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  1. @Mariam Ahmed


    This is my poster for our group radio. Our radio’s name is Riding the Radio Waves, so I decided to create my poster around the name. I found a picture of a big wave and inserted it to gimp. I then used the text tool to enter text. My gimp software was acting up and […]
  2. @abbcass100

    Radio Logo

    I used Canva to help me create my version of our Radio Logo! In our google doc, Lauren already created an awesome logo, but I wanted to add my personal spin on it. I really liked how these turned out! The logo especially had a retro feel to me. Canva already had the formatting set…
  3. @butterball_4567

    Radio Show Design Project

    For this assignment, I created a poster for my group’s radio show project, which is called “80’s Television Half-Hour.” To create the poster I started out using an app on my laptop called SketchBook. Here, I typed up the text I wanted for the poster with some 80’s style colors using two 80’s style fonts […]
  4. @hannahkolkmeyer

    Spies: Reality or Fiction? Find out on 101.2 The Spy

    Have you ever been curious about the reality and fiction of the spy world? On this show youll get a sneak peack between four different spies. Are these spies real? Are these spies fiction? Who are they? What makes them spies? Find out on 101.2 The Spy every Monday morning! I thought this would be …

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  5. @JasmineAlanis2

    Radio Show Design Project

    This week, we began brainstorming our radio show! My group decided on creating a Mr. & Mrs. Smith type encounter with our spies, and we will have them play two truths and a lie. All spies will be acting “undercover” and must try to avoid having their cover blown. My radio show poster: I created
  6. @caholt2000

    Not so Secret Promo

    In order to promote my group’s radio show, I created a poster featuring the title of our show and our secret agent characters. The poster does not contain too much information, but then again, there is not too much information to share. In order to design this poster, I first came up with a general

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  7. @CommTweetWithMe

    Designing Girl Power

    The last assignment to get ready for our radio show was to create a radio poster/logo/bumper sticker. While most of the assignments we did this week required us to use our audio skills, this assignment required us to go back to the skills we learned during the design week of this class to design a […]

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