1. kdex914

    Project Summary


    So, as mentioned before I chose to take Tony Soprano and put him in the future, 50 years from the end of the show.  I had him wake up from a coma, as (SPOILER ALERT) the ending was a bit open ended.  So I had him waking up, and checking …

  2. klamb912

    The Poster


    One day Ron saw a poster on the wall with his face on it, mocking him and telling him to go to school.

    This is his reaction to it:

    This one actually took the most steps to create.  I took a picture of Ron and made a poster out of …

  3. Fandom Princess

    The Beginning of the End


    Well, I struggled with this post because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to start it with a final Fandom Princess story, or if I just wanted to type it like a normal, regular post without a story. I decided to forgo the story, because the Fandom Princess and her …

  4. klamb912

    It’s All Over


    Ron attempted to win Veronica’s heart with the video, but it didn’t work.  During the middle of a nice date, she got up and left him at the table.  After making a complete 180, Veronica was cruel to him from that point forward.  There was no real reason for it …

  5. klamb912

    Ron’s Journey


    In his classes, Ron discovered that he had had a warped perception of the world until that point.  He knew that in order to get Veronica to appreciate him, he had to appreciate her, too.

    To let Veronica know how he felt about her and using his new media skills, …

  6. Kaitlyn

    A reflection from Kate


    Originally I was going to create a video of different people guessing what Kate’s baby as going to be and a possible name. But then I ran out of time

    So I replaced it with another video assignment, “This is my story” (2 stars). I was trying to …

  7. Lara Hampson

    New Daily Creates!


    This semester, I contributed two daily creates that have yet to be used.  I submitted them and I hope they get chosen!  The two options I did included a photography one and a written one.  I made sure to keep them simple and short since they’re meant to be done …

  8. Lara Hampson

    The New Adventures of Old George


    Ever since George came to the big city from Africa, he’s been going on adventures with his best friend Ted.  Whether it was flying over the city in balloons or eating lightening bugs, George has always been up for anything!  His last adventure with Ted was too close a call …

  9. Fandom Princess

    A Mardi Gras Wedding Mystery!


    The time had finally come. The day that Charlotte Le Bouff, Princess Tiana’s best friend, had been waiting for all of eternity, well, all of her young life.

    She was finally getting married!

    Let’s rewind, however, to the day in which she met her Prince Raphael, the serious yet warm …

  10. Kaitlyn

    The Royal Baby Stroller


    There’s no doubt that the Royal family needs to start prepping for their newest mini-Royal due in July. One necessary purchase will be a stroller. While the Royals are wealth beyond compare, it is no shock that they are also very practical people. Kate, herself, wears her outfits more than …

  11. Fandom Princess

    What Goes “Bump” In the Night


    The Fandom Princess was awoken one night by a loud thumping noise. Grumpy because she was having a dream about being able to eat as much cake as she wanted without consequence, she looked around her room. It was dark, except for the light coming from the moon and her …

  12. Fandom Princess

    Haiku What?


    During her Poetry writing class, the Fandom Princess was asked to stand and recite her haiku. Unfortunately, for the Princess, she had forgotten that there was an assignment that was due. Still, she knew that she had to recite something, even though she was unsure what this haiku thing her …

  13. Fandom Princess

    School Pride


    The Fandom Princess, while spending the day cuddling with the Fandom Prince in her chambers, suddenly go the bright idea to do something that showed her love for the Mercury castle.

    “William,” she said. “Do you have a large blank sheet that you wouldn’t mind me… borrowing?” She flashed her …

  14. Fandom Princess

    Stitch Bracelet


    One night during a break from Mercury, the Fandom Princess and her sister, Princess Courtney, were up late with the box of light balls that their parents had given to them when they were younger. The balls floated in midair above their heads as their fingers worked at lines of …

  15. klamb912

    Celebrity Life


    For this assignment that I created, I photoshopped a picture of my face on to a picture of Andrea Gibson.  She is an amazing slam poet whose work focuses on a variety of political and social issues.  I can’t listen to a poem of hers without feeling incredibly moved …

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