videos off of youtube that involved Mario and Luigi and Peach, kept the music playing from the festival, mixed all the stuff up, then did some voice overs.  I did everything in …

  3. Princess Karissa

    I Am the Princess of ds106


    Well it’s the end of the ds106 season and I have to say that I am certainly the princess of ds106.

    So to begin this post I am going to start with a mathematical proof.

    Karissa is the princess of ds106

    ds106 is 4 life

    Thus, Karissa is a princess …

  4. Cole's DS106 Blog

    Walking to the Party


    For this part of the assignment, Mario, Luigi, and Peach are walking into the festival in Peach’s Castle.  I did everything in Audacity, blending a bunch of sounds together.  Here’s my workspace.

    I got all my sound effects from this website http://soundfxcenter.com

    And here is the final, complete sound …

  5. cogdog

    MOOC Fiction


    I dream of some magic hack that retweets this classic from Audrey Watters every time someone tweets/blogs/farts about MOOCs

    Say “MOOC” one more time twitter.com/audreywatters/…

    — Audrey Watters (@audreywatters) March 19, 2013

    We need more Jules. I am but a weak imitation, but over lunch could not rest (and actually …

  6. Cole's DS106 Blog

    The Festival


    I made a moving poster for the festival mario and luigi are going to.  Not really the original assignment, but it works the same.  For this, I took a bunch of things to get it all together.  First, I downloaded this jumping video off of youtube.

    Then, I took …

  7. Cole's DS106 Blog

    Running Around


    This part of my final project is the mario and luigi running to the festival in a GIF form.  I made it using the gif animator program I have.  The clip was loaded off of Youtube and then I cut it down using iMovie because it was too long.  The …

  8. Princess Karissa

    Oh What A Night


    I guess I should say oh what a morning. I pulled an all-nighter in order to finish my final project, but it was from Monday to Tuesday, so it wasn’t due to procrastination. I just simply wanted to get it done and was on a roll and I am not …

  9. Princess Karissa

    The World of Fate and Technology Collide


    Hello to my fellow ds106 readers. Today you are in store for a great story telling experience, my final project.

    Once upon a time there was a princess named Ariel. She was just 16 years old and was a very curious child who always wanted to explore the world around …

  10. Princess Karissa

    The Closing Ceremonies


    Yes, the end is almost near for me. Especially since I just finished making my last media portion of my final project, so I just have to tell the story and put it all together, which shouldn’t be too hard since I know this story back and forth since I …

  11. Princess Karissa

    Wedding Palooza!


    For my next assignment for my final project, I created a new assignment (yet again) which calls for creating an invitation to an event. I’m surprised that this wasn’t a design assignment already, but it doesn’t hurt to make a new one.

    *I suggest reading this post after you read …

  12. Princess Karissa

    I Wish I was 5’5? Tall


    I am six feet tall, and don’t get me wrong I love it. However, the princesses at Disney World have a height maximum, and being 6 feet tall means that I am way over the max. The day I found that out my heart shattered. I was so upset. However, …

  13. Princess Karissa

    I Only Do My Hair With a Dinglehopper


    The secret to my beautiful hair? The dinglehopper. Seriously, it works so well!!

    Don’t know what a dinglehopper is? Well here is an advertisement for it that you may see on a normal basis:

    Tricked you! You thought it’d be a real advertisement. Nope, believe it or not I made …

  14. klamb912

    Growing up with…Natalie Portman


    Natalie Portman

     I didn’t really grow up with her. But audiences were able to watch her grow up in film!  Natalie Portman has been acting since the mid/early 1990′s and is still appearing regularly in films today.

    For the “Growing Up With” assignment, I was required to mash …

  15. brittanydray

    It’s been real DS106


    This is so weird to think this will be my final post for DS106.  Where has the time gone? And how is it already finals week?   Here we go with my last weekly wrap up ever!!!

    What is Digital Storytelling?

    One of our final assignments was to talk a look …

  16. brittanydray

    Dear future DS106 Students


    Now that DS106 of almost officially over (just two blog posts left!) I am given the task to help give advice to future DS106ers.  Naturally since this is DS106 we cannot just write and tell future students what we advice we have for them, we have to make some sort …

  17. brittanydray

    Final Project Wrap-up!


    So my final project is officially done!!  I had a lot of fun making stuff for my girl Taylor (or whatever name the witness protection program has given her).

    My story post can be found here!! I encourage you to read it! I am quite happy with how it …

  18. brittanydray

    Are you there world? It’s me, Taylor.


    Hey Ya’ll,

    Let me start off by saying I am totally not supposed to be writing this.  To say things got out of hand quickly would be an understatement.  I’m supposed to be laying low and staying out of the spotlight in every way possible but days like this make …

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