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  1. @RMdigitally

    Stories of Our Stories Promo!

    Hey friends!!! Check out this poster I made for the radio show I’m working on with Maddy, Jordan, and Madeline! Since our group is working off of a nostalgic Disney vibe, I tried to really bring that into the design of this poster. Our group had talked about using pastel colors to represent our theme.…
  2. @jclark22umw

    Are You Ready for Some Memories?


    Our group is excited to share some childhood memories with you all for our radio show project. The idea was inspired by a bit on Disney Channel where stars would share important memories and time in their lives with the audience. Our show will be called Stories of our Stories: A Trip Down Memory Lane. […]

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  3. @kmaproductionss

    Radio Ad

    Creating this ad was a lot harder than it looks. I found a note of a free website and used a photoshop app to change it from black to white. I used a different app to add our radio show name and the segment of my portion of the show
  4. @1215007705141780482

    Radio Design

    So this is the promo that I thought of for our radio show, Social Media: 80’s Rewrite. I created this promo from Canvas which is a very good website for those trying to design posters, logos, or promos for their shows. The picture on the right is the original design. As soon as I saw […]
  5. @lizlynnkondzel

    big brother is watching you

    hey hey homies! so my group’s radio show is entitled “The Eighties Through Space-Time”, and the plan is to take & analyze different piece of pop culture created during a different decade but set in the eighties. My piece is the novel 1984 by George Orwell. For advertising purposes, we have decided to each theme […]
  6. @IngrahamAllison

    Around The World Content

    This week for my audio assignment bank, I decided to do assignments that would work for our radio show “Around The World: 80’s Style.” Everything I made below is potential content for “Around The World: 80’s Style,” though it may not make the show I think it is important to have options when it comes …
  7. @missgoofyxx

    The Voices of Generation X

    I made this poster using, which is an excellent graphic design tool. I originally was going to use a bumper sticky my project partner had made and then remembered this cool layout I had been looking forward to using for this. I also got my first commercial done pretty quickly so I had the […]
  8. @samprice_ds106

    Radio Show Design Project

    The radio show is something I am really excited about. I have been brainstorming ideas since I heard about the project and am looking forward to actually getting started on it. My group decided we’d name our ourselves “The Breakfast Club” because we thought it fit our group in the sense that we are 4 strangers who are coming together to create something (and hopefully become friends through it). That is where I came up with the idea for my promotional poster. I took the Breakfast Club movie poster and photoshopped my group members heads on the heads of the […]
  9. @IezziHannah

    Radio Show Promo

    Introducing a new radio show! In the coming weeks I will be introducing a new radio show with my classmates. In later posts I will detail the process of creating the show and our brainstorming process. But for now, I introduce to you the poster for our radio show. I used Canva to create this […]

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