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  1. @haylie5800

    Radio Extras

    I decided to carry last weeks theme into this assignment. I created a logo and a sticker for our radio show. I used Canva for templates and then switched around colors and fonts. I really enjoy making stickers and logos even though these want realistically go anywhere.
  2. @mgedney

    radio show promo

    Within my group, I was responsible for creating the radio show logo. I used Canva and based the logo off of one of the sample formats. I tried to keep it relatively simple, yet clear it was for a radio show and with enough detail that it would be visually
  3. @sunglasses260

    Younger Me and Older Me in One Picture?

    It’s more likely than you think. (And no, it’s not time travel!) I harnessed the powers of Adobe Photoshop in order to create my radio show promo for this week. Here’s the final product! I didn’t expect this to be quite as fun an assignment as I thought, but I was pleasantly surprised that I […]
  4. @effyuwawa

    A day in a Pandemic

    When creating this, I had to think back to what I really imagined a pandemic would be. Covid-19 definitely was not what I imagined. If anything, my mind went straight to a zombie apocalypse. That’s where I got the idea for the font and the conversation icons. I looked online for a decent quote that […]
  5. @TurnerM000

    Messy March Logo

    Our radio show is called Messy March. When we came up with this title, although I am not an avid watcher of basketball, I immediately thought of March Madness. I thought incorporating a well known logo into our logo for our radio would be a good way to...
  6. @ari_squared

    Radio Show Promo: Ariel

    Assignment My first and only Design Assignment for week 7 is not in the #ds106 Assignment Bank. Under Radio Show Design Project on the weeks 7 & 8 assignments post each student is assigned with creating a promo poster for their radio show. Summary: A blog post for your radio show poster/bumper sticker/logo etc. Write […]
  7. @Conner44769274

    Radio Show Poster

    This week we are focusing on assignments for our audio show! My groups show is going to be about our funny childhood stories so we’re all designing posters based on this visual assignment. Even though it’s a visual assignment we’re molding it to fit our design needs. Once everyone has their individual posters done, we’re […]
  8. @MoB4884

    Radio Show Promo

    Attached below is my contribution to our group radio show design poster. We each decided to create an image of our current selves photoshopped with a picture of our younger selves, and then collage all of our photos together into one larger poster. For this image, I used a photoshop application on my phone and […]
  9. @hrashhDS106

    Weekly Summary: WEEK SEVEN: Radio Show Progress

    This week has been great because it didn’t feel as overwhelming. The planning of the radio show has been going pretty smoothly! My team members are Marche Drummond, Matthew Kanter, and Kenneth Hargrove. W are group two and our topic is Story of the Day: Life During The Pandemic. We are planning to record the podcast on Saturday March 13, […]
  10. @imatutu_

    Radio Show Poster

    This was really a lot of fun to make, I used photos from online and Photoshop to compile all of the design elements into this poster. I think the overall background that has the people in the foreground 6 feet apart but holding hands in the shadow is very telling of the pandemic experience over […]
  11. @mto_morgan

    DS106 Radio!

    Come join us and hear some of our stories. They may be funny or sad, but I promise you will not be disappointed. We plan to tell some engaging stories from our lives and maybe add some sound effects when needed. It will be a fun way to hear some other peoples’ stories! We plan to have some music, commercials, […]
  12. @madelinek106

    Stories of Our Stories: Promo Design

    I made an Instagram Story design promo for my radio show “Stories of Our Stories”. (You can see the story on my instagram story highlights as well as my twitter). Our theme is childhood nostalgia. Specifically old disney channel vibes. I used the instagram story create feature to make the design. First I found an image of the […]

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